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342 The Cooked Loli

 In PUBG, the sedan's model was slightly lower in terms of specifications compared to the jeep.

Hence, it was not much of a problem to use it as cover as long as one crouched down.

However, it was only reliable when one did not move around.

Meanwhile, the player crouching down behind the sedan heard his ally's call and turned around as he took out his smoke grenade. His body moved slightly to the back as he was about to throw the smoke grenade over.

The instance his body moved to the back, he had unconsciously revealed his head by the windshield.

The entire process was incredibly short and not many people noticed it.

However, Liu Zilang's eyes shone brightly as he smiled. He had been watching every movement of the car with his 8x Scoped AWM!

He then used his inhuman movement speed to aim and open fire in an instant!


The majority of the viewers did not expect that to happen, and they were shocked by Liu Zilang's when they heard the gunshot!

'What the hell... Is he training himself?'

Then, a Kill Notification appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

\"Vic123 killed SacredSwordWanders by headshot with AWM!\"

\"14 Kills!\"

The viewers were astonished when they saw the blood red text appear on the screen!

\"Wow f*ck... Did Vic just... kill the person behind the car?\"

\"Are you joking? I didn't even see anything. Am I going blind?\"

\"You must be going blind from fapping too much. I suggest you quit jerking off in your next life and use quick lime on your eyes.\"

\"Brother above me, you're being too cruel. However, I think I did see someone's head through the windshield earlier...\"

\"Truthfully, Vic's sniping is really quick. I was so astonished!\"

Then, a white smokescreen started expanding around the crate belonging to the first player that had been knocked out.

'Did that man... throw a smoke grenade?'

As they saw the smoke grenade and recalled his actions and Liu Zilang's reaction toward it, the viewers from the live stream connected the dots together and were utterly astonished!

The ability to grab hold of the opportunity... The level of quick sniping...

'Is this something that can be done by humans?'

They were looking at the facecam where Liu Zilang was smiling with a gaze on par of a beast.

In comparison, Nvliu was rather disappointed.

She was trying her best to train herself by shooting a moving target!

However, she could not fire a few shots before the enemy died while trying to assist his teammate. His head was tilted, and he had turned into a crate... All of this made her feel very useless.

If the first person that was taken out by Liu Zilang knew of Nvliu's feelings, he would have been extremely furious!

Liu Zilang did not go out to loot their crates after killing both of them.

He was quite stacked and did not lack anything at all. It was only natural that he did not lay his eyes on the two.

As time passed in the game and the Safe Zone kept shifting, it seemed like God was trying to burn Liu Zilang to death through the wok on his back as all his prediction chicken dinner spots were engulfed by the blue circle one after the other.

On the other hand, the spot where Nvliu begged him to shut up had turned into the ultimate chicken dinner spot as the second last Safe Zone had spawned within their location.

If he were not able to give Nvliu the chicken dinner in the destiny circle... he did not deserve to bear his title \"Human Implant Hack\" and \"The Attractive Section Chicken King\".

With an AWM in his hands, the world was his!

Liu Zilang enveloped everything where his sniper rifle pointed!

There was not a single opponent of his level in the match.

'Bullshit, right? Isn't it suicidal to go against an AWM?'

As the blood-red text showed, \"17 Kills\", a series of words popped up on Liu Zilang and Nvliu's screens!

\"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!\"

\"Huh? Only 17 Kills? He failed!\"

\"Holysh*t! Since when was the passing mark this high? Brother on top, you're getting way too ahead of yourself!\"

\"Tsk tsk! What a dull game... The game had ended the moment Liu Zilang had his hands on the AWM.\"

\"No no no. The truth is that the plane shouldn't have boarded Vic into this game. They should've canceled his flight! (This comment costs 50 cents, please delete what's inside the bracket.)[1]\"

\"Huan Yu gifted streamer a firework! -- GG, have you guys started?\"

\"WildFireInSeptember gifted streamer a firework! --Vic is cool. All us fangirls love you!\"

\"MasterFlight gifted streamer a firework! -- I'm sorry! This streamer is gay. All fangirls can f*ck off.\"

\"SharkChili gifted streamer five super fireworks! -- The Attractive Section Chicken King is unstoppable!\"

Meanwhile, Nvliu had received five super fireworks in her live stream as well.

It seemed that Douyu's most mysterious super admin, SharkChili, had rewarded them for obtaining the chicken dinner.

After Liu Zilang thanked everyone for the gifts, he traded contact numbers with Nvliu. They then bid farewell to each other.

After all, they were able to in a squad due to Douyu's event, it was only natural that Nvliu would not play the game for a long time.

Since they had successfully won chicken dinner in one match, she would go back to the Console Section to stream her console games and to mend her soul.

In comparison to those two options, the latter was her main content.

As Liu Zilang bade goodbye to Nvliu, he heard a knock on his door when he was about to queue Solo on the American Server.

'Who could it be?'

'Have Zhang Xiaotong and MIsaka Mikoto finished boili... bathing?'

Liu Zilang paused for a moment before wearing his shoes and opening the door.

Just outside the room.

Zhang Xiaotong, who had just finished bathing, was in brown pajamas and had placed her arms in front of her. Her face was red and her hair was slightly wet. It seemed like she had yet to finish drying her hair.


Liu Zilang opened the door and was greeted with a faint smell of milk.

He saw Zhang Xiaotong who had become like a tomato as she was standing outside of his room. He smiled and asked, \"Huh? Why's your face so red? Were you boiled by the milk?\"

\"Huh?\" Zhang Xiaotong was shocked.

She reached out her hand and touched her face. It felt hot as she unconsciously recalled the incidents in the bath...

Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotong's face became redder. It became as red as a ripe strawberry.

\"My face... is always red after I'm done bathing.\"

She nervously gave an excuse.

She seemed to have felt that she had very little energy as she bit her lip, stared at Liu Zilang and then pouted. \"Hmph! None of your business!\"

Liu Zilang did not think much of it.

He could not hold in his laughter when he saw Zhang Xiaotong's arrogant look. \"Alright alright alright. I'm just worried that you've been corrupted by that milk. Oh right, do you need anything from me?\"

Zhang Xiaotong recalled something and immediately said, \"Misaka Mikoto Onee-chan... She forgot her shirts at the hotel and wants to borrow yours for the night.\"

\"Why does she need a guy's shirt like mine?\" Liu Zilang was dumbfounded. \"Why can't she just wear yours?\"

Zhang Xiaotong's gaze froze upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

\"Because... Because...\"

She lowered her head as she muttered, \"She... can't fit into mine.\"


[1] These words in the bracket are a meme teasing those forums paying keyboard warriors to type what they want to lead the direction of the discussion of the thread. However, some keyboard warriors have forgotten to delete it, exposing themselves as a paid keyboard warrior.