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344 Do You Know How To Kill Ten People The Moment You Land?

 Liu Zilang responded immediately the moment he heard Zhang Xiaotong's voice, \"I'm here I'm here. Are you online now? I'll invite you.\"

\"I'll invite you instead. We're in a squad already.\" Zhang Xiaotong's tone sounded rather odd. Perhaps she was still hung on about what had happened earlier

\"Shifu! Shifu!\" Misaka Mikoto's voice could be heard as well.

\"Alright, invite me.\" Liu Zilang let out a dry cough as he would not say something he should not.

\"Xiaotong-chan has invited you to her squad!\"

Liu Zilang accepted the request and joined her squad.

Liu Zilang was shocked as he entered the squad.

'4 Players?'

\"Xiaotong, who's this other guy?\" Liu Zilang looked at his ID.


Liu Zilang's eye twitched as it reminded him of his dormmate, Pu Taizhuang.

'Are these two the same type of people?'

A hoarse voice came from the voice chat, \"Idol! Ahhh!! You're finally here!\"

'Who could this be... Why does his voice sound so familiar?'

Liu Zilang was confused by the voice as he pondered for a while before it clicked in his head.

'Isn't this Zhang Xiaotong's friend and Li Muqiu's younger brother Li Mufan?\"

'Why is he here?'

Zhang Xiaotong let out a soft harrumphed as she pouted. \"He has been begging me the entire afternoon. He said he's your number one. How annoying!\"

\"Hehehe...\" Li Mufan laughed.

'What the f*ck...'

Li Muqiu crooked his mouth as he did not expect to be liked by a spoiled brat.

He sighed. Since he was there, he let him be.

He still had to give face to Li Muqiu no matter what.

Naturally, the main reason was that he did not have the authority to kick people in the game...


There were many players in the beta server as the new map, Miramar had released recently.

Zhang Xiaotong suggested it as she had never played in the beta server. Misaka Mikoto and Li Mufan agreed to it as well.

Although Liu Zilang did not play a lot in the beta server as well, he had no choice but to get used to the latest patch since no one was objecting it.

The lot regrouped in the beta server and soon started to queue in squad mode. Liu Zilang then took some time to look at his stream but realized that the bullet screen was scarce.

When he was playing Duos with Nvliu earlier, his view count had exceeded one million. Although he was nowhere near Douyu's best streamer, he was definitely within the top ten.

However, there were not many comments on the bullet screen of his live stream. There were only a few admins and high-level viewers supporting him.

\"Wow! Boss Vic is starting to get his chicken dinner!\"

\"Woo. I've been watching Vic play since I was young. I've been idolizing him for more than twenty years.\"

\"Before Vic started streaming, I never expected such a capable man in the Attractive Section to exist.\"

\"Vic's streaming has changed my life. It's thrown my future upside down!\"

\"What the f*ck! You guys have said everything. What's left for me to say! I might as well just kneel down and ask for forgiveness!\"


Liu Zilang felt weird when he saw how peaceful his bullet screen was.

'Did I enter the wrong live stream?'

Then, he recalled what had happened earlier.

'That's right!'

'I f*cking forgot to revert the level required to comment back to normal.'

Liu Zilang pondered for a moment before deciding to revert it back to normal. That bunch must not be restricted for too long for they might die from it. After all, a chick must be left out for fresh air, right?

After Liu Zilang reverted the level back to normal, the bullet screen remained peaceful.


'What's going on?

'Are all of them behaving after I locked them up for a bit?'

As Liu Zilang was struggling with the situation, the bullet screen lagged for a brief moment!

Then, countless bullet screen comments overlapped each other as it flooded like the Qientang Bore.

It covered the entire live stream in an instant!

\"Holysh*t! I can finally speak!\"

\"God d*mn it! I'll f*cking scream at the top of my lungs if I'm locked up again. f*ck you f*cking wh*re!\"

\"F*ck your grandmother's p*ssy! You better not run after finishing tomorrow's tournament!\"

\"Everyone stop scolding. Vic is still a kid. Let's just gather up tomorrow after the tournament and f*cking hit him to death!\"

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he watched his live stream.

'Have they all become honest after locking them up?'

Liu Zilang scoffed as he pondered.


'Scream all you want!

'It's rare mercy that all of you get to get a breather!'

'I'll lock all of you back in when I'm done with this match!'

However, he could not ignore them as it would affect the harmony in the live stream. If it was spotted by Douyu's members, they would think that there was some sort of case going on.

Speaking of which, Nvliu and him had been rewarded with fishballs by the mysterious super admin, SharkChili within minutes after winning the game.

He would never have believed it if the super admin had headed over to his stream after receiving intel from someone else!

It was more likely that he had been watching the live stream quietly.

Liu Zilang had suspected that the guy was either trying to learn his techniques or was jealous of his attractiveness!

According to a man's seventh sense, he was leaning toward the latter choice. Hence, it was important for him to steer the flow of the bullet screen toward the right path.

Liu Zilang pondered for a moment before scoffing as he used his phone and registered a smurf account. He entered the live stream and typed hastily.

He sent a message to the bullet screen.

\"Gentle Reminder: Type #EyeProtection to enter eye protection mode.\"

Everyone ignored him at first. However, the hashtag \"#EyeProtection\" took off after a few attempts and soon it had flooded the entire screen. Those hate messages on his live stream were swallowed by it and soon disappeared.

'That's more like it!

\"These people are too young!'

Liu Zilang was proud of it. After all that, he opened up a poll as he rattled his keyboard.

\"Do You Know How To Kill Ten People The Moment You Land?\"



The viewers in the live stream were so startled that the hashtag \"#EyeProtection\" had stopped appearing.

\"GG... Ten kills after landing?\"

\"Is this b*stard treating the test server as a server filled with newbies? Does he know about the beasts in Europe and America?\"

\"Stop mentioning it. I've once tried attacking a vehicle in the test server and the enemy instantly killed me the moment he stopped his car. I could tell he was a foreigner by looking at his name.\"

\"This Vic is getting way too ignorant! He dares say that he's able to kill ten the moment he lands while carrying Xiaotong-chan!\"

\"I bet fifty cents that he'll die the moment he lands.\"

Since the test server was open to everyone internationally, it housed players from every country. Its skill level was slightly higher than that of the official server. Furthermore, since Hua Xia players often encountered beasts from Europe and North America, many did not dare land in Pecado or Hacienda del Patron where many players would fight for loot.

Since Liu Zilang needed to carry Zhang Xiaotong and the rest, as well as kill ten players the moment they landed, it was impossible for him to land at a place where there were fewer players. However, it could not be a place with too many as well as they would without a doubt turn into crates.

It was literally a red flag no matter how one viewed it!

After the viewers analyzed the situation, the majority of them were leaning toward no. Soon, the odds started changing.

Then, the option \"No\" was instantly filled up out of the blue!

The difference in the odds was day and night as the ratio had reached 9 to 1!

They soon realized that there was a rich fellow betting three million fishballs on \"No!\"

'That's a big hand!'

'Perhaps it's from a certain Douyu's Emperor?'

The viewers in the live stream were astonished as they looked at the name.

'Shark... Chili?'