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340 The Ultimate Chicken Dinner Spot! Part 2

 Liu Zilang held onto a Frag Grenade as he was on the ground floor of the warehouse.

He counted in his heart when he heard footsteps coming from the staircase before rushing in.

Both parties then met each other at the corner of the staircase.


The two enemies opposite of Liu Zilang was shocked as they immediately raised up their weapons and fired at Liu Zilang.

However, Liu Zilang immediately laid prone on the ground!

'Did he f*cking just lay down?'

The two enemies smiled but the curl at the edge of their lips froze afterward.

This was because Liu Zilang's position looked like he was praying towards Heaven back in the ancient era as he revealed the gem orb in his hand.

In an instant, the gem orb shone brightly, blinding the entire staircase!


An ear-deafening explosion reverberated in everyone's ears as the entire staircase was instantly filled with dust.

\"Vic123 killed LittleGourdGorilla with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Vic123 killed LittleGorillaGourd with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Vic123 knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!\"

The viewers from the live stream did not what to say!

\"666. The traditional palm grenade from the Dragon Tiger Mountain has returned!\"

\"Vic this idiot really depends on his luck. What makes it worse is that he never dies from it!\"

\"People these days are way too frightening. Players with no weapon and had his d*ck hanging loose are even more frightening than those with weapons.\"

\"Morals are getting clouded as day passes and human ethics are no longer the same as the past! The main culprit is this idiot Vic!\"

Nvliu was rather annoyed when she heard Liu Zilang's cry for help outside of the warehouse.

However, she reacted swiftly the moment she saw the Killer Notifications. The edge of her lip twitched as she thought that this man was quite a suicide unit!

As she revived Liu Zilang, both of them had successfully seized the housing area by the shore, west of the island.

As they finished looting the crates, Nvliu stood on the first floor of the warehouse and looked to the west. She asked curiously, \"Is this where the final circle is going to spawn?\"

\"Umm... Theoretically, yes.\" Liu Zilang's tone became uncertain.

\"Theoretically?\" Nvliu responded back skeptically.

As the new generation and knowledgeable youngster, Nvliu knew very well what \"theoretically\" implied in this situation.

It was as she had expected.

The next Safe Zone had spawned eight hundred miles away from their current position.

Liu ZIlang made a marking on the world map and said, \"Sister 66, let's head towards the yellow-marked housing area east from us.\"

\"Is that the new chicken dinner spot?\" Nvliu asked coldly.

Liu Zilang immediately acted seriously. \"Yes. This is definitely the chicken dinner spot.\"

Nvliu pondered upon hearing Liu Zilang's words and decided to trust his professional decision one more time.

After changing the chicken dinner spot for two to three times, Nvliu had unfortunately realized that this professional gentleman was identical to Hua Xia's \"specialist\"...

He could not be relied on at all.

There were four Safe Zones left in this match and Nvliu no longer trusted the marking Liu Zilang said that it would be the chicken dinner spot after they had entered the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words as he had failed his predictions over and over again. However, he spoke up after some pondering. \"How about this, let's stay here for now. According to my analysis, this is also one of the possible chicken dinner...\"

\"Don't!\" Nvliu immediately cut him off. \"Master Lang, please stop speaking.\"

\"What's wrong?\" Liu Zilang was confused.

Nvliu responded with a serious look on her face. \"I'm afraid that the chicken dinner spot would switch to another place if you say it.\"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

'How is this my fault now?'


'I'm not satisfied!'

Liu Zilang screamed inside his mind as he kept his eyes tightly on where the new Safe Zone would spawn.

'If the Safe Zone doesn't shift towards where we are, it means that my judgment is right.'

He was very tempted to say it out loud to her face!

Soon, the blue circle merged together with the Safe Zone and the next Safe Zone had spawned!

Liu Zilang's expression became extremely gloomy instantly!

Inside the game, the Safe Zone had really spawned in their location.

It was the fate circle!

However, this fate circle was more of a fateful shame to Liu Zilang as if a metal wok was placed on his body which would be impossible for him to get rid of for the rest of his life.

The viewers watching the live stream burst into laughter when they heard their conversation.

\"66 has solved the case. You cannot be not impressed with this!\"

\"What a shock! The truth behind the chicken dinner spot is the loss of humanity!\"

\"Hahaha. Please try on this wok and see if it fits you.\"

There were 17 players left on the battlefield and the Safe Zone had covered Sosnovka Military Base's hangar and the mountains on the west of the island.

As Liu Zilang had miscalculated the chicken dinner spot for so many times, the two had been running here and there away from the blue circle and he had yet to really use his AWM behind his back.

Since the fateful wok had...

Ah pfft, it was the fateful circle!

Liu Zilang rubbed his hands as it was time for him to show off his real skill.

He decided to use his strength to balance everything!

Liu Zilang and Nvliu were currently hiding inside the hill west of the Sosnovka Military Base. The location was of high elevation and there were bushes and trees that could be used as covers as well.

Although it was not as safe as the housing area, it was still safer than those players who were out in the open field.

The players in the housing area had no advantage against them. Liu Zilang looked around the open field and soon spotted a crawling caterpillar on the ramp in Sosnovka Military Base.

Liu Zilang felt bad the instance he opened his scope and saw his equipment.

He had a Level One Backpack, Level One Police Vest, an Uzi, and a shotgun on his back...

There was nothing worthy on him and the only thing that could merge him and the ground was his Level One Motorcycle Helmet.

It would be a great disrespect to fire his AWM at such a head!

In order to use it to face a worthy opponent and give his opponent a worthy death, Liu Zilang pondered for a moment before pulling out the P1911 that he had picked up in the School.

The viewers were shocked when they saw it!

\"P...Pistol? Are you f*cking serious!\"

\"Reported! A streamer using a pistol at the final circle!\"

\"Holysh*t... If you're able to hit him with a pistol at such a distance, I'll kneel down and address you as my father, okay?\"

\"It's erecting, it's erecting! Vic's erection is getting out of hand.\"

Since the pistol's line of fire was very short, it was still acceptable when shooting at a close distance and it would be a stretch when the enemy was in the mid-range. In his situation where the target was very far away...

It would be a total joke to even perform an attempt!

Liu Zilang was like the main character in a locally produced police drama here. He did not even bother equipping the M16's Red Dot Sight. He decided to use the pistol's iron sight and aim as he squinted.

\"Bang bang bang!\"

He shot out a three-burst shot. Since he was firing down from a higher elevation, the trajectory of the bullet went down a lot but it was still better than expected.

After a while, one could hear a series of thuds.

The player laying prone on the ramp could hear the bullets landing on the ground but he was not able to hear the gunshots from far away.

He seemed curious as he stared blindly at the floor where the bullets landed.

He then crawled towards a few steps to inspect further.

There were hundreds of tombs made for the ancient heroes, and those who feared death were definitely not the commoners.

This player's thirst for knowledge definitely knew no bounds!