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352 The Master Of The Generation Is An Extremely Busy Man!

 Liu Zilang was indifferent when he saw the huge fist coming at him. This was because he noticed at the edge of his screen that Li Mufan had been pulled up by Misaka Mikoto. He was pulling out his gun!

Liu Zilang did not stop him this time.

\"Da da da!\"

Shots were fired and the player that had jumped in front of Liu Zilang erupted in blood as he fell down to the ground!

\"Cunning disciple!\" That man raged.

Li Mufan raised his weapon and wanted to kill him on the spot when he heard him.

Only then did Liu Zilang stop him and asked his enemies, \"Why are you... doing this?\"

\"We're the final guardians that protect the justice of this world!\"

\"We'll restore love and light among all humankind!\"

\"Evict the evil b*stard Vic!\"

The last sentence was screamed out by the guy kneeling on the ground.

The edge of Liu Zilang's eye twitched as he sighed. \"Kill him.\"

Li Mufan raised up his weapon excitingly.


The player prone on the floor was shocked upon hearing his words. \"Spare me boss! I... I was being forced by them!\"

'Is that real?'

The other two responded when they heard him, \"Holysh*t, you f*cking betrayer!\"

\"I'm going to clean up this place today!\"

Liu Zilang looked annoyed as he said irritatingly, \"What business do you have with me? I'll open fire if you don't spit it out now!\"

\"Stop stop stop!\" The three became serious. \"We would like to challenge you to a trial by combat. Only the victor shall be worthy of Xiaotong-chan!\"

Zhang Xiaotong's eyes started twitching as she heard him. She was so furious that she was on the fence of punching him!

Liu Zilang immediately calmed her down as he raised his eyebrows. \"Interesting! You really are my viewers. I admire your courage so I've decided to give you this opportunity. Uhh, you... Please pull that guy up.\"

\"F*ck you! Don't call me that guy, Remember my name, it's...\"

\"Don't bother with the pep talk, you'll know why when you die later.\"


When the player who had been taken down by Li Mufan was pulled up, Liu Zilang gave him some time to heal himself while he spoke, \"In order to make it a fair match, let's take off our vests and helmets. I don't want you to say something along the lines of me bullying you with my Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.\"

\"GG. this streamer seems to be very confident!\"

\"The flag has been raised. Let's wait for Xiaotong-chan to bury Vic's corpse.\"

The three were not happy as well but they followed along and took off their vests and helmets.

They were determined. They were not planning to hold back and intended to punch Liu Zilang into a pulp!

Before they began, Liu Zilang looked around and warned them, \"Oh right, you're the last survivors in Pecado, right?\"

\"Of course!\"

The three sounded extremely confident.

Liu Zilang calmed down and laughed. \"Good. Only evil doers should die in my hands.\"

The trio was speechless...

Liu Zilang authorized Misaka Mikoto and the others to release the signal as he stood in front of the three players.

However, the three players opposite of him did not move and they seemed to be discussing who should be the first one to challenge him.

Liu Zilang realized this and scoffed. \"Don't bother. You guys can challenge me all at once!\"

\"We don't have time here. We still need to go for the airdrop.\"

The trio was startled.

'Holysh*t... This b*stard is f*cking arrogant!\"

\"Wait up!\"

Liu Zilang voiced out all of a sudden.

'Is he scared'

'Is he regretting?'

The three of them were scoffing but Liu Zilang said, \"I'm gonna head out and open a piece of music.\"

The trio was speechless...

Soon, they heard drums pounding endlessly.

The people at the scene and viewers in the live stream were flabbergasted when they heard the music.

\"GG. Is this Fearless[1]?\"

\"He has appeared! The man who brings his own BGM to the scene!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang immediately sprung into action the moment the music began.

The trio was not willing to fight three against one at first as they wanted to preserve their pride. This was because many viewers were watching them.

However, the three of them were pulled into the arena as Liu Zilang was punching everyone.

Since he had started it, the trio let loose of themselves. They could not care less about their pride as long as they could bring Liu Zilang down.

They went all out instantly as the match was extremely boring. They exchanged blows, fist after fist.

Although PUBG was an FPS game, punching in this game required not just luck but skill as well.

The most important thing one had to acquire was agility.

Liu Zilang was roaming around the three players. He crouched, jumped, advanced and retreated just like a monkey. His agility was second to none and he always avoided being locked in by the three players.

That was because once his character was stuck in between them, he would be without a doubt be beaten to death.

\"Tsk... Master Lang sure is something! He sure is something!\"

Liu Zilang threw out a few punches and ran away before he jumped, turned around, and threw out a punch simultaneously!

Ancient Ape Palm Strike!

A Glance at the Rear!


He landed a hit on a head as the enemy groaned.

Then, Liu Zilang immediately threw out a second punch. It was a two-hit combo!

The enemy lost control of his legs as he knelt on the ground.

\"Vic123 knocked out Retard by headshot with Fist!\"

\"Bring him away. Next.\"

Liu Zilang's tone was as calm as a cold-blooded grandmaster.

\"Holysh*t... He really did kill someone who was at full health!\"

\"I'm impressed! I guess you really need to have skills to punch someone in this game!\"

\"Why do I feel pumped up after listening to this music!\"

\"Could Master Lang actually be the rumored eighty-second generation Wing Chun disciple?\"

Inside the game, the two enemies gritted their teeth and rushed up as they saw their teammate had fallen.

However, Liu Zilang locked onto one of their heads and punched it like a sandbag!

It was truly a challenge to test their timing in punching one another!

It was clear from this battle that Liu Zilang was the better player.

As Liu Zilang punched the enemy in the head over and over again, the enemy merely hit Liu Zilang's chests with his puny fists.

However, the enemy that rushed up together with his ally had given Liu Zilang a good punch.

Liu Zilang gritted his teeth as he fell down. He immediately gave the one who he had been hitting in the head another punch in the head.


After that punch, the enemy fell just like his ally.

\"Vic123 knocked out Blankk with Fist!\"

However, Liu Zilang was left with very little health as he had been punched by the third enemy.

He would be taken out as long as the enemy landed a single punch anywhere on his body.

Liu Zilang had no choice but to turn around and run away.

However, the two enemies that had fallen realized Liu Zilang had weakened and immediately screamed, \"Hit him, hit him! That b*stard is low on health!\"

The last man standing was startled when two of his friends were knocked out even though it was three against one. He immediately raised up his fists and chased after Liu Zilang the moment he heard his friends!

'Don't f*cking run away b*stard. Today is the day you lose!'


[1] Fearless is a song by Jay Chou, an extremely popular singer from Taiwan.