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350 It’s Verified, That Streamer Is Cheating!

 Upon hearing Liu Zilang, the spectators in his live streaming channel were startled!

'Ultimate trick?'

Right then, Liu Zilang was seen leaving his seat and it did not take long before he returned.

However, when he was back, he had brought along a big black... magnifying glass.

'Wait a second...a magnifying glass?'

When the spectators saw it, they were surprised!

\"F*ck... is that the legendary hacking tool? Naughty\"

\"I'm shocked! A streamer is cheating in a live stream that has millions of spectators!\"

\"I'm floored! How can you be so excellent! How many extra classes have you been taking without us knowing?\"

\"Streamer, streamer! I've cleaned my hands with Difaso hand soap, can I please touch your magnifying glass?\"

\"Speaking of which... can he really do that?\"


In front of his computer, Liu ZIlang swiftly angled his magnifying glass.

After aiming at his target, he put the magnifying glass away and held his breath as he looked at his target through his gun's iron sight.

With that, he blasted another shot toward the back of the rock!


A clear gunshot from the 98K pierced the air as a sniper bullet zoomed out of its barrel!

The next instant, the spectators widened their eyes and stared closely at the screen!

Subsequently, a system notification appeared on the screen!

\"Vic123 knocked out 17YearsOldWhiteSilkJK by headshot with Kar98K!\"

'F*ck...he did it!'

'He really did it!'

Countless spectators in his live streaming channel were dumbfounded when they saw what happened. They began spamming the bullet screen.

\"Now, I really want to ask, who else? Hmm? Who else?\"

\"Looks like not only is Vic a human-implant hack but he also uses hacking tools! This is the ultimate assembly of hacks! Who can arrange this?\"

\"Calling for admin! Calling for admin! SharkChilli, are you still here? Somebody's cheating here, quick, ban his channel!\"

\"Boo hoo... why do I feel like my fishballs are going to leave me soon.\"

At that moment, SharkChilli who had been lurking in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel panicked. Of all things, she never expected Liu Zilang to have a trick up his sleeves!

Nonetheless, everyone knew that the term \"hacking tool\" was only used to mock him.

Putting aside the fact that she was not authorized to ban Liu Zilang's channel, even if she were authorized, her identity as a trader would be too obvious if she sealed it just because he used a magnifying glass.

That would simply indicate that she was afraid of losing!

'Do I, SharkChilli, look like I can't afford to lose?


'If you're really so capable, try killing another one?'

SharkChilli could not help but fix her gaze on her screen.

She was unaware that her breathing was gradually becoming heavier...

On the hill, the player who was knocked out behind the rock was rather baffled.

\"I heard it, I think it was from SW330!\"

\"That far? That player probably has an 8x scope.\"

\"My conservative guess is that it's a 15x scope, it can't be lower than that! F*ck! Don't just stand there! Come revive me!\"

\"Shift over to my side, how am I going to revive you there?\"

Therefore, the person behind the rock changed his posture...

Oh no, he changed his position.

Who knew that when his teammate revived him, since he was unable to accurately identify the source of the gunshot earlier, his head would be exposed on the side of the rock.

Next, a familiar sound rang again!


Just like that, a sniper bullet zoomed toward him!

Before the player could react to the situation, he was taken down by one shot, by which he instantly collapsed to the ground!

'This guy...does he really have a 15x scope?'

Unfortunately, they were never going to find out...

10 kills!

\"Ten kills the moment he landed: 10/10!\"

Followed by this, there were two entirely different aurae in his live streaming channel.

Those who foolishly followed SharkChilli by voting 'No' as they thought that it would make them rich had an awful look on their faces!

As for the minority that supported Liu Zilang, and others who rooted him due to the high odds, it was like harvest season for them.

\"Those who are going to reserve a seat in heaven, count me in. Wuuuuu, I really feel like crying.\"

\"Don't cry, you silly child. There's no need for tears in Wall Street.\"

\"My friends in heaven, is it windy there? Will I have to wear more clothes when I go up there?\"

\"Why are you bringing clothes, just bring a shroud.\"

\"GG, goodbye brother, I won't be sending you off. I just had a 9-fold earning, I feel like I'm at the peak of my life!\"

\"Vic, quickly set up another quiz! We're yearning for fishballs!\"

\"We need a host! Calling for SharkChilli, calling for SharkChilli!\"

However, no matter how earnestly the spectators called for SharkChilli, she never showed up.

It was as if she had vanished into thin air.

All of a sudden, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were extremely disappointed.

A rich yet witless admin was really hard to find!

In the game, after Liu Zilang successfully acquired two more kills, he snapped his fingers and said with a smile, \"Xiaotong, go take a look at your account, your fishballs should have been transferred already!\"

Zhang Xiaotong had used all of her fishballs to bet on Liu Zilang's win. According to the odds, she should have won 9-fold, making her a Douyu \"millionaire\".

Liu Zilang was waiting for a compliment from his younger sister. However, Zhang Xiaotong only scoffed softly. \"At least you've been... sensible, hmph!\"

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched when he heard her.

'Was that praise?'

Out of nowhere, Li Mufan cheered with his croaky voice, \"Wah! Idol, you have 10 kills already? Awesome! You're my idol indeed...\"

When Liu Zilang heard Li Mufan's words, his face turned black. He really had a sudden urge to fire shots at the fellow.

Fortunately, Misaka Mikoto applauded him at the right time, \"Sugoi~! Shifu~!\"

Not only did this comfort Liu Zilang but it also saved Li Mufan from getting killed...

At that moment, the first safe zone of the match appeared. It was to the south of Hacienda del Patron. Pecado was seen to be in the center of the safe zone and places like the Power Grid and Graveyard were also included.

In the match, it was quite \"miraculous\" that Liu Zilang's squad was still full even after they had landed at Hacienda del Patron where many other players landed at as well.

Since they had become the ruler of Hacienda del Patron, they became more confident and ambitious as they looked at Pecado that was at the center of the safe zone!

Once Liu Zilang found a vehicle, he said to the others, \"It's time for a clash of powerhouses! Let's go face to face with players who have survived Sin City!\"

After listening to Liu Zilang's inspiring speech, Zhang Xiaotong responded coldly.

On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto and Li Mufan were totally thrilled as if their fighting spirit had been lifted up.


Liu Zilang stepped on the accelerator, causing the engine to let out a rumbling sound. With that, they began heading south.

Nevertheless, Hacienda del Patron and Pecado were quite a distance apart. Since they did not encounter anyone along the way, Liu Zilang was bored. Just as he was about to play some \"built-in music\", he recalled the time he played a squad game with Zhou Erke and the others.

Liu Zilang pondered and then tried to tempt Zhang Xiaotong, \"Hey, Xiaotong... how about you sing us a song?\"

Zhang Xiaotong was stunned. She scoffed and then rejected his request firmly, \"I don't want to!\"

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

Who knew that Misaka Mikoto would suddenly respond in a cheerful manner, \"Xiaotong-chan, can you sing? Come on, come on! Sing for us!\"


Liu Zilang somehow heard the sound of a person falling down through their voice chat.

'Wait a second...are the two of them playing the game in the same room?'