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354 Twelve Golden Saints! Part 1

 Walking beside Kim Doohwan was Brother Benz of Royad. Regarded as one of the Top Five Asian Players in this tournament, he had performed spectacularly in the solo match. Unfortunately, he had encountered Liu Zilang twice in that category.

As for Kim Doohwan... It would be best not to talk about him.

The participants and audience around focused their attention onto them as the two walked toward where 4AM was sitting.

'Are they... trying to have a real life PK before the match begins?'

It might not be a bad thing toward the rest of the participants if that were to happen...

Unfortunately, the rest were \"disappointed\" as Kim Doohwan seemed to be more rational than yesterday. He seemed to have some slight control of his emotions as well.

Once he reached where 4AM was seated, he stared and smiled coldly at Liu Zilang who was seated beside GodV.

\"Hello,\" Kim Doohwan greeted him with his heavily accented Chinese before speaking his mind, \"I've given good thought about it. Your strength... You've preserved it well over the years.\"

\"Thank you.\" Liu Zilang nodded as he focused on setting up his gear.

\"Unfortunately...\" Kim Doohwan's tone turned cold as if his accent had frozen. \"Time has changed. This is no longer your era. I'll make you accept this fact slowly in today's and tomorrow's matches.\"

He turned around and headed toward where Royad was seated with Brother Benz after he had finished speaking.

They were just passing by.

'Why would you need to say so many things if you're just passing by... Is he mentally alright?'

Meanwhile, Kim Doohwan's shoulder started shivering even though he had just walked past Liu Zilang calmly. He tried to maintain his calm look but he was very agitated inside.

As he reached his seat, he looked around and whispered to Brother Benz after realizing no one was paying attention to them, \"Brother, how's my performance earlier?\"

\"Huh?\" Brother Benz was startled as he was setting up his gear at one side. He then reacted to his question. \"Oh, not bad.\"

He seemed to have suddenly recalled something and asked suspiciously, \"Oh right, I think I heard someone muttering in Chinese on the balcony in the middle of the night at the hotel last night. Could that have been you?\"

Kim Doohwan's expression turned pale as he turned away and said calmly, \"Impossible. Brother I think you've been dreaming and hearing things.\"


Since they had experienced it before yesterday, the participants finished setting up their gears faster than before.

However, since PUBG was a game that was played by many players simultaneously, issues tended to spring up. A player from South East Asia seemed to have trouble with setting up his gear and was communicating with the technical staff and interpreter to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, the audience was settling down.

After Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto brought Zhang Xiaotong to Jianghai Stadium, they entered through the contestant's hall whereas Zhang Xiaotong had agreed to meet her friend Jiang Yumeng outside of the stadium before heading in.

The two ladies soon went to their seats after validating their tickets and entering the stadium.

\"Wow! Look, it's Guru Qiu! Guru Qiu is over there!\"

Jiang Yumeng clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest when she saw Guru Qiu sitting at the center of the stage. Her eyes were shining as bright as stars.

\"Don't you feel a little bit excited, Xiaotong?\" Jiang Yumeng asked.

\"Huh?\" Zhang Xiaotong turned her head away from where she was staring. She seemed to be not in the zone at all. \"Excited about?\"

Jiang Yumeng looked at where Zhang Xiaotong was staring. Her eyes shone brightly as she put on a smile on her face.


Su Changming, Ms-Joy, and Sy from yesterday appeared on the commentary platform once again.

\"Hello, everyone in the stadium and welcome back to our second day of Asia's Qualifiers where the Duo matches will be held today. My name is Su Changming.\"

\"I'm Ms-Joy.\"

\"Hello everyone. I'm Sy.\"

The three took turns to greet everyone as they continued on with their casting.

\"As for today's tournament, I think the most drastic difference as compared to yesterday's solo matches is that not all is lost the moment you've been knocked out by an enemy. As long as your teammate is able to revive you in time, you'll get a second chance.\"

Ms-Joy nodded as he listened at the side. \"There are similarities and differences. I think Duos are much more similar to Solo as compared to Squad as they have to avoid players in order to ensure their survival.\"

\"That's right,\" Sy added on and continued his analysis, \"That's because it's always harder to fight against two people at the same time no matter good you are in Duos. Hence, cooperation is more important overall. The typical formation for a Duo team is a sniper that will be attacking from a distance and an entry-fragger.

\"This is also the reason why we have an entry-fragger and a sniper forming a team today.\"

As the commentators analyzed the tournament, the contestants had finished setting up their gear. The timer for the first match had started counting down.

Soon, the stadium was filled with the sound of an engine roaring!

The game had begun.

The first match's flight route started from Primorsk that was located at the bottom left corner of the map. The route was more or less horizontal as it moved straight toward the east, where the route ended near Novorepnoye.

This flight route was incredibly hostile toward every participant. It would cause the resources at the top of the map to be scarce and everyone would gather at the bottom region of the map.

Many players would be easily taken out of the match before they would be able to get everything.

Countless accidents would happen when it was time for everyone to search for vehicles. It would be best to not assume that there would not be a car chase in the professional scene...

\"GodV, where should we land?\" Liu Zilang asked.

The reason why GodV was able to become the squad leader for 4AM was due to his uniqueness and reasoning capability.

He looked at the map and marked the Ridge Complex just beside the West Bridge. \"There are too little resources and too many players snatching them with this flight route. I think we shouldn't compete for resources or find a vehicle at this point. Instead, we should head into the wilderness just beside the sea and find an opportunity to gank someone by the bridge. What do you think?\"

Liu Zilang did not analyze much when it came to choosing a place to land. He nodded the moment he heard GodV's suggestion. \"No problem. We'll search all six buildings each and head to the bridgehead the moment we're done.\"

The two of them had separated their tasks clearly while they were still on the plane.

However just as they reached the lower elevation, they realized the situation was much complex than they had anticipated...