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355 Twelve Golden Saints! Part 2

 On the caster's big screen.

The audience in the arena saw a bunch of black dots that appeared in the sky the moment it flew past Primorsk.

However, there were only a few that landed directly in Primorsk as the majority of them had moved towards Quarry located north from Primorsk or the highway by the shores on the left of the map.

\"Oh! Guru Qiu and his squad's sniper have decided to land directly in Primorsk. This is an aggressive fighting style.\"

\"That's right. However, the number of Primorsk's resources are average across the map. Since it could be accessed easily via land or sea, they don't have to be worried whether the Safe Zone spawns in the mainland or on the island. It would be extremely beneficial for their development if this squad is able to conquer all of Primorsk.\"

\"Yes, but it seems that there are squads who don't wish Guru Qiu and his squad to achieve this. We can see that the two squads that have been observing the situation have returned. They had ultimately decided to pick Primorsk, hence there are a total of three squads that are going to land in Primorsk.\"

\"Exactly. The plane is now above the highway by the shore, which is directly north of Sosnovka Military Base. We can see that the number of players in the cabin has reduced again and we have some thirty players remaining. Looks like a lot of people have jumped out of the plane before it was halfway through the flight route.\"

\"Indeed. Due to the flight route's restriction, it seems that many squads have chosen Sosnovka Military Base as their landing spot. Oh, it looks like 4AM's Vic and GodV have jumped out as well. Are they heading towards Sosnovka Military Base?\"

\"GodV and Liu Zilang don't seem to be heading to Sosnovka Military Base. Their destination seems to be the Twelve Golden Palace!\"[1]

\"Wait hold up... Oh my God! Why are there so many people landing in the Twelve Golden Palace? There's at least... six squads, right?\"

\"Tsk tsk... It looks like the Twelve Gold Saints have arrived from Heaven!\"

In the game, the parachutes were descending slowly.

GodV who had been seeing the whole picture soon realized the abnormalities. He was shocked as he looked around!

Liu Zilang was speechless at the side.

If they were to really land in this situation, it was a battle of pride since those who managed to find a weapon was the boss and those who did not could only kiss the floor.

It was not just Liu Zilang and GodV that were worried about this. The remaining squads that had decided to land at the West Bridge's Twelve Golden Palace had this thought as well.

Friends would walk the same path and those who chickened out were b*tches!

A few squads did not leave nor descend directly down to the area. Instead, they were loitering around in the air as they tried to buy more time and wait for the rest to chicken out.

All of a sudden, a few of them immediately plunged down to the ground.

This included both Liu Zilang and GodV.

The viewers in the live stream and the audience in the stadium were shocked. 'Are these people that headstrong?'

'It's just a rural area. Does it need to come to this? They even dared to accelerate downwards towards the Twelve Golden Palace.'

'Are they not afraid of the upcoming great war?'

As the three casters on the commentary platform expressed their worries for the people heading towards the Twelve Golden Palace, it was also a commendation towards these players for their bravery and decision at the most crucial point.

When a squad decided to head towards the region, it would be extremely bad for the other squads if they kept hesitating.

This was because once the other squad landed and found weapons, they had to bear the risk of getting killed regardless if they ran to another place or insist on landing in the area. This would greatly affect their rhythm in the early phase of the game.




In the game, the sound of the parachute landing kept occurring.

Liu Zilang and GodV kept dropping downward as they landed on the east of the Twelve Golden Palace. They had decided to move from left to right to clear the area.

Meanwhile, the Korean Squad's Pig Emperor, SexyPIG, his squad's sniper, Suk, and two other players from Thailand had landed simultaneously in the area as well.

The remaining three squads that were still gliding in the air ultimately chose to head out in every direction as they realized the situation they were in.

GodV that had observed his surroundings warned. \"Be careful. There are the other squads here with us.\"

\"Okay. Let's clean this place up swiftly.\" Liu Zilang nodded indifferently. \"We'll clear them up once we've gotten our weapons. Let's see if we can catch them when they're still searching for a weapon.\"

\"I've found two weapons here. Have you gotten anything over there?\" GodV asked.

\"P1911.\" Liu Zilang's response was short and clear.

The edge of GodV's lips twitched as he thought Liu Zilang had already found a rifle based on his tone.

Then, Liu Zilang spoke again, \"I've found it. I found a sniper rifle.\"

GodV was happy when he heard the news.

'It's great you've found a sniper rifle!'

It seemed that Liu Zilang had left an incredibly deep impression towards most of the people since the solo matches yesterday. Everyone had now known that he was a sniper no worse than Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods.

This included GodV as well.

Hence, GodV was extremely fired up as he held onto his AKM when he heard Liu Zilang had found a sniper rifle. He had the impulse to chase after the enemies and open fire at them.

After all, Liu Zilang was such an amazing sniper that he would never lose sight of his enemies once he had locked on them.

Then, GodV seemed to have recalled something and asked, \"Oh right, do you have a high magnification scope to pair with your sniper rifle? I've got a 2x Scope here, do you want it?\"

Although GodV knew very well that Liu Zilang's aim with an iron sight was equally terrifying, he would feel more confident if he had a scope.

\"No need, I have an inbuilt 4x Scope.\" Liu Zilang replied casually.

\"An inbuilt 4x Scope?\" GodV was confused and questioned him further. \"What sniper rifle did you find?\"

\"VSS.\" Liu Zilang responded naturally.

GodV was stunned the moment he heard it and had the urge to retract the feet that had stepped out earlier.

The VSS could not be regarded as a sniper rifle as it was fully automatic and came with its own 4x Scope and suppressor!

It would be better if he had an Extended Mag. Without considering the bullets dropping due to the distance in the mid-range to far-range, it could still be used as an automatic rifle in the close to mid-range.

However, Liu Zilang had just landed and it would be difficult for him to find an extension. Hence it could not provide enough sense of security for GodV since Liu Zilang only had ten ammo in his weapon.

However, they did not have time to think further as GodV heard footsteps coming from next door.

\"This guy doesn't seem to have a weapon but we don't know where his friend is,\" GodV said calmly. \"Cover me while I take him out.\"

He turned around the moment he finished speaking but Liu Zilang was not far behind him with that \"water gun\".

\"Let's go together!\" Liu Zilang said.

GodV nodded.

He was fine with them going together since he would have additional manpower.

However, he was still worried about leading the way while Liu Zilang was covering him with the water gun.

As the enemy entered the small wooden house at the side, GodV crouched down and listened to the enemy's footsteps. He nodded and said, \"Yep. He's still in there but he seems to have found a weapon.\"

\"Let's not rush in for now. I'll throw a Frag Grenade,\" Liu Zilang said.


He crouched down and cooked the grenade for a while before throwing it directly through the wooden house's window.


[1] It seems that they're calling the Ridge Complex the Twelve Golden Palace.