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335 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 3

 It was already quite evident.

Without a doubt, 98K was not part of that 90 % of cats.

Seeing this sight, the livestream viewers burst into laughter.

\"Oh my God! Did Girl's Generation just break through the barrier between species, conquering a lil' kitty?\"

\"Buahahaha... I read that 90% of cats prefer opera over K-pop? Sorry, that's just too funny to me.\"

\"What do y'all know? I feel like 66's not wrong on this. Doesn't this just prove that 98K ain't just an average kitty?\"

\"GGWP... So 98K is different from 90% of the cats! It ain't some blue rare, it might be a golden legendary!\"

Seeing these chat messages, Liu Zilang was speechless. He stared at 98K who was curiously looking on, he really did not believe that this dumb kitty could be of golden legendary quality.

Seeing that it was a failure in kitty education, Liu Zilang sighed as he ruffled 98K's fur a little more, before placing it back on the cat tree.

\"How did it go? Did the experiment show any results?\" Nvliu asked curiously in voice chat.

Liu Zilang shook his head as he said with a complicated expression, \"Sister 66, I think you can go ahead and throw away that book.\"

\"Throw it away?\" Nvliu was confused, but she could vaguely guess what had happened.

She wanted to go further down the rabbit hole, but suddenly, a loud roaring vehicle could be heard from the other side of the bridge!

\"It's a motorcycle.\" Nvliu identified.

Liu Zilang slightly frowned. \"There's two of them.\"

As expected, as soon as he finished speaking, two motorcycles came charging into the circle from the other side of the bridge.

However, these two were not overly reckless, they did not just charge down the bridge. After getting into the circle, they first stationed themselves behind the wrecked trucks on their side of the bridge, seemingly healing up and surveying the situation.

Liu Zilang narrowed his eyes, immediately reminding his partner. \"Sister 66, let's not open fire for now. We'll wait for them to get a bit closer.\"

\"Alright, no objections there.\" Nvliu nodded.

Other than her \"troll 'nade\" double kill, the gun in her hands had yet to taste blood.

Whether or not she gets a frag comes down to this engagement!

On Liu Zilang's side, he sneakily crawled out of the shipping compartment of the truck. If both of them were camping inside the compartment, the enemies would have an easier time focusing fire on them. Furthermore, their field of vision would be severely limited, once the motorcycles get past them, they would have a much harder time trying to track their targets. At this point, if there was another person on the outside, it was no doubt a lot better for them.

Meanwhile, behind the wrecked truck on the other side of the bridge.

\"Holy f*ck! There seemed to be quite an intense battle that went down over here, luckily we came late to the party.\"

\"Do you think anyone's camping the bridge?\"

\"Not sure 'bout that, but I ain't in the mood to swim. Wanna just drive past them?\"

\"That works too, let me just toss a few smokes up ahead later. If there really are people camping ahead, then we can zip past them on our bikes and reverse camp them.\"

The two players who had just made it into the circle discussed their next plan of action whilst healing themselves. In the end, they still decided to charge through the bridge. After all, the motorcycles' mobility was extremely high. In addition to that, since they had two motorcycles, even if someone was camping at the other side of the bridge, they could easily zoom past their line of sight.

Hence, the two decided to charge!




Three Smoke Grenades were lobbed out from behind the wrecked truck, as each subsequent nade rolled further than the last.


The next moment, a large amount of smoke was released from the Smoke Grenades, completely enveloping the bridge, creating a long smoke tunnel.

\"They've smoked the other side!\" Nvliu got a little nervous.

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, revealed a cheeky grin on his face. \"Hehe, what a couple of sly buggers.\"

Suddenly, the sound of an engine starting up rang out from the other side of the smoke, as two motorcycles suddenly charged out of the thick white smoke.

\"There it is! There it is! Here comes Dat Man!\"

\"I feel like there must be at least one out of the two motorcycles that gets past this barricade, right?\"

In the blink of an eye, the two motorcycles were already in their proximity!

\"Fire!\" Liu Zilang leaned out and shouted.

Hearing this, Nvliu instantly stood up from the truck's shipping compartment and started to ADS!



As the muzzles of the two guns started to flash repeatedly, the two started to spray down at their targets.

The two motorcycles on the bridge were going at extreme speeds. Suddenly, they decided to show off their serpentine driving skills as they started wobbling left and right as if they were driving under the influence.

Instantly, as the bullets hit the zooming motorcycles, sparks started to fly as bullets ricocheted off the metal bodies of the bikes.

The two had both been hit by the incoming bullets to varying degrees, but neither had been downed yet.

Soon, Liu Zilang and Nvliu both saw that they were almost out of ammo. On the other side, the two motorcycles were rapidly approaching the two, seemingly planning to just force their way through the toll station!

'That's not good!'

\"Hit them! Hit them! They've almost made it past!\" Nvliu shouted anxiously.

Sensing trouble, an idea flashed in Liu Zilang's head!

He instantly holstered the M16 in his hands, jumping back into the jeep that he had hidden right behind the truck.

Then, he instantly stepped on the accelerator!


With a soft roar, the jeep suddenly charged forward.

\"They're out of ammo, let's rush 'em!\" One of the players on the motorcycles shouted excitedly.

The other also joined in, \"F*ck you! How dare you block us Erangel Riders, just wait and see what we've got in store for you b*tches!\"

However, the moment they got past the truck, a jeep suddenly came out of nowhere!




With two loud crashes, Liu Zilang's jeep rammed into the two, instantly pit-maneuvering the two motorcycles, causing them to spin out to the side of the bridge!

This sudden development left the countless viewers on were utterly wide-eyed!

\"F*ck me... Is he trolling?\"

\"Wait a minute! Why does this scene seem so familiar to me?\"

\"Holy sh*t... This is a f*cking speed trap! Vic perfectly demonstrated how traffic police should employ a pit maneuver on their targets!\"

\"Heh! You two brats on the bikes... License and registration!\"

In the game, the two who got pit-maneuvered by Liu Zilang were completely stunned!

'License and registration?'

'Imma f*cking kill your *ss!'

The two of them immediately jumped off their bikes wanting to throw down.

However, the two who only had Liu Zilang on their minds seemed to have forgotten that there was another person hiding behind the truck.

That was right!

Nvliu had just finished reloading.

Even if Nvliu's aim was not the greatest, these two were not even at full health. With a single mag of bullets spraying at full auto, one of the targets was already down.

The other player had seen this and wanted to avenge his fallen partner, but Liu Zilang rapidly switched over to the backseat, instantly appearing in front of him. Pulling out his silenced M16, Liu Zilang instantly stuffed the pitch-black muzzle right into his target's mouth!


With a pull of the trigger, that player's head instantly exploded as he passed on.

Seeing this scene, the livestream viewers all took a deep breath, as they all thought in unison.

\"Capital punishment immediately after getting caught? This speed trap was a bit too harsh...\"