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333 Summons from a Traffic Police! Part 1

 The moment she charged up, Nvliu still did not know that she had unintentionally griefed Liu Zilang.

At this point, she felt the adrenaline course through her veins, every heartbeat feeling like it sent jolts of electricity throughout her body. She had attained a never-before-experienced clarity to her mind, almost as if she had returned to the battlefield that was her National College Entrance Examinations[1].

Now... This is my battlefield!



After a face-to-face confrontation, the now-downed Nvliu seemed to have found her place in her very own \"battlefield\".

\"MasterFlight knocked out Chi66 with M416!\"

'It's that simple?'

UnderstandingHumanAttire and MasterFlight were both a bit stunned.

'Did we set the wrong difficulty setting?'

When they saw that player charge out from behind the jeep, they were both shocked. They thought that they were up against some sort of ultimate final boss.

However, after a brief face-to-face confrontation, she was defeated with just a mere auto-attack[2].

The gap between expectation and reality was quite big...

\"This one is downed, there must be another one on the other side!\"

\"They must be behind the jeep, go! F*ck him up!\"

In the heat of the battle, the two made a marvelous call, as they two charged towards their target like a lightning bolt!

'Go to hell!'

Liu Zilang, who had just been revived behind the jeep, was interrupted by Nvliu halfway through his healing animation.

At this point, his health was critically low, he would most likely die if he even so much as get grazed by a bullet.

Under these kinds of circumstances, two people charging right at him was no doubt a death sentence.

Was this really the end of the line for him?

However, miracles occur when you least expect them.

The next moment, what happened left the livestream viewers utterly wide-eyed!

On the screen, the two enemies had just walked past the location Nvliu had charged out from.

Then, a loud \"boom\" could be heard!

As the grenade exploded into a ball of flames and smoke, the two assailants also suffered a direct hit from it.

At that time, they were just starting to aim their guns over at Liu Zilang, but they were suddenly sent flying into the jeep by the sudden explosion of the Frag Grenade that was on the ground.

Instantly, the two were knocked out, turning into a couple of boxes!

\"Chi66 killed UnderstandingHumanAttire with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Chi66 killed MasterFlight with Frag Grenade!\"

'Why was there a Frag Grenade over there?'

The moment they hit the ground, their wills were completely crushed. No matter how much they cautiously planned, they would have never expected to die in a place like this.

'What kind of Frag Grenade is this? This sh*t is a motherf*cking land mine!\"

\"I got a double kill?\"

Nvliu who had just gotten knocked out immediately after she charged out was pleasantly surprised. She had long forgotten about the Frag Grenade that she had pulled the pin from.

Hearing the surprised tone in Nvliu's voice, Liu Zilang was utterly speechless.

Even the livestream viewers were completely stunned by the surprise in Nvliu's voice. They started paying their respects to the two fallen brothers who just got gibbed.

\"Press F to pay respects. May our two fallen brothers rest in peace.\"

\"It's not that you guys read your enemies well enough, it's just that your enemies have bad memory.\"

\"66's grenade-to-gun switch combo is too hard to explain. It's so next-level that it hurts my head!\"

After glancing at the chat, Nvliu suddenly remembered the grenade that she had dropped earlier.

All of a sudden, her face completely lit up.

At this time, Liu Zilang had come over to revive her. Nvliu laughed in a dry manner as she addressed her livestream's viewers. \"Wow, did y'all really think I've forgotten about it? In reality, all of these were part of the plan. I was just trolling with you guys earlier.\"

Hearing this, the livestream viewers suddenly fell into complete silence.

\"Master Lang, do you believe me?\" Nvliu turned around and asked Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang answered with utmost sincerity, \"If it is Sister 66's wish, I am ready to believe in anything.\"

Nvliu remained silent.

At the same time, in XXD and Qian Dajia's livestream, when the viewers realized that their streamer was killed by a fellow Douyu colleague, they instantly went nuts!

\"So it was that human aimbot implant guy, no wonder his Crossbow shots were so good.\"

\"Human aimbot implant? Sounds like some OP shit.\"

\"That's Douyu's very own Attractive Section Chicken King! The one duo-ing with Nvliu tonight.\"

\"Haha, to think that out of so many servers, they managed to queue into one with their Douyu colleagues. XXD's luck is truly unparalleled!\"

\"Latest update! 66 got a Double Kill!\"

\"No way! Isn't 66 just a sacrifice in most PUBG games?\"

\"GGWP. Looks like this Dazhou Hound Vic is quite good. He somehow got the Empress to start carrying.\"


In the game, after Liu Zilang revived Nvliu, the two both crouched down and started jabbing needles into their chest.

Then, they rapidly rushed over to loot the six boxes scattered all around the jeep.

\"What a f*cking bountiful harvest!\"

\"Uh-oh! It's time to enter 66's favorite Taobao shopping session!\"

Without a doubt, these six people all had a bunch of ammo, weapon attachments, meds, and other resources on them.

After the two finished their looting session, the number of drinks in their bags would have been enough for them to start a small business. They did not even have enough space to take everything they wanted, so they had no choice but to just chug one bottle after the other on the spot.

At this point, the first circle had finished shrinking and the next circle was revealed to be over at Sovnoska Island on the other side.

Liu Zilang took a look at the vehicles around him. They all had varying degrees of damage on them after weathering the abuse thrown earlier.

Either way, that three-wheeler they came in could not be used anymore.

After Liu Zilang carefully surveyed the remaining options, he settled on the one jeep with a slightly higher durability value remaining, before just jumping onto the driver's seat.

Them he told Nvliu, \"Sister 66, we'll be taking two cars. You take the other Jeep and follow behind me, I'll scout ahead for you. If you see anyone on this trip, just stop the car and jump off the bridge.\"

\"Stop the car and jump off the bridge?\" Nvliu was stunned. She instantly shook her head. \"No no, abandoning my squadmates just isn't my style.\"

\"That's not what I meant.\" Liu Zilang explained, \"You had already been downed three times. If you get downed another time, I'm afraid I might not be able to revive you in time.\"


Nvliu suddenly gulped.

'This sounds like it makes a lot of sense...

'But why does it feel so offensive...'

However, on the Western bridge, there seemed to only be a single squad of players blocking the bridge. As they successfully drove past the bridge, they still had not seen any \"toll stations\" on their journey.

If there were not any toll stations, why not just build one themselves?

After crossing the bridge, Liu Zilang hid his vehicle nicely behind one of the broken trucks at the end of the bridge. Then, the two jumped into the shipping compartments behind the truck.

At this point, there was still two minutes till the next circle closes in. The two had been sitting here for quite a while, but there was not a single soul in sight.

\"Is there no one left?\" Nvliu scoped-in and took a peek at the other side of the bridge.

\"Not necessarily.\" Liu Zilang shook his head.

\"Hehe, then let's chat for a bit,\" Nvliu said.

\"Sure.\" Liu Zilang thought a bit and asked, \"I saw this on Baidu earlier. Sister 66, do you Mongolians really ride horses to school?\"

\"Mongolians?\" Nvliu's eyes twitched.

'When the hell did I turn into a Mongolian?'

On the livestream, she tried her best to force out a polite smile to mask the awkwardness. \"That's right, I would always ride the horses to school back in my middle school and high school days. After school, we even ride camels back home.\"

\"Ride camels?\" Liu Zilang asked curiously, \"Why don't you just ride horses?\"

'What the sh*t... You really believed that?'

Nvliu's eyes started twitching even more. She took a deep breath and gave the only logical answer.

\"Hehe, even horses would get tired.\"


[1] A standardized test in China equivalent to the SATs or ACTs.

[2] The standard attack in MOBAs or MMOs, where it is the most basic attack where heroes/champions/characters don't use any skills. Commonly referred to as \"AA\" or \"Right-click\" as well.