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348 Haunted Villa, The Dead Returns!

 Seeing how their teammate was knocked out, they rushed over to back him up.

\"Didn't we ask you to wait for us?\"

\"I...I thought that he only had a shotgun.\"

\"A headshot by a 98K, you're telling me that he only had a shotgun?\"


'This... how the f*ck would I know if the director suddenly changed the script?'

After that player crawled back inside, he wondered to himself as he was absolutely frustrated.

\"Can we revive you there?\"

\"Should be...\"

Before he finished, the player who was behind the door took a look at the opposite building and noticed that something had suddenly flown over to him.


Looking at the round frag grenade that had rolled over to him, the words \"should be\" were forced back down his throat...


A deafening explosion was heard, causing that player to be thrown to the side. He had turned into a crate at last.

\"Brother, wait for us, we'll take revenge for you!\"

\"F*ck! Kill him!\"

All of a sudden, the dead player's teammates yelled as they were resentful.

It was worth noting that players who landed in Hacienda del Patron were fearless. Their decision to counterattack was clear and no second thoughts were involved.

Nonetheless, they did not fight back right away from where their dead teammate did. Instead, they went around and crept their way to the stairway that Liu Zilang and the others climbed up previously.

At the same time, after Zhang Xiaotong was done choosing from the two crates on the stairs, she placed a fully kitted out M4 into her \"shopping cart\".

While she nodded contentedly, she heard hasty footsteps from below her.

'Someone's here!'

Zhang Xiaotong panicked right away as someone was nearing her.

'Shoot it out?


At that crucial moment, she reacted in an unexpected way.

She kept her guns behind her and then quickly laid prone on the crates.

Just like that, the upper half of her body blended perfectly with the crates.

Next, she let out an SOS signal...

\"Somebody's coming... save me!\"

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's cry for help, Liu Zilang and the others quickly rushed over to her.

When the two players who crept their way up the stairs noticed the crates and the \"dead body\" after turning around the corner of the stairway, they pictured an intense battle in their minds...

Before they could imagine further, they heard footsteps above them, and they were instantly frightened!

'Sh*t... they noticed us!'

Subsequently, both parties met.

\"Da, da, da-!\"

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

After a round of fire, both parties withdrew themselves.

Liu Zilang and the others were positioned at the second floor's stairway entrance whereas their opponents were at the turning of the stairway.

As for Zhang Xiaotong... she laid prone underneath her enemies as she trembled in fear.

When the spectators in her live streaming channel witnessed this, they dissolved into laughter!

\"F*ck... those two players... looks like they have terminal cataract and glaucoma.\"

\"2333, I've verified by looking into your eyes, you're a dead person.\"

\"Hahaha, this is cracking me up. How the h*ck have they not realized!\"

\"I've never seen such excellent interstellar players!\"

\"Speaking of which, both sides are in an intense battle now. I suppose Xiaotong-chan who's stuck in the middle is having an internal breakdown.\"

\"Move? She doesn't dare move...\"

Right then, the two players on the stairs began throwing grenades.

As for Liu Zilang and the others, since Zhang Xiaotong was \"on the same boat\" as their opponents, they could not act impetuously.

Or else, should they miss their opponents such that it bombed Zhang Xiaotong's \"corpse\", she would be dead...

Seeing as the situation was slowly getting passive, Liu Zilang asked, \"Xiaotong, do you have a grenade?\"

\"I think... I think so.\" Zhang Xiaotong who was shivering as she laid prone suddenly had a bad feeling.

It was just as expected.

After hearing Liu Zilang's instructions, she hesitated for a while but still retrieved her frag grenade.

At that moment, the two players on the stairs were focused on pulling the pins of their grenades and throwing them up. Hence, they were unaware of the \"addition\" of Zhang Xiaotong.

However, while they were throwing their grenades, one of them accidentally stepped on Zhang Xiaotong. This obstructed him from moving.

That person cursed, \"F*ck this... this sh*tty game is becoming more terrible. Why is this corpse still here?\"

Just as the other player was about to nod in agreement, he caught a glimpse of the female player who was lying prone in a white outfit.

At once, he furrowed his brows as he felt that something was off!

\"Eh, brother, take a look at this player. Don't you think something's wrong?\"

\"Mmm? Who?\"

\"The one on the floor who obstructed you earlier. Look at her posture as a dead player, why do I feel like it's rather strange.\"

\"Let me see... hmm, it's really quite odd.\"

While the two of them were looking, they broke out in cold sweat!

This was because the \"corpse\" on the ground... suddenly moved and then stood up without warning.

'A corpse...coming to life?'

It turned out that Zhang Xiaotong thought that she was exposed when she saw the two players pointing their guns at her.

Out of panic, she accidentally stood up...

However, one could imagine how it would feel like to witness a \"corpse\" suddenly standing up.

'Isn't this PlayerUnknown's Battleground? Why the f*ck did it become a horror game?'

After experiencing a short circuit in their brain, they finally realized what was going on!

'This isn't right... she's not dead!'


Once they realized that they had been fooled, they pointed their guns at Zhang Xiaotong.

Who knew that as soon as they fired, an even fiercer flame would have burst out from Zhang Xiaotong's hand!


Accompanied by a thundering explosion, black smoke and dust filled the stairway.

By the time the smoke dissipated, only Zhang Xiaotong who was kneeling, two corpses, and two crates were left on the spot...

A double kill through a suicidal move!

\"666, it's a victorious tactic from Xiaotong-chan!\"

\"Hahaha, I believe that the two players were terrified when they saw Xiaotong-chan!\"

\"Sugoi~ (TN: It means awesome in Japanese)! Xiaotong-chan!\" In the game, Misaka Mikoto praised her as she was astonished, then she quickly went to revive her.

Zhang Xiaotong was in a daze for quite some time before she realized what she actually did.

Looking at the two corpses on the ground, she harrumphed softly. She sounded proud of herself.

Liu Zilang was glad when he saw her. It felt as if his child had grown up at last, and she was able to act independently...

Nonetheless, soon enough, his face changed.


'Now that these two players are dead, I've lost two kills from the villa...'

Seeing as he had only acquired four kills, he was far from achieving ten kills. Furthermore, since there were hardly any gunshots around, he wondered, 'Did I really jinx myself?'

Right away, Liu Zilang jumped up to the roof through the edge of the second floor's balcony and began searching.

Soon after, Liu Zilang noticed a player looting outside the villa. It seemed like that player had just finished a battle.

Just as he was about to kill that player, his other teammates were seen running over from far.