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343 Shifu’s Health Could No Longer Keep Up!

 'She can't fit into mine...'

Liu Zilang stared down unconsciously when he heard Zhang Xiaotong's words as he swallowed back his question back into his mouth forcefully.

'Hmmm... It's best not to meddle with girl stuff.'

He let out a dry cough and have a gentle smile on his face as he comforted her, \"It's fine, it's normal that she can't fit your shirt. Her's are bigger than yours after all.\"


Zhang Xiaotong's redness on her face had spread toward her neck.

She was both embarrassed and angry at the same time. She raised up her little fist as she was about to punch him.

Liu Zilang was shocked and he evaded it. It was only then he realized what he had just said and immediately added, \"Hey! I didn't mean it that way. What I meant was her age... She's older than you! Where have your thoughts wandered to?\"

Zhang Xiaotong was startled. She was extremely embarrassed and furious at the same time. She clenched her little fists tightly as she placed them beside her!

Liu Zilang who had a strong will to live immediately said, \"Eh, you hold on tight. I'll bring a shirt for you to pass to her.\"

He turned around and went into his room the moment he finished talking. He fumbled about his wardrobe but all he had were short-sleeve T-shirts and some of them had not been washed yet...

Then, an idea flashed across Liu Zilang's mind as he saw a sealed white shirt at the corner of the wardrobe.

'Oh right, it's from HLA.'

There was a saying, \"A man will visit HLA twice a year\".

One was for buying and the other time was refunding.

This was the shirt Liu Zilang had bought last year and had forgotten to refund.

He picked up the shirt and headed toward the door and passed it to the unfriendly-looking Zhang Xiaotong. He said, \"I haven't worn this before. Tell her not to dirty it so that I can refund it in the future.\"

Zhang Xiaotong's face turned gloomy upon hearing his words.

She harrumphed as she muttered, \"Thrifty.\" She then turned around and tappity-tap-taped her way back to the bathroom.

Liu Zilang sigh as he watched on.

'I guess it's true that all girls are extroverts.

'She'd abandon onii-chan the moment she has a new girlfriend.'

He shut the door and went back to his computer as he went on his merry way in Solo Mode.

Perhaps the viewers from the live stream had vaguely heard Zhang Xiaotong's voice, they were all riled up and strongly requested him to bring her sister along to play.

After a match, Liu Zilang went out of the game and looked at the bullet screen. He then casually explained that he had a guest over for the night and she was playing with the guest.

\"Knock knock!\"

He heard a knock on his room again.

Liu Zilang thought it was Zhang Xiaotong as he planned to ask her if she wanted to join him for a game when he opened the door.

However, it was Misaka Mikoto who had just finished bathing. She was standing outside of his room.

She was wearing Liu Zilang's white shirt and her shoulder-length hair had dried up. It gave off a unique and neutral vibe.

\"Shifu... I'm here on behalf of Xiaotong-chan to pick up the kitten.\" Misaka Mikoto blinked as she stood by the door.

Liu Zilang was slightly agitated when he heard Misaka Mikoto's words. 'Have they really become good friends?'

'Why didn't that girl come and carry it herself...'

Liu Zilang moved aside and said, \"The cat is on the rack. It's better for the kitten to be carried away so that it doesn't disappoint me later.\"

\"Dis... Disappoint you?\"

Misaka Mikoto gave him a confused look as she did not seem to understand what Liu Zilang was saying.

However, Liu Zilang did not explain further.

As Misaka Mikoto passed by the computer to go over the rack to carry the sleepy 98K, Liu Zilang's heart stopped for a second!

'Oh f*ck me!

'It's too late!'

By the time Liu Zilang hasten his steps to the front of the computer, the live stream had been bombarded as the bullet screen was filled.

\"Holysh*t! It's a lady! That isn't Xiaotong-chan!\"

\"She looks like she has just finished her bath. Can I know what happened earlier?\"

\"Didn't you say you were gay! My heart is f*cking broken!\"

\"Wait up! Don't you guys think that lady looks familiar?\"

\"It's Menhera-chan! What the f*ck! That's Menhera-chan!\"

\"Ahhhh! I can't take this anymore! I can't control my forty-meter long dominant hand anymore. Does anyone know Vic's address? I need to go there and punch him in his f*cking face!\"

\"Hold up the guy who knows Muay Thai on top. I need to show him my swordsmanship as well.\"

\"Boohoo. I'm an idiot! I seriously am! I should've seen it coming from the tournament this afternoon. There's really something going on between these two!\"


Liu Zilang was extremely annoyed as his eyes twitched while he read the bullet screen in his live stream.

Misaka Mikoto fooled around with 98K as she held it in her arms. She leaned her head forward and asked curiously as she realized Liu Zilang's face had froze, \"Shifu... are you streaming?\"

Liu Zilang turned his head around upon hearing Misaka Mikoto's words.

He was dazed as he felt that there were not enough nutrients in his head.

He let out a dry cough and said sternly. \"Stand straight, This is a very healthy stream!\"

Misaka Mikoto was confused by Liu Zilang's word but she stood still regardless.

Liu Zilang let out a long sigh of relief as he did not bother giving the bullet screen a second look and spoke to Misaka Mikoto, \"Can you ask Xiaotong if she wants to play together? Oh right, did you bring your notebook?\"

Misaka Mikoto's eyes shone brightly, and she nodded her head upon hearing his words. \"I brought it! It's been so long since I battled alongside Shifu!\"

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched when her face turned red. \"Don't get too excited. You should get prepared. Xiaotong will tell you the WiFi's password. Hit me up in YY when you're ready, Xiaotong knows the channel as well.\"

\"Yes yes.\" Misaka Mikoto immediately ran out of his room.

She was in Liu Zilang's white shirt and very short shorts.

Liu Zilang did not feel anything at first but when Misaka Mikoto ran out and generated a gush of wind, his eyes followed along.


Liu Zilang took in a deep breath and look up into the sky as he felt his hormones flowing inside of him!

'Idiot disciple... My health can't keep up with this!'


He sat back down in front of his computer with an elegant smile on his face.

\"B*tch streamer! Return me my Menhera-chan!\"

\"Wow! This is literally a flower planted on top of bullsh*t!\"

\"I heard something just now... Shifu... Oh my god!\"


\"GG. This Vic is a player!!\"


Liu Zilang was annoyed when he saw the bullet screen.

'These people are too ridiculous.'

He let out a dry cough. \"About this... I owe everyone an explanation or it will not do justice to the lady.\"

\"Everyone in the live stream knows that I've represented Se7en in the past. Menhera is a friend of mine I know from back then. The master student relation is just an inside joke. Their squad's hotel is fully booked tonight so she's crashing at my place for the night. Yeah... that's the summary of the situation.\"

The viewers replied, \"She can stay in my house if she has no place to stay.\" Some had even posted their house address as well.

\"Ahem ahem ahem... About that... Admin, ban those who've exposed their addresses. I don't know anyone of you guys. How wouldn't I be worried as a Shifu if she stays over at your place?\"

The stream exploded once more upon hearing his words!

Liu Zilang immediately went to his settings and changed the level required to post a comment. The world became quiet in an instant.

\"Hello hello hello. Can you hear me?\"

It was Zhang Xiaotong's voice that sounded.


[1] It's the title of a Japanese Adult Film, The Forbidden Student-Teacher Relationship.