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346 Ultimate Technique. Red Wolf’s Hidden Shadow Clone Technique!

 Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he looked at the Pan in his hands when he heard Li Mufan's cry for help.

'How am I supposed to save you with this?'

\"Did you find any weapons?\" Liu Zilang asked hopefully.

Li Mufan responded disappointingly, \"No. I've picked up a Pan though! Ahhh, he's catching up!\"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

'It's another Pan!'

It felt like they were a squad of Pan players!

Gunshots and footsteps could be heard from outside the stable.

Li Mufan had lost half of his health points by the time he rushed in. He was crying tears of happiness when he found Liu Zilang and the other two. \"Save me save me save me. Someone's chasing after me with a weapon!\"

Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were shocked when they saw Lu Mufan!

'What the f*ck...' Liu Zilang was extremely annoyed.

Li Mufan was pretty much like a mischievous boy who had broken someone's window and ran back with a bunch of armed enemies behind him... What made it worse was that all of them were still in the iron age!

\"GG. This LordDespicable is really something!\"

\"He's dead he's dead! Place the wreaths on both sides and Ah Lang at the center. I shall weep while I give my respect to him!\"

In the life or death situation, Liu Zilang shouted at Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto who were starting to panic, \"Hide yourself! Hide now!\"

There were many partitions on both sides of the stable and they were perfect for concealing oneself. If they were to stand there dumbfoundedly, the enemy chasing Li Mufan would kill everyone the moment he entered!

Liu Zilang hid at a partition alone while Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto hid at the partition beside him.

The enemy chasing Li Mufan from behind entered the stable the moment they hid themselves.

\"Rascal, let's see where you're going to run to this time!\" He scolded as he rushed in with an Uzi in his hand.

Li Mufan wanted to run toward Liu Zilang but he had no choice except to hide in the partition beside him as the man behind him had caught on.

The mischievous kid was extremely anxious as footsteps approached him.


\"Shut up!\"

Soon, the man with the Uzi caught on.

He was very cautious as he was worried about an ambush inside. However, he put down his guard when he saw Li Mufan shivering at one corner.

\"Scream louder! No one will come and save you even if you scream at the top of your lungs!\" That man laughed happily as if he was looking at a helpless sheep, waiting to be slaughtered.

Then, he heard footsteps coming from behind!

'Someone's here!'

He panicked and immediately turned around. He was shocked when he was welcomed with three black Pans that blocked his vision!

\"Go go go! Block him! Block him!\" Liu Zilang commanded through the voice chat.

Li Mufan heard the order even though his health points had been reduced by half and rushed toward the enemy as he screamed!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang and the other two rushed in from three different directions and locked the man with the Uzi in the center.

Naturally, that man panicked and his first reaction was to raise up his Uzi!

However, being locked in placed by four players with Pans, he was in a position no different than being cooked in a wok.

The sound of Pans smacking human flesh could be heard the moment the Uzi started rattling!





They were not headshots. However, when the four of them raised their Pans simultaneously, the enemy could not react in time, and he fell to his knees the moment the Pans struck him...

'What the f*ck... These people are ruthless!'

The enemy kneeling down while covering his abdomen painfully was shocked!

\"Oh my god. You can do that?!\"

\"Holysh*t... Isn't this Red Wolf's Shadow Clone Technique?\"

Inside the game, Li Mufan crouched down at a corner and used his bandages after the four of them had successfully killed the enemy. Li Mufan stared at the fallen enemy and sneered. \"Chasing after me eh? Huhu! I'll let you know what cruelty really is later!\"

Unfortunately, this mischievous kid did not sound threatening at all with his hoarse voice...

In order to avoid this man from going through this mischievous kid's torture, Liu Zilang sighed and decided to do good.

He raised his Pan and whacked him hard!

Just as Li Mufan was about to stand up after using the bandages...


A crisp and clear sound rang in everyone's ears!

Li Mufan who had just stood up groaned and fell to his knees again.

\"Vic123 knocked out LordDespicable by headshot with Pan!\"

\"Friendly Fire!\"

The few of them in the game were dumbfounded.

'What the h*ll...'

He did not have enough kills and he decided to make up for it by using his ally?

The enemy on his knees waiting to die was shocked as well. He was relieved as he thought that they were fighting among themselves.

He was happy as he urged his squad to come and save him through his team voice chat.

Liu Zilang then walked toward him with his Pan.

'No... Give me a chance... Brother!'


Liu Zilang swung his Pan into the man's head and the latter softened before turning into a crate.

Liu Zilang then looted the man's Uzi and let out a dry cough. \"I'm sorry. My hand slipped.\"

\"It's fine, it's fine!\" Li Mufan voiced out as he was being revived by Misaka Mikoto.

He then started laughing goofily. \"Menhera onee-san's hand is so smooth... so tender...\"

Misaka Mikoto thought that this mischievous kid was praising her and she started laughing...

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, was incredibly annoyed as he tried to resist the urge to whack him with his Pan once more!

'This kid is identical to Li Muqiu in the past...

'Literally a chip off the old block...'

Then, footsteps could be heard coming from outside the stable.

\"Be careful. His squad is coming!\"

\"Huh? So soon?\" Misaka Mikoto and Li Mufan started panicking as the former was reviving the latter.

Zhang Xiaotong was indifferent as she held onto her Pan tightly. She was ready to fight back.

Just as the footsteps approaching came closer, intense gunshots came from the villa!

Two Kill Notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen and the footsteps disappeared.

Liu Zilang and the others stared at each other inside the stable.

\"Is he dead?\"

\"I think he's dead.\"

\"Shifu! They should have guns right?\"

\"Yes, probably.\"

\"Then should... should we loot the crates?\"


After a while, the two sneaked out of the stable and observed their surroundings in the dark. They realized that the players from the villa had not come and looted their crates despite killing the two players there.

Gunshots kept rattling and the battle did not seem like it would come to an end yet.

Liu Zilang looted a fully kitted out S1897 from one of the crates and set his eyes on the villa!

'Let the battle, begin!'