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336 One Single General Beats Out Thousands of Men!

 Title Translator's Note: Quote from Lubu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The full line is \"One single general beats out thousands of men, what is so difficult about taking something out of a pocket.\" It means that the army is nothing without it's general and that one good general was enough to beat a general-less army.

After narrowly halting the two speeding players and giving them both capital punishment, Liu Zilang immediately signaled for Nvliu to come over to loot the two boxes that had just dropped.

During their looting session, Liu Zilang could not help but praise. \"Sister 66's aim ain't half bad. From what I've heard, you were spraying on full-auto just now. I was honestly worried that your nerves might cause you to screw up your spray control.\"

\"Me? Nerves? That doesn't exist.\"

Nvliu waved her hand as she said, \"I, the Dazhou Empress, have been through thick and thin, these sorts of things are trivial to me.\"

Hearing this, the Dazhou peasants in the livestream also started singing songs of her majesty's accomplishments. It was a harmonious scene.

No one knew that despite looking extremely confident on the inside, in Nvliu's head, she was trembling like a startled horse!

In reality, when she was attacking, she was originally aiming at the one on the left. However, as she sprayed down her SCAR-L on full-auto, her crosshair started to jump around like crazy!

Then... She somehow managed to knock out the one on the right.

At that point, Nvliu was completely stunned!

Luckily, Liu Zilang managed to go in for the kill on the other one just in time, otherwise, if Nvliu had to face the other player on the left once more, she would have been as good as dead...

After finishing their loot session, the second circle had started to close in.

At this point, there were only 45 players left and the next circle was over at the Southwest shoreline of Sosnovka Island. There were buildings everywhere in the safe zone, scattered all around the mountain area.

Usually, in these kinds of circles, there would be a lot fewer casualties.

\"Master Lang, there shouldn't be anyone outside the circle at this point, right?\" Nvliu asked as she looked over at the other side of the bridge.

\"You'll never know, there's still quite a lot of players alive at the moment.\" Liu Zilang shook his head and continued. \"However, even if there are people, we better not risk it, let's enter the safe zone first.\"

\"Alright, on your command!\" Nvliu nodded.

Just as Nvliu wanted to get on her jeep, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped on the motorcycle, turning his head around and said, \"Let's go Sister 66! We're not taking the jeeps, I'll bring you for a ride.\"

\"Ah? I heard that it was easy to flip on a motorcycle.\" Nvliu sat behind him as she questioned anxiously.

Liu Zilang answered seriously. \"That's other people's motorcycles. In my entire lifetime, I have yet to learn what the word 'flip' actually means.\"

'Does not know what 'flip' actually means...'

Hearing this, the livestream suddenly went wild, they have never seen someone so damned shameless.

\"Riperoonies, you're also starting this?\"

\"My Master Lang has the driving skills of a god, why do you think we call him the Racing God of Mount Akina[1]?\"

\"Is the guy above getting threatened at gunpoint or getting bribed to say this? If there's money involved, share it, bro!\"

\"Hehe, earning money at the cost of your conscience? Something something reverse chicken dinner? Something something flipping a car in a wheat field?\"

Liu Zilang suddenly cringed as he looked over to his livestream's chat.

'Why the hell do these f*ckers only remember these kinds of stuff?'

Liu Zilang coughed. \"That was a three-wheeler, I'm in a completely different level on the normal two-wheeled bike. You guys don't need to go on YouTube for any 'driving tips and tutorials' anymore, just watch and learn.\"


Just as he finished, Liu Zilang instantly stepped on the gas and charged full speed ahead at the hill to the west of the bridge.

The moment he got onto the hill, he did not even slow down as he sped straight up. The moment he reached the peak, the entire vehicle caught some big air as it started to backflip in the air!



Clean landing!

As his engine continued to roar, he continued to zoom towards the safe zone...

'Now that's living!'

On his journey, no matter if he was driving past mountainous ravines or cabins in the woods, Liu Zilang had not even slowed down for even a second.

As he was fully focused on his driving, his bike seemed to have become an extension of his limbs, almost like they had become one with his body. Every time the bike tilted forward or backward, it would somehow automatically correct itself. Clocking in at nearly 105km/h it gave everyone watching an amazing sense of thrill and exhilaration!

\"This f*cker... Did he order an Uber driver to drive for him?\"

\"I feel like it's 98K playing, let's report him!\"

Suddenly, a series of gunshots could be heard coming from the buildings over at the West side of Sosnovka Island near the shore!

\"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!\"

\"Clunk clank!\"

Out of nowhere, bullets came flying in as it hit the bike, some even nearly grazing their shoulders.

Due to the long distance, the assailant's shots were extremely off, it did not even hit the two on the bike a single time!

\"Someone's shooting at us, what do we do?\" Nvliu nervously asked.

Liu Zilang calmly said, \"A single general beats out thousands of men.\"

He did not say the second line of the phrase, but Nvliu suddenly had a bad feeling in her gut.

'It couldn't be!'

The next moment, Liu Zilang turned around, driving in a serpentine manner as he charged straight into the enemy's den.

On the other hand, the people in the building trying to shoot a motorcycle from so far away, it was naturally a move to intimidate. It was almost as if they were announcing to their targets, \"There are people in the buildings, don't you come near!\"

Earlier, there had been a couple of others who came over, one driving a jeep and the other driving a sedan. However, they were all \"guided away\" with this method.

They had originally thought that this motorcycle would scurry off like the other two vehicles, but never did they expect that their target would charge up right into their faces.

The warning shots were a failure!

\"Sigh... What a reckless group of young'uns!\"

\"Fire! Fire! Fire! Since they're serving themselves up in a silver platter, we don't have to show any mercy.\"

Instantly, the two players in the building started readying their guns.

Two hundred meters was a short distance for a motorcycle. As Liu Zilang sped towards the buildings with Nvliu behind his back, the sound of the motorcycle rang out throughout the area.

The next moment, this bike suddenly shot up into the air off of a small rock. However, it did not head towards the two who were firing at them, it flew through a window entering a different floor.

Soon, both Liu Zilang and Nvliu's jaw dropped.

This was because they had miraculously ended up in the building's second-floor toilet. The room was tiny.

As soon as the motorcycle crashed in, it was instantly stuck between the toilet bowl and the wall.

\"Vroom vroom vroooom-\"

Liu Zilang tried his best to maneuver his bike, trying to see if he could make it out of the door.

However, as he was trying to move the bike, it suddenly started to smoke.

'F*ck this...'

\"Get off! Get off!\"

As a seasoned veteran, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he instantly jumped off the bike and shouted out to Nvliu, before scurrying out of the toilet.

Nvliu was slightly shocked, but she followed suit.

Luckily for them, or rather, thanks to Liu Zilang stopping just before he died by his own hands, the motorcycle stuck in the toilet did not explode after it started to smoke.

At the same time, the other two players on another floor were utterly stunned by this \"flying bike break-in\".

They suddenly heard the loud roaring of a motorcycle's engine from floor below, causing their eyes to twitch.

'These f*ckers aren't reckless...'

'They're complete dumb*sses!

'Why the hell are you still trying to drive your bike when you're indoors?'

With that in mind, the two of them jumped down from the top.

Then, one of them pulled out a Frag Grenade and started to cook it in his hands before throwing it back up.

The moment he tossed it, Liu Zilang and Nvliu, who had just escaped the toilet, reentered the toilet, staring at the smoking motorcycle...

The next instance, they saw a grenade flying in through the window!


[1] Reference to Initial D.