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334 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 2

 'That does seem to have a point!'

Liu Zilang nodded as if he just had a revelation.

At this point, Nvliu also started going all out. She started to describe her \"Mongolian\" academic life with a serious face.

\"How do you guys usually greet your classmates in the morning?\" Nvliu asked.

\"Have ye had breakfast?\" As soon as Liu Zilang answered, he quickly shook his head. \"No, it's 'Let me copy last night's homework.'\"

\"...\" Nvliu was speechless. After a dry cough, she said in a serious tone, \"Me and my Mongolian classmates greet each other by shooting arrows at each other.\"

\"Shooting arrows... At each other?\" Liu Zilang was shocked.

\"Yep.\" Nvliu solemnly nodded.

'Haha, that must've scared your *ss off!'

Out of the blue, Liu Zilang suddenly questioned, \"Then what happens when you run out of arrows?\"


'Are the arrows the only thing you care about in this entire story?

'What kind of thought processes do you have!?'

\"When you run out of arrows, just pull out them out again.\" Nvliu coughed wryly before continuing, \"When you guys go to class, you usually have to shout something like 'Stand[1]', right?\"

\"Yeah.\" Liu Zilang nodded before adding. \"Sometimes, we also shout 'Sultan Apo'.\"

\"Sultan... Apo?\" Nvliu was confused.

\"During English class[2]...\" Liu Zilang replied.

\"...\" Nvliu took a deep breath to calm her emotions as she shook her head. \"No matter what you guys yell, we don't do that back in Mongolia! Us Mongolians have to drink alcohol before the start of each class.

\"You should know about Kumis[3], right?\"

\"Vaguely.\" Liu Zilang answered.

Nvliu could care less if Liu Zilang actually knew what that was or not. She continued. \"Before every class, we have to down one giant bowl of Kumis before the teacher starts teaching. Those who get drunk have no right to join the class.\"

\"Wow, then your teachers must be super strict! Liu Zilang was amazed at what he heard. \"No wonder they managed to produce so many Grade-A students such as yourself.\"


'Was how strict the teachers were really the only thing you had a problem with?'

\"GGWP! Vic is a mad genius at chatting, Douyu struck gold signing him.\"

\"No wonder a PUBG streamer can reign supreme in the Attractive Section, there seems to be a reason for this madness.\"

Just as the two were chatting, suddenly a series of mewing could be heard.

Liu Zilang turned his head and glanced over. He saw that 98K seemed to have been woken up, opening its eyes as it stood up on the cat tree next to the desktop.

Suddenly, it jumped straight towards Liu Zilang's PC table.

That was not the main point though.

The main point was that the moment it jumped down, it bared its claws at Liu Zilang's mouse.


Liu Zilang was stunned, the crisp sound of a sniper rifle could be heard from his headphones!

The next moment, blood spurted out of the Level-two helmet on Nvliu's head as she dropped down on one knee.

\"Vic123 knocked out Chi66 by headshot with Kar98k!\"

Friendly fire!


Liu Zilang suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Instantly, the atmosphere in-game fell dead silent.

On the other hand, having front row seats to this scene, the viewers were completely stunned as they all tried to catch their breaths!

\"Holy sh*t... No-scope headshot! Is this cat... An aim God?\"

\"I expected no less from the cat of the Vic household, what a show-off!\"

\"I'm done! Boohoohooo... I suddenly feel like I'm even sh*ttier at the game than a cat.\"

\"98K: Heh, foolish human! How dare you interrupt my slumber! Awoo~\"

\"Awoo~ Awoo~ Awoo~~~\"

Suddenly, the chat had been spammed with countless \"Awoo's\". The situation was getting completely out of hand, it was even worse than the legendary \"Crying Monster\" army.

In the game, seeing the kill notification, Nvliu was utterly shell-shocked.

'Did I say something wrong?'

'Even if I did... This Master Lang's a bit too merciless, don't 'cha think?'

This was already Nvliu's fourth knockout, she was bleeding out at a rapid rate. Luckily, the two were both inside the shipping compartment behind the wrecked truck. Liu Zilang instantly placed his palm on her head in an attempt to revive her.

\"Sister 66, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.\"

Liu Zilang explained. \"That wasn't me just now... It was my 98K.\"

\"98K? Wow! Can't you at least think of a better excuse!\" Nvliu laughed coldly. \"Are you trying to say that it moved on its own?\"

\"It really did move on its own though!\" Liu Zilang wanted to cry but no tears seemed to come out.

\"A real man would take responsibility for his own actions!\" Nvliu angrily criticized.

\"You hear that? She's talking 'bout you!\"

Liu Zilang yelled at 98K who was sitting on his table staring straight into his webcam. \"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and apologize to Sister 66.\"

\"Hmm? Is there someone with you over there?\" Nvliu was mildly surprised.

Liu Zilang hurriedly explained. \"My cat's name is 98K, just now, it jumped onto my table and accidentally touched the mouse, downing you.\"

Hearing this, Nvliu no longer knew what to feel...

After Liu Zilang finished reviving her, Nvliu, still not believing her ears, asked.

\"You mean to say... I got killed by a cat.\"

\"Ermmm...\" Liu Zilang coughed wryly. \"Technically... That's the case.\"

The next moment, he used both his hands to grab the soft and fluffy 98K, holding her near the microphone of his headset and said strictly, \"Hurry up and apologize to Sister 66.\"

98K's pearly big round eyes glanced over at Liu Zilang slightly, before it licked its lips in an unsatisfactory manner.

Then, it moved into a more comfortable position in Liu Zilang's palms, letting out a soft \"Meow\" whilst glaring at him.

\"Let's hear you meow some more! Let's hear you meow some more!\"

Liu Zilang's hands suddenly started to jerk around as it ruffled 98K who was still in his hands. At the same time, he threatened. \"Try 'meow-ing' one more time!\"

In a blink of an eye, 98K's orange and white fur had been completely messed up by Liu Zilang.

It just stared at Liu Zilang with a look of utter confusion. It had no idea what it did to deserve this kind of treatment.

\"You monster! Unhand that 98K! If you have a problem, you have to go through me!\"

\"GG! Douyu's strongest Chicken King is here! The sexy streamer fingering pussies live on stream!\"

In the game, after Nvliu finished getting her health up with a first aid kit, she could not help but say, \"Forget it, oh right, Master Lang, how old is your kitty?\"

\"Err... Less than a month, I think.\" Liu Zilang was not too sure.

\"That child's education needs to start young, it cannot lose out at the starting line!\" Nvliu said seriously.

\"Education? How do I even educate this brat?\" Seeing 98K in his hands slowly start to doze off once more, Liu Zilang cringed at the thought.

This orange cat was already this lazy when it was young, it would no doubt grow as fat as a pig when it grows up!

\"Maybe try playing some music to train it.\" Nvliu suggested. \"I read somewhere in a book that 90% of cats prefer opera over K-pop.\"

Seeing that there still were not anyone coming from the other side of the bridge, Liu Zilang nodded, \"Alright, let me try.\"

Using his phone, he Baidu'd the opera buffa \"The Marriage of Figaro\" on his phone, playing it right next to 98K.

Five seconds later, 98K's half-opened eyes... They had completely shut tight!

Seeing this, Liu Zilang's eye twitched.

He took a deep breath and grabbed his phone once more, this time, searching for the song \"Gee\" by Girls Generation.

\"A-ha! Listen boy~\"

\"My first love~\"


Just with a few seconds of the prologue, 98K, who was taking a nap with its eyes closed, suddenly opened both its eyes.



[1] In Asian countries, it is common practice for students to shout \"Stand up\" or \"Class, stand\", and then \"Bow\", as they stand up and bow in unison to greet the teachers at the start of the class. Note that in this context, the word \"Stand\" is written in Chinese.

[2] A joke over the bad pronunciation of Liu Zilang's English.

[3] Alcohol originally fermented from mare's milk.