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351 Swindler, I’ll Take Your Life, Return Xiaotong-chan To Me!

 After a soft pant, their YY voice chat became silent.


Zhang Xiaotong cleared her throat. It seemed like she had been successfully convinced.

Right then, Li Mufan suddenly said, \"Xiaotong, Xiaotong... I'd like to choose a song!\"

\"No choosing songs!\" Zhang Xiaotong scoffed. \"Don't listen if you don't want to.\"

Therefore, Liu Zilang who was also about to choose a song decided to shut his mouth.

Followed by that, Zhang Xiaotong searched for a piece of accompanied music.

Not long after, rich and lively music was played.[1]

\"Looking cute and oh so pretty is every girl's dream.

\"Acting as if they know nothing, the truth is closer than it seems.

\"With new heels, lip gloss and blush, my racing heart is causing a flush.

\"If you could just look my way, it will surely make my day.


Upon hearing her voice, Liu Zilang's eye twitched.

'She sang that for her 'close girlfriend', nobody else understood her.

'Even so, the little girl really is something. She sang the Japanese song fluently.'

Once Zhang Xiaotong finished, their YY voice chat went dead silent again.

A brief moment later, Misaka Mikoto clapped her hands excitedly.

\"Nice, nice!\"

Liu Zilang wanted to say something as well but he realized that he did not even know the name of the song.

Hence, he asked, \"Misaka, what's the name of the song?\"

\"Ah? Shifu, have you not heard of it?\" Misaka Mikoto felt that it was strange, she then chuckled. \"It's 'I Want To Be Kawa...'.[2]\"

\"Ah! Don't say it!\" Zhang Xiaotong quickly stopped her as she was embarrassed.


Misaka Mikoto's voice cut off right away. This time, it sounded like she was the one who was \"suppressed\"...

At that time, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel became restless.

\"Wow, wow, wow, what an adorable voice!\"

\"Xiaotong-chan, you have my full support!\"

\"666, Xiaotong-chan's voice is truly blessed by an angel.\"

\"Hey, don't blindly boast about it, do you have anyone to evaluate?\"

\"Ahem... based on her singing, I think her voice was high-pitched, and her breathing was obvious. She has a powerful thoracic cavity... which means that her chest didn't pull her down...\"

\"2333, brother, your words are beginning to sound hurtful! Admin, aren't you going to do anything about it?\"


'I Want To Be Kawa...?'

Liu Zilang was startled for a while before he realized what was going on, and he could not help but giggle.

'No wonder she insisted on not mentioning the name of the song.

It was that kind of song.'

At that moment, a rumbling sound was heard.

There was an airplane.

\"Idol! Let's go chase our dreams!\" Instantly, Li Mufan suggested as he was excited.

Liu Zilang looked up and noticed that the airplane flew past them without any intention of stopping.

Instead, it went all the way north to where they were heading to - Pecado.

Since it was on the way, they might as well go after it.

They only hoped that the airdrop would drop earlier such that it would not drop after Pecado, where they would have to go further than planned.

After following the airplane for a short distance, Misaka Mikoto suddenly shrieked. \"It dropped, it dropped! Shifu-! It dropped!\"

Liu Zilang noticed the airdrop as well.

Looking at the airdrop's position, it was going to land in Pecado.

It would be tricky!

Seeing as Pecado was at the center of the first safe zone, players who had jumped to Pecado were likely still around.

Those in favorable positions would get to the airdrop first. This also meant that it would be too late by the time Liu Zilang's squad arrived.

This was with the exception that there were not any unfinished fights in Pecado, by which squads still had scruples with each other. If that was the case, Liu Zilang's squad stood a chance.

In the end, Liu Zilang decided to take the shot. While looking at the airdrop that was slowly falling to Pecado, he accelerated their vehicle and boosted their engine so that they would go at full speed.

However, once they were near, they realized that Pecado was dead silent. There were no signs of gunshots at all.

Upon seeing the situation, Liu Zilang's heart sank.

This was because unquestionably, a winner had been born in Pecado.

It made everything trickier.

Despite that, since they were there, they had to fight it out.

Liu Zilang did not drive straight into Pecado.

Once their vehicle was near Pecado, he took a left turn to park it near Pecado's gas station and motel.

As soon as their car stopped, the few of them quickly hopped out.

Right then, the airdrop was very near the ground.

However, the final landing spot of the airdrop was beyond their expectations.

This was because the airdrop actually went through the hole at the casino from the top, and landed inside it.

\"F*ck! The airdrop's quite smart! It actually landed inside the casino.\"

\"That's sick, is it the return of the god of gamblers?\"

Liu Zilang and the others hid behind the motel as they observed their surroundings. Even then, Pecado was still peaceful and there were no signs of other players at all.

Just as he wondered if they should go over, various gunshots of different rhythms broke the silence.



\"Da, da, da!\"

\"Da, da...!\"

As soon as Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto heard the gunshots, they were stunned. It was the signal used by them during the competition in the afternoon.

'How did it spread so fast?'

While he was feeling confused, three players were seen running with bare hands out of \"XX Hotel\" opposite the casino. They were headed toward their direction.

Evidently, the players were his followers.

However, Li Mufan who was beside him shouted out loud, \"Oh no, someone's coming!\"

Subsequently, before Liu Zilang could stop him, the brat fired shots at them!

The three players were so frightened that they peed their pants and quickly ran away.

Liu Zilang's eye twitched!

He retrieved his 98K swiftly and then blasted a shot at Li Mufan's head.


A loud, clear gunshot was heard and the world went silent again.

Liu Zilang put his gun away and then instructed calmly, \"Misaka, go revive him.\"

\"Ah...oh, oh.\" Misaka Mikoto was struck dumb but she quickly ran over to revive him.

She looked terrified as if Liu Zilang would shoot her as well if she were to revive him any later.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

'Is your shifu like that?'

His first reaction was that someone had sneaked an attack on him but he later realized that it was friendly fire.


'What's going on?'

He glanced at the other three players, and finally fixed his gaze on Liu Zilang.

At that moment, he wanted to speak but hesitated as he could not pluck up the courage to do so...

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough and then explained, \"I'm sorry, just now... 98K jumped onto my mouse...\"

Instantly, Li Mufan's eyes glimmered!

'As expected... how could my idol have done it on purpose?'

He quickly cut Liu Zilang off, \"Don't worry, idol, I understand, I understand!\"


'He understands already?'

Liu Zilang who was putting the blame on his cat was startled. He began thinking, 'This brat seems to get things easier than a girl...'

Without warning, the few players ran over to Liu Zilang.

One of them yelled, \"Vic the swindler, I'll take your life, return Xiaotong-chan to me!\"

While he said that, he wielded his fists at Liu Zilang!


[1] Translated lyrics of a Japanese song, 'I Want To Be Cute', by Honeyworks ; Yes, the author wrote the following lines in Japanese.

[2] The song name is 'I Want To Be Kawaii', and kawaii means cute in Japanese