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347 This Script Isn’t Right!

 'No guns? No grenades? Our enemies will provide for us.'

Unquestionably, the two players outside the stable were killed. Hence, they delivered timely help to Liu Zilang and the others who were in a plight as they only had pans.

'This game...has many kind players!'

Liu Zilang was deeply moved!

However, once he turned around, he saw his other three teammates fully armed.

Misaka Mikoto held an M16, the gun she was best at whereas Li Mufan had a UMP9.

On the other hand, instead of a big gun, Zhang Xiaotong only had a small pistol. Nonetheless, she still had a 98K on her back.

Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

In an indoor battle at a place like Hacienda del Patron, it was fine if one could not kill anyone with a 98K. The most frightening case would be an unexpected shot at the back of one's head from one's teammate with that gun.

Should that happen, one would die for sure...

When Liu Zilang thought about this, he hesitated again and again before deciding to voice out to Zhang Xiaotong, \"Hey, Xiaotong, do you want to exchange your 98K with me?\"

Followed by that, Zhang Xiaotong stole glances at Liu Zilang's shotgun and Uzi which was not what she had in mind.

With that, she turned her head away and gave him the cold shoulder.

Right away, Liu Zilang's face turned dark.

Nevertheless, in order to eliminate the unreliable factor, he promoted his gun to her. \"Xiaotong, Xiaotong, take a good look at this Uzi. Though it's small, it's compactly built and very handy. Besides, don't you think that this gun is mini and cute. It's a perfect match for you?\"

'Mini and cute?'

Initially, Zhang Xiaotong did not budge at all.

The instant she heard Liu Zilang's last sentence, she was startled. Her face was flushed red and she responded, \"Lame!\"

Right after she said that she dropped her 98K to the ground without any further comment.

Since she was willing to drop the gun, Liu Zilang did not care she said one thing but meant another. He smiled and quickly exchanged his Uzi for the 98K.

Right then, Li Mufan asked rather anxiously while he paid attention to the gunshots coming from the villa, \"Idol, do we have a strategy?\"

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and then replied, \"Misaka and I will be the frontline, Xiaotong and... the other guy will be our backup. Be careful not to block us.\"

\"That's all?\" Zhang Xiaotong asked after picking up the Uzi.

Dissatisfied, Li Mufan remarked, \"Idol, idol, I'm not 'the other guy'. You can call me Xiaofan.\"

Liu Zilang selectively ignored him and then added, \"Oh right, try your best to knock out players, I still have to complete my mission of getting 10 kills.\"

\"No problem, Shifu~! I'll give you all my kills!\" Misaka Mikoto assured him.

\"Let's go!\" Liu Zilang instructed and then dashed to the front. He was followed by Misaka Mikoto.

Subsequently, Zhang Xiaotong and Li Mufan who were somewhat frustrated quickly went with them too.

As soon as they entered the villa, they heard footsteps coming from the stairs, whereby someone was moving from the first floor to the second floor.

Once Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto heard this, their eyes glimmered.

Misaka Mikoto was absolutely thrilled!

'Finally...finally, I'm going to fight alongside Shifu!'

The next second, Liu Zilang had taken the lead and dashed up the stairs. Obviously, the player heard his sudden rapid footsteps as well, thus he pointed his gun at the end of the stairway.

All of a sudden, a figure emerged from the stairway.

Muzzle flashes were seen lighting up the room as countless bullets poured down like pear flowers in a storm!


Before the player could react in time, he was taken down by Liu Zilang's \"jumping shot\".

Upon realizing the situation, his teammate was utterly shocked!

He quickly took cover at the corner of the stairs and instructed his teammate to crawl up to him.


Liu Zilang reloaded his S1897 by inserting another shell into the bore of his gun.

\"Kill him.\" Right after Liu Zilang said this, he swiftly charged upstairs with his shotgun.

\"Yes, Shifu!\" Misaka Mikoto who was behind him raised her M16 up, she and fired a three-burst round at the player who intended to crawl upstairs.

Next, Liu Zilang bumped into the other player.

Under the circumstances, victory or defeat was clearly up to their reaction speed.

'One shot!'


From the looks of it, it appeared as if that player and Liu Zilang had both blasted shots at the same time. They used an S12K and S1897, respectively.

With that being said, even though Liu Zilang was seen bleeding, his health and body remained the same.

On the contrary, the player opposite him flew up the stairs like a kite that had its string cut, such that his body was left hanging on the wall lamp at the end of the stairs.

A real wall mount!

\"666, he died too tragically, I can't bear watching this.\"

\"Tencent: We have the most outstanding physics engine!\"

\"Speaking of which, Vic's reaction speed is unbelievably fast. If I were in that face-to-face situation that he went through earlier, I'd probably have sh*t my pants.\"

\"That jump shot too, it was simply an amazing show!\"

\"Oh right, he has three kills already. To my brothers who voted no, are you guys panicking now?\"

\"Three? Why do I remember four? Killing his own teammate doesn't count?\"

\"Exactly! I killed my teammate with my skills, why wasn't it counted?\"


After taking care of those two players, Zhang Xiaotong and Li Mufan arrived. The instant Zhang Xiaotong noticed the crates, her eyes sparkled. She quickly began looting them.

On the contrary, Li Mufan was unconcerned about looting crates.

His only wish was to fight by Liu Zilang's side. Therefore, he took big strides toward him. \"Idol, wait up, I'm...\"

\"Tu, tu, tu!\"

Who knew that the second he arrived on the second floor's balcony, gunshots would be heard coming from the first floor of the opposite house!

Without any armor, and with only 75% health, Li Mufan was instantly knocked out after he took a shot to his head. The rest of his sentence that was supposed to go, \"I'm here to assist you!\" was left unheard. He quickly crawled back.

Liu Zilang who had crouched behind the balcony wall stood up to blast a shot with his S1897. He then crouched again with haste.

Shotguns were rather metaphysical most of the time, especially ones that were fully loaded. However, Liu Zilang did not trigger its metaphysical attack. Nevertheless, he managed to frighten his opponent.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang instructed, \"Misaka, save... that guy.\"

Li Mufan who was knocked out the second he arrived upstairs was feeling quite frustrated.

When he heard that, he was so anguished that he almost suffered internal injuries!

'As I really have no sense of existence at all?'

Taking advantage while Misaka Mikoto revived their teammate, Liu Zilang observed their surroundings. Other than the squad opposite them, he was uncertain if anyone else was near them.

Therefore, he needed to be extra cautious.

However, the player downstairs did not reach a consensus with Liu Zilang.

Right after he withdrew himself, he pondered.

'Eh...that's not right!

'F*ck... that player was holding a shotgun!'

As soon as he realized, he peeked again as he was irritated. Next, he fired multiple shots at Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the second floor's balcony wall.

In a trice, Liu Zilang stood up to blast another shot with his shotgun before crouching.

The instant Liu Zilang stood up, that player subconsciously fell back.

Once he heard the gunshot, he gritted his teeth.


'Trying so hard when you've only got a shotgun. You're addicted to it, aren't you?'

After having such thoughts, he simply revealed himself.

Following that, Liu Zilang stood up on the second-floor balcony opposite him.

That player squinted his eyes and then fired at Liu Zilang fearlessly!

'Come on, let's hurt each other!

'Whoever's afraid is a b*stard!'

\"Da, da...!\"


For all that, after that player fired a few shots, the gunshots coming from his gun were brought to a halt.

Looking at the bullet hole on his head, the player who was knocked out was totally baffled...

'A headshot by a 98K?

'Motherf*ck... this script isn't right!'