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356 Piercing Through Space-time, Four Shots Per Second!

 There were many places that players could hide in these wooden houses, which was why Liu Zilang was not trying to bomb his enemy to death when he threw the Frag Grenade. He was merely trying to cover up their attack formation.

GodV knew very well of his plan as well.

Hence, he ran swiftly towards the side of the wooden house the moment Liu Zilang threw the Frag Grenade. He wanted to attack the enemy together with Liu Zilang from another angle.

Meanwhile, the player from Thailand in the wooden house started panicking as he immediately requested assistance from his ally who was not far away from him. He could not wrap his head around how Liu Zilang and GodV were able to scour the area so quickly.

GodV soon reached the side of the wooden house.

He crouched down as he kept peeking into the wooden house through the window. His action looked extremely dreadful.

However, something beyond everyone's expectations happened.

Shortly after he advanced in, it was as if he had stepped onto a landmine as the ground flashed brightly!

The pieces of wood outside of the house flew everywhere together with the grass on the ground!

GodV was blasted up into the sky and then fell to the ground.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out 4AM-GodV with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Friendly Fire!\"

'Holysh*t... What happened?'

GodV and everyone watching the tournament was stunned!

\"Vic bombed GodV? What the h*ll is going on?\"

\"How could it be? Didn't that Frag Grenade enter the wooden house?\"

\"Perhaps it's the legendary crack in space-time?\"

\"I really don't get this at all. I guess I'll just have to wait for the replay. Oh! The Thailand player is rushing out of the wooden house!\"

Hiding inside the small wooden house was Tanx of Squad MITH from Thailand. As he heard the ear-deafening explosion just outside of the house, he made the most logical reasoning after a brief startle!

4AM had made a mistake and was killing each other outside!

He assessed the situation on the spot and immediately rushed out of the wooden house with a shotgun.

When GodV, who had been bombed, heard the incoming footsteps, he immediately announced the enemy's position loudly as he knew it was not the time to argue with Liu Zilang how the latter had bombed the former. \"He's coming! He's coming! The enemy is running out of the house and he's trying to kill me!\"

Liu Zilang rushed over immediately when he heard his cry for help!

Tanx was really trying to kill off GodV the moment he rushed out of the wooden house.

However, Tanx heard Liu Zilang's footsteps coming from the corner of the house, he did not dare to waste the loaded ammo in his S1897 as he would need to reload if he killed GodV. Hence, he aimed at the corner of the house instead.

Liu Zilang at the corner did not have the luxury to hesitate at all.

This was because GodV who had been strangely bombed by Liu Zilang was still in the enemy's line of fire and the enemy's friend was definitely nearby.

If he were to hesitate for even a moment, he would be in a terrible situation as he would be pinched from both sides!

Therefore, he looked at the situation from the corner of the house for a brief moment before springing into action with the VSS in his hand and opened fire!

\"Da da da!\"

It seemed that Tanx did not expect Liu Zilang to be so determined and was shocked by the latter's action!

However, as a professional player, some movements did not require thinking. This was because they had trained themselves to the point where it had turned into a reflex.

Although Tanx was shocked, this did not stop him from returning fire as well!


Just as Liu Zilang's weapon muzzle was spitting out fire, Tanx had pulled the trigger as well!

However, since Tanx action was a reflex and he had done it subconsciously, he did not have the time to think and immediately fired at his enemy's head!

When Liu Zilang crouched down the moment Tanx fired, it felt like these two were in 'sync'.

In an instance, a spread of shrapnel flew over Liu Zilang's head!

Liu Zilang stopped firing.

Since the VSS's bullet speed was slightly slower, it was about 0.5 seconds later that the enemy's body came in touch with the ammo. It was a critical hit. Blood erupted out of his body as he fell to the ground, covering his abdomen.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out MITH-Tanx with VSS!\"

The viewers from the livestream and audience in the stadium gasped as they saw it!

It was so exciting it felt like a shoot-off in those cowboy western movies!

The audience in the stadium was extremely excited as the caster shifted their camera to another angle!

\"Not good! Tanx's friend is coming over to help!\"

\"What do you think Vic is going to do. He only has ten ammo. He should be running out of ammo by now, right?\"

\"It's over it's over! MITH is going to kill them!\"

From the caster's perspective, MITH's sniper, Ezqelusia was reloading his SKS as he ran.

It seemed that he had just found the weapon.

What happened next was something no one could have imagined!

The instance Ezqelusia opened fire at Liu Zilang, The latter who was crouching down with his back facing Ezqelusia, laid prone on the ground and did a one-hundred-eighty-degree turn.

He immediately opened his scope and aimed!

\"Da da da!\"

The familiar sound rang as the remaining four ammo in his VSS turned into four bright dots as it whizzed towards him!

Although Ezqelusia's SKS had higher damage, it was much slower than Liu Zilang's four shots per second due to its recoil while firing without taking aim!

From the caster's perspective, the viewers could clearly see that when blood erupted for the second time on Liu Zilang's body, blood had erupted three times out of Ezqelusia's body!

The last shot landed on his head!

As blood erupted out of Ezqelusia's body for the fourth time, his body leaned behind as he fell to the floor in disbelief.

\"4AM-Vic killed MITH-Ezqelusia by headshot with VSS!\"

It was four shots per second and they were all ultimate shots!

The viewers from the live stream and stadium were beyond astonished when they saw this incredible scene!

\"Holysh*t... That reaction... Are you serious?\"

\"I'm impressed! Vic's rear shot had my mind blown!\"

\"Is this really a water gun? Why do I feel like it can win against a shotgun in close-range and sniper rifle in long-range in Vic's hand! He's literally unstoppable!\"

On the commentary platform, Sy shook his head and sighed when he saw the scene. \"This is the reaction a top FPS player should possess. Other than those top beasts in Europe and America, it's very rare to see players in our country that is able to react this quickly.\"

Ms-Joy understood what Sy was trying to convey. \"That's right. Vic's reaction speed may be too demanding for other players to achieve. In other words, I believe players of GodV and Master Ze's level are able to do it, but it really depends greatly on their form and instinct.\"

Sy nodded and continued. \"That's why I'm astonished by it. Vic has given me the impression that... The God-like movement he had just done is merely child's play for him.\"

Su Changming then let out a dry cough. \"Ahem... This kid has always been a beast.\"

He then smiled. \"Actually, I'm more interested in how his Frag Grenade hit GodV.\"

The audience in the stadium then recovered from their shock after hearing his words...