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345 The Fire Of The Stars Shall Burn The Entire Field!


Douyu's most mysterious super admin had placed a bet in Liu Zilang's stream and he had placed the bet on \"No\".

'He's f*cking up to something...'

Liu Zilang gritted his teeth as he had this hateful thought that the super admin was looking down on him like Cobrander[1]!

Liu Zilang took a deep breath and spoke excitedly, \"Guys, although the enemy is frightening, we have to be stronger! This is a trial for us fans to gather together. We must not give in to darkness!\"

\"Emmm... Although the odds are very tempting, I choose to believe boss SharkChili. It's without a doubt the right choice!\"

\"It's all about being disciplined as humans. Everything depends on your performance tonight. I bet ten thousand fishballs that you can't do it!\"

\"Our huge numbers are our strength. Everyone bets \"No\" and victory shall belong to us!\"

\"Vic Vic! My main account has been muted by you. If you unmute me I'll bet 'Yes' with one hundred fishballs.\"


Liu Zilang was speechless when he saw the comments on the bullet screen, especially the last one that had threatened him.

He was not able to accept that someone had threatened him with one hundred fishballs!

It was totally unacceptable!

'Do I look like someone who's desperate for one hundred fishballs?'

'I'll... show you!'

Liu Zilang snickered. He opened his Douyu account and bet all two hundred fishballs that he had won from the female streamer on \"Yes\"!

The viewers watching the live stream were stunned for a while when they saw his actions before bursting into laughter.

\"GG! Two hundred fishballs... That's a big hand!\"

\"Holysh*t... Finally, someone more ridiculous than Master Ma has appeared on stream!\"

\"Are you sure you're betting two hundred instead of two million? Am I f*cking missing something here?\"

Zhang Xiaotong was embarrassed as she lurked in Liu Zilang's stream.

She bit her lip as she opened her Douyu's vault and placed all of her fishballs on \"Yes\"!

In an instant, the bar on \"No\" in the live stream that had almost filled up the entire bar had visibly reduced slightly.

Zhang Xiaotong's ID had appeared on the bet \"Yes\" as the highest bidder.

\"Xiaotong-chan has arrived? Looks like support from his sister has come at the right timing!\"

\"What a touching gesture from his sister. I'm extremely jealous and envious since the country doesn't allow me to have a sister!\" [2]

\"Xiaotong-chan please open your live stream. I don't want to watch Vic's anymore! Boohoo!\"

Liu Zilang smiled as he was slightly shocked by Zhang Xiaotong's bet in the live stream.

Although this little girl was slightly arrogant, she could still be relied on when the time came!\"


As the timer in the Spawn Area finished, the sound from the airplane roared and they were teleported into the cabin.

\"Idol! Where are we going to land!\" Li Mufan sounded extremely excited.

This mischievous kid had been telling Liu Zilang endlessly that he had been taking note of Liu him. Not to mention how much he idolized him. He had recalled skipping school back in the days just to see him at the recreational club but he was kicked out by Li Muqiu.

Liu Zilang had given Li Muqiu a big thumbs up in his mind when he heard it!

As Liu Zilang listened to his words, he stared at the flight route and realized that it departed from Prison which was located at the bottom left corner of the map. It would fly northwest[3] and pass by Pecado and the Graveyard before disappearing just below Campo Militar.

He then casually made a mark on the map and said, \"Let's land here. I heard it's quite rich with resources.\"

The three were shocked when they saw Liu Zilang's marking. This was because Liu Zilang had marked Hacienda del Patron, which was just beside San Martin!

This place in Miramar was the equivalent of School. The intensity of killing occurring within the place when everyone landed was extreme. In a four-man squad mode, the entire sky would literally be covered by parachutes!

Those who were able to survive for more than one minute were either beasts or campers lying prone on the outskirts.

Hence, it was not just Zhang Xiaotong and the other two who were shocked that Liu Zilang had marked such a location in this flight route. The viewers from the live stream were shocked as well!

\"Holy f*ck! Can they even survive if they land there? I bet \"Yes\", not to see you f*cking die!\"

\"Wait! Why do I feel sinister aura forming!\"

\"Do you guys think Vic only bet 200 fishballs on himself on the surface and had secretly bet 'No' with a smurf account?\"

\"Tsk! Now that you mention it... It sounds very likely as well!\"

\"Shocking! The Attractive Section Chicken King has rigged the bet and this b*stard Vic has run away with Xiaotong-chan. Give me my fishballs and my hard earned money back!\"

\"Give me my fishballs and my hard earned money back!\"

Liu Zilang's eyes kept twitching as he read the bullet screen in his live stream.

'I haven't even dropped from the plane yet and you're all saying that I'll turn into a crate the moment I land. Are you guys really trying to curse me to death!'

Then, the airplane passed by Hacienda del Patron.

Liu Zilang pouted as he said confidently, \"Jump!\"

He jumped the moment he shouted and the other three did not have the chance to persuade him otherwise.

After struggling for a moment, they gritted their teeth and followed along.

At first, Liu Zilang was falling with an elegant smile on his face.

However, as he gradually got closer to the ground, the entire area became shady as if something had covered the desert's sun.

He raised up his head and looked behind...

Liu Zilang's smile froze as he ultimately muttered two words.

'F*cking h*ll!'

PUBG was an FPS game that was different from the rest as it relied on three basic principles no matter what. They were marksmanship, reaction speed, and awareness.

One could boss around as long as one had a weapon!

Hacienda del patron covered so much area in Miramar. They would without a doubt perish if they could not find a weapon with so many people around.

Liu Zilang had nothing to fear in a typical game. He would use his fists to punch his enemies if he could not get hold of a weapon. The cowards would perish and he would become a beast if he was able to hold out for more than one minute.

However, this match was different!

He had bet all of his wealth, including the faith his sister had in him. If he were to die the moment he landed...

She would ignore him for at least half a month judging from how arrogant she is.

Liu Zilang calmly changed the marking and let out a dry cough as he pondered. \"About that... Let's retreat and not head into Hacienda del Patron for now. Let's clear up the buildings around the area before deciding on our next move.\"

The viewers who had bet \"No\" started protesting upon hearing his words.

Liu Zilang acted as if he did not see the bullet screen as he continued reasoning, \"Our strategy, for the time being, is to surround the villa. The fire of the stars shall burn the entire field!\"

The viewers in the live stream continued scolding him for his shamelessness.

Inside the game, the lot swiftly scoured the buildings around the area. On the other hand, the villa was filled with gunshots the moment everyone landed!

Liu Zilang walked around a building which did not have a rooftop. He could not find anything else other than a Level One Backpack, a Level Three Military Vest, and a Pan!

He was fine with it if it was just that. However, Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong who had been searching the stable had miraculously found only a Pan and consumables.

Liu Zilang grouped up with the two. When he was about to ask Li Mufan if he had found a weapon, the latter shouted with his hoarse voice!

\"Idol! Save me save me save me!\"


[1] A character from B-Robo Kabutack.

[2] They're blaming it on the country due to the one-child policy placed on China.

[3] I believe the author has made a mistake here. It should be northeast