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349 Ultimate Trick!

 \"Wah! These two players have really good items in their crates!\"

\"Quick, come over and loot them!\"

\"Be careful of other players, I think some of them are still lingering around.\"

\"Don't worry, we'll leave right after we loot these crates, we won't fight them.\"

On the rooftop, Liu Zilang watched silently the warm scene of those four players having \"lunch\" together like four piglets.

He subconsciously put his gun down and then reached for a frag grenade.

Next, he pulled its pin and cooked it.

'Fire in the hole!'

All of a sudden, a frag grenade was thrown out of Liu Zilang's hand. It formed a parabolic curve in the air before it landed at where the four players were.


'What was that?'

'Wait a second, this sounds... familiar!'

By the time the few players could respond to the situation, it was too late.


A deafening explosion was heard as the four players were sent sprawling on the ground.

Nonetheless, their crates were neatly laid out. They surrounded the two crates that were initially there, creating a four-crates compound.

Concurrently, four kill notifications popped out on the top right corner of Liu Zilang's screen.

\"Vic123 killed HoeingAtNoon with frag grenade!\"

\"Vic123 killed SweatDripsToSoil with frag grenade!\"

\"Vic killed ... with frag grenade!\"

\"Vic123 killed SmellsGoodToBeBombed with frag grenade!\"

'Mission progress: 8/10'

Liu Zilang was two kills away from achieving ten kills right after he landed.

Upon seeing the four kill notifications, the spectators in his live streaming channel were totally baffled.

\"Four kills with one grenade... that's too d*mn fake, isn't it?\"

\"Comparisons are odious. Why have I never met players like that? If I had, I wouldn't have won chicken dinners without any kills.\"

\"It has been verified, he's an actor! Vic is definitely a graduate from Hua Xia Theatre Academy.\"

\"Most importantly, these extras are so engrossed in the act that they're exaggerating it. Quickly leave after you get your pay tonight!\"

\"Hey, don't BB[1], it's just fishballs... Haha, the winner takes it all, the loser has to fall, that is life!\"

\"Oh right! Is SharkChilli still here? He's two kills away from getting ten kills, are you nervous, brother?\"

\"SharkChilli responds, 'Why the h*ck should I be nervous? If I lose, I'll seal your live streaming channel right away!'\"

\"Oh my god, you're haggling over every penny! I can't afford to provoke you!\"


When Liu Zilang changed his screen to look at the bullet screen, he was entertained by those comments. However, honestly, he was curious about the rich super admin who had dumped 3 million fishballs on his live streaming channel.

Right then, SharkChilli made an appearance in his live streaming channel.

\"Take it easy, he still has two more kills to go, right?\"

Seeing his comment that was extra large and bolded in red, the spectators in the live streaming channel were startled. Quickly after, they began flooding the bullet screen.

\"F*ck! The super admin just commented!\"

\"I f*cking thought that the super admin was a robot!\"

\"SharkChilli, are you a GG or an MM[2]?\"

\"GG or an MM? Brother, you surf the internet too!\"

\"If you're a missie, can you do a Social Shake[3]?\"

\"I don't care! SharkChilli, I want to hear you say 'win, win, win'!\"

Liu Zilang was equally stunned when he saw SharkChilli on the bullet screen. He quickly asked Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto if there were any other opponents on their side.

Nevertheless, they did not hear any footsteps.


Liu Zilang who was on the rooftop immediately ran around the villa. Apart from Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto's discussion of which outfit was better, and Li Mufan annoying croaky voice, the entire area was unusually quiet.

'There were a bunch of players who jumped to this spot, how can the fight be over so soon?'

Instantly, Liu Zilang was speechless.

In actual fact, he underestimated the intensity of fights at the villa for a squad match.

If it were a solo match, one would simply slip away momentarily to find guns and then return to kill other players.

On the contrary, in a squad match, players with guns would fight with guns whereas those without guns would just go head-on with their opponents with their fists.

Basically, with teammates around, those who dared to jump to Hacienda del Patron were fearless.

Therefore, even as Liu Zilang's squad settled the battles at the border of Hacienda del Patron at a gallop, the reality was that the battles in the area were coming to an end...

'This is bad.'

Earlier on, Liu Zilang set up a vote to score ten kills the moment he landed, not ten kills from the whole match.

If it was the latter, perhaps he could have been more relaxed.

Completing ten kills the moment he landed meant that Liu Zilang needed to acquire ten kills in Hacienda del Patron alone.

Even if he were to get ten or twenty more kills later, he would have failed his mission.

At that time, the blazing Sun was high in the sky above the desert as Liu Zilang was seen being at a loss on the rooftop.

'How the h*ck am I going to find anyone to kill?'

When he glanced at his teammates who were happily looting crates in the building, an idea struck him...

'Do I really have to kill them to get enough kills?'

As soon as he had that thought in his, he shook his head.


'Am I like that?

'Forget it, I lost, I lost.

'As for Zhang Xiaotong's one hundred thousand fishballs, I can just get them from the live streaming channels of other female streamers and then give them to her by installment...

'If I watch their live streams for ten hours, I'll be able to get a thousand fishballs a day. One hundred thousand fishballs will take me...

'Wait a minute!

'My health won't be able to keep up...'

While Liu Zilang calculated everything in his head, he happened to take a glance at a hill that was not far away. Right away, his eyes glimmered as he let out a radiance of hope!

'Someone's here!'

Through the screen, a buggy was seen overturned as it had tried speeding past the hill. Two players were attempting to turn it over again by bombing it with frag grenades.

Despite being roughly 400 meters away from them, and that they were like two black spots to him since he did not have a scope, he was still elated.

'I really do get what I want!

'Somebody sent me a pillow as soon as I yawned!'

At that moment, he had no time to ask for a scope from Zhang Xiaotong and the others. Since the two players were bombing their buggy, they would be gone any time their buggy turned over again. If he were to make the trip, he would be letting his opportunity slip away.

Hence, Liu Zilang only had one thing to do.

Shoot to warn his opponents!

At once, he lifted his 98K up, aimed at the black spots far away and then blasted a shot at them.


A muzzle flash could be seen from his gun as a sniper bullet rocketed out at the speed of light!

On the hill that was over 400 meters away, two players were bombing their vehicle.

A \"whoosh\" sound was heard!

In a trice, a bullet flew past them and hit a rock beside one of the players.

\"F*ck! Someone's here!\"

\"Where? Where?\"

\"I didn't hear it clearly! Quick, hide behind the rock!\"

Given the distance, the sound of the 98K was naturally softer. Thus, the sudden shot that was aimed at them did not allow them to identify where it had come from.

As a result, the two players who had hidden behind the rock were absolutely clueless that their hiding spot gave Liu Zilang a clear shot.

Even so, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel did not have faith in him.

Without a scope, Liu Zilang's targets appeared as tiny black spots. Earlier, the two players were completely still, yet he missed the shot.

That was sufficient proof that it was terribly difficult to aim at a player's head at such a distance, let alone adjust one's gun by factoring in bullet drop.

However, right then, Liu Zilang smirked at his camera as he uttered to his spectators, \"Do you guys think that I'm helpless now? It's time to show you my ultimate trick!\"


[1] It's a Chinese internet slang that means 'if you can't do it, don't condemn him/her'

[2] An internet slang for 'Female' or 'Male'

[3] A dance form that became popular amongst youngsters on Weibo and Meipai, usually simple and self-choreographed movements performed by a group of people