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341 I Want… What’s The Use Of This Metal Bat!

 The viewers were speechless when they saw it!

'What's this guy doing?'

Everyone in the bullet screen was certain that Liu Zilang would not be able to kill the enemy with a pistol. That was because it was normal for someone to run as fast as they could when the enemy's bullet missed them. It would be very hard to aim at them once they ran away.

Not only did the guy not run away but he crawled over.

His actions were extremely oblivious of the situation he was in!

Seeing Liu Zilang use a pistol to aim at someone at the side, Nvliu raised up his SCAR-L and opened its scope. Soon after, he saw the caterpillar crawling on the ramp.

\"Sister 66, don't open fire. Let me handle this,\" Liu Zilang said calmly.

\"Can you... even hit him?\" Nvliu's tone sounded very doubtful.

Liu Zilang did not utter a single word as he reloaded his pistol and raised his pistol higher.

He clicked his mouse quickly until the point all 7 bullets were fired in the blink of an eye!

The viewers from the live stream watched from Liu Zilang's perspective. All they could see was the P1911 in his hand recoiling chaotically. Its fire rate was so fast that it was identical to a P18C on full automatic mode.

However, no one praised him at all.

Liu Zilang's burst of bullets was without a doubt no weaker than a rifle's if it was against a target at a short distance!

However, at such a long range, it could only be described with two words - Shooting! Blindly!

\"Emmmm... Is Vic degrading himself?\"

\"Please switch to your AWM! I really can't watch this any further.\"

\"This isn't a lottery. I'll chop my d*ck off if he manages to hit him!\"


Then, the bullet screen in the live stream stopped for a moment.

Since the bullets from the pistol required time to travel, the viewers were teasing him until a Kill Notification appeared on Liu Zilang's screen.

\"Vic123 killed MetalHeadDoll by headshot with P1911!\"

What followed next was a blood red text.

\"12 Kills!\"

The viewers from the live stream and Nvliu who was beside him were shocked and did not know how to react.

\"What the f*ck... I'm done! The implanted hack has lived up to its name!\"

\"I'm sorry. I was too naive, too naive! I want... What's the use of this metal bat!\"

Inside the game, Nvliu stared at the corpse on the ram from afar before she turned her head and looked at Liu Zilang who was putting away his pistol calmly.

She felt like something had caught her tongue and she could not say a word despite attempting for a few times.

Liu Zilang realized her tone was unusually weird. Since he had restored his dignity, he acted humble on purpose. \"It's all luck. Sister 66 you better not praise me for it. I'd feel embarrassed...\"

Nvliu could not hold it in any longer and she opened her mouth, \"Master Lang... Did you hire an actor.\"

\"Umm...\" Liu Zilang's was speechless upon hearing her words.

\"666! My Dazhou Empress has very sharp eyes! This b*tch Vic has definitely hired an actor!\"

\"It's a fact now! MetalHeadDoll has been shot in the head? His head isn't even made from metal. He's definitely a fake!\"

Liu Zilang took a deep breath when he saw the bullet screen.

\"How dare you all!!! I won't give in! Curse you! Looks like I have no choice but to use it!

\"However, it's capable of destroying the world. The righteousness in my heart doesn't allow me to!\"

Before he finished speaking, he took out the AWM on his back as he struggled verbally, \"Ah! My right hand! I can't control it!

\"Ugh! Ahh! Listen to me!\"

The viewers from the live stream were speechless as they watched Liu Zilang's eighth-grade syndrome leak out.

Then, the sound of a car revving came from afar!

Someone was driving into the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang stood on top of the hill as he stared at the vehicle quietly.

On the other hand, Nvliu used her SCAR-L equipped with 4x Scope to fire at it.

However, a fully automatic rifle with a 4x Scope was higher than her skill ceiling as only a small number of bullets managed to hit the vehicle.

Nvliu was embarrassed. She immediately urged Liu Zilang when she noticed him standing quietly, \"Fire at them Master Lang, they're about to run away!\"

\"It's too late... to run away.\"

Liu Zilang sighed as he raised up his AWM that was equipped with an 8x Scope. His hands moved so quick that a shot was fired the instant he raised his weapon up!


It was an instant snipe!

A gunshot rang as blood erupted out from the driver. His health plunged to the very bottom even though he had a Level Three Military Vest on!

\"Holysh*t... Why's it so painful?\" The man was extremely shocked.

\"Not good! It sounds like an AWM!\" His teammate said nervously.

However, the other pouted and said, \"So what if he has an AWM? I don't believe he'll be able to hit me aga...\"

A thunderous gunshot clapped before he finished speaking. It came from the hill in the distance!


In an instant, the driver's Level Three Military Vest shattered, his remaining health had been taken away and he fell out of the vehicle!

His face turned pale.

'Did... did I say the wrong thing?'

The viewers from the live stream were beyond astonished!

\"Are... are you serious! Why do I feel like the two instant scopes were more unbelievable than the pistol?\"

\"Hehe, are you new here? Although Vic is a beast, he's not a hacker nor a fake. The b*stard's skill is the real deal!\"

\"However, that speech of his was f*cking embarrassing. Wait... perhaps that eighth-grade syndrome of his has heightened his marksmanship?\"

\"Hmm... I don't think it's impossible. It's similar to some of us getting a warm up after watching a certain picture...\"

\"Hey brother on top, don't get too far ahead. The people in the villages are struggling to get an egg, it's hard to consume all its proteins for them.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang ignored the fallen enemy after knocking him out. He reloaded his AWM and then continued aiming at the sedan.

The enemy's ally was a true ally as he did not drive away immediately. He stopped the car and then got out of it before using it as cover.

Nvliu who had yet to land a shot after so long, saw the enemy come out from the car and became extremely pumped up. \"Amazing job. Let's see how you escape now!\"

She then switched her firing mode from automatic to single fire as she shot one bullet after another into the distance.

However, since the enemy was quite far away, she only landed one shot after a few attempts.

The fallen enemy was ecstatic as he saw hope.

He shouted at his teammate, \"Smoke up and heal me! The one at the front has terrible marksmanship and those two shots were definitely made by luck!\"

The man behind the vehicle was watching the hill where Liu Zilang and Nvliu resided discreetly.

Although he had a sniper rifle as well, he did not dare reveal his head and have a snipe off against the enemy as the latter had an AWM.

As he heard his teammate's cry for help, he hesitated for a moment before throwing a smoke grenade.

However, what happened next shocked every single viewer in the live stream!