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332 The Legendary Female Driver, Missile Launch Site!

 To the people who have solid fundamentals of aiming and tracking, a vehicle like the three-wheeler which was slow and had basically zero cover would usually take less than one magazine to deal with.

Unfortunately, this time, XXD was up against a Legendary Female Driver, the same Nvliu who had failed her driving exam five times in a row!

On the screen, the three-wheeler sped through the road drifting left and right, the entire vehicle shaking all about as it zipped through the area!

Under these circumstances, not only XXD... Even Liu Zilang, who was in the car, could not do anything. One moment he aimed his M16, the next moment, he was suddenly aiming at the sky!

\"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!\"

XXD's muzzle started spitting fire as bullets started to whizz past them, some ricocheting off the vehicle, causing a nice crisp sound against the metal!

After spraying down half of the bullets in his magazine, not a single person was knocked down from his barrage.

For the first time in his life, XXD started to doubt his own skills.

Not only that, as the three-wheeler approached the area shrouded by smoke, Nvliu suddenly let out a scream!

The next moment, the vehicle suddenly tilted forward uncontrollably, instantly causing the entire vehicle to flip!

\"It's here! Mystic Arte[1] - flat ground car flip!\"

\"Oh my God, it finally flipped! 66's driving is even giving me motion-sickness!\"


In the blaring light of the day, where all is right in the world, on the completely flat surface of the bridge road, a three-wheeler seemed to have been knocked by a gust of wind and started flipping forward.

'It's over!'

The moment the car flipped, Liu Zilang's heart started to thump hard.

Since he, sitting on the \"noble's carriage\" of the three-wheeler, had literally no way to aim, he had the sudden urge to just throw a frag grenade at his foes.

In the end, just as he had been cooking the 'nade in his hand, Nvliu flipped the car!

She flipped the car... On a flat surface...

This was truly a terrifying maneuver!

'If God lets me live through this, I swear on my life that I will never let this Nvliu drive ever again.'

The moment he was flung out of the three-wheeler, Liu Zilang only had one thought flash across his mind as he stared at the beautiful blue sky...

On the other hand, seeing Liu Zilang fly right at him, XXD was initially stunned, before instinctively aiming at the three-wheeler that was flying straight at him.

This was because Nvliu was still on the three-wheeler, she had not been flung off.

Unexpectedly, as he aimed his gun over...


A loud explosion suddenly rang out from the sky, as a huge ball of fire exploded from Liu Zilang's body as the impact of the blast rippled across the air!

Before XXD could even react, he was sent flying towards the jeep, spitting out blood as his body slammed onto the hard metal of the UAZ.

Instantly, his body dropped limply on the ground...

\"What the f*ck did this f*cker do... Did he stuff a bomb down his panties?[2]\"

XXD looked on in a daze as he said, \"Brother Jia, I can't understand what this guy is thinking!\"

After a brief pause, Qian Dajia plainly replied, \"Neither can I!\"

In the livestream, countless viewers' jaw dropped from this scene.

'Holy shit... That's truly an army clearing attack!\"

\"TIL about the human missile kamikaze!\"

\"I understand now... 66's three-wheeler doubles down as a Missile Launch Site!\"

\"Brother, your explanation for the car flip is a little bit too good, my dude!\"

\"As your reward, you'll cohabitate with Vasili[3] for a month!\"


Furthermore, in the current game, Liu Zilang suffered a direct hit from the grenade, slamming him straight into the ground. Half of his red health was instantly annihilated, meaning that he would bleed out at any time.

\"Sister 66 save me! I'm down!\"

Nvliu, still on the three-wheeler, was still immersed in the chaos that was the car flipping. Hearing Liu Zilang's screams of terror, she, also down on low health, rapidly ran over and slammed her palm on Liu Zilang's head.


Liu Zilang let out a sigh of relief. If his health continued to bleed out for a few more ticks, it would be GG for him.

At this point, seeing that the smoke XXD tossed earlier had still not dispersed, the two felt an increased sense of security as they hid using the jeep as cover.

At the same time, the two hiding behind the fortification of the bridge heard all this commotion and started to get a bit curious.

\"Bro, what do you think about that?\" MasterFlight asked.

The Powerless Understanding-Human-Heart[4] who had been shot in the head by the Crossbow earlier frowned, \"That Hanzo player earlier hasn't appeared yet, we can't do anything rash!\"

A brief moment later, Master Fei suddenly reacted. \"That's not right, bro! The Crossbow user earlier... I think I just saw him... Kill himself with a 'nade!\"

That was right!

Liu Zilang's kill notification on the kill feed earlier said, \"Vic123 knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!\"

In the eyes of any other person, this was without a doubt a self-nade.

Reacting to this, the two did not hesitate any further as they both charged out from behind the fortification at the end of the bridge.

Hearing the gunshots and seeing the killfeed, the casualties behind the jeep must have been immense. Hence, if they head over now, they would make a killing out of finishing off the survivors!

In all honesty, the judgments and thought processes of these two were quite accurate, their battle strategy was not too shabby either. They did not just charge in without any cover, they first tossed another 'nade over behind the vehicle.

This was the correct way to invade or storm a building. It did not matter if they actually land the 'nade on anyone or not, at the very least, it could intimidate their opponents at the psychological level, messing up their rhythm.

At this point, behind the jeep, a small \"thud\" could be heard as the Frag Grenade landed on the ground.

Nvliu was taken by surprise as her entire body jolted up, nearly letting go of her button and stopping her revival of her teammate.

\"Sister 66! Focus! Focus!\"

Liu Zilang, still kneeling on the ground, turned around and took a glance at the Frag Grenade.

He forcefully reassured her, \"No worries, that nade won't hit us!\"

As soon as he said that, he shuddered in his head.

Nvliu was a player who had always trusted \"expert opinions\". Hearing Liu Zilang's words, her confidence instantly skyrocketed!

A moment later, a loud \"boom\" could be heard!

Behind the jeep, there was a huge flash of light as the blast knocked the dirt up into the air.

However, the Frag Grenade's blast radius barely reached where the two were at, leaving the two just barely alive.

At this time, Liu Zilang suddenly heard footsteps coming from the other side of the jeep.

Seeing that the revival channeling bar still had 2 seconds on it and thinking that he would be at near-zero health when he got back up, Liu Zilang instantly told Nvliu, \"Sister 66, after you revive me, go and throw a grenade to stall them for a bit. I need to take some meds.\"

\"No... No problem!\"

Nvliu was obviously quite nervous, but she still slapped her chest and agreed to the order.

The next moment, Liu Zilang was back on his feet.

Nvliu also switched over to her 'nades, gauging where she would throw the Frag Grenade.

\"Don't throw it, cook it first!\"

Liu Zilang who was still healing up reminded.

\"Oh oh!\" Nvliu rapidly pulled the pin.

However, the next moment, their opponents' footsteps suddenly got closer.

\"Not good. They're almost here! Sister 66, pull out your gun, quick!\" Liu Zilang interrupted, \"Just stall them a little bit, I'm almost done healing.\"

Nvliu was shocked, she instantly swapped out to his SCAR-L and just charged straight ahead!

'I, the Dazhou Empress, knows no fear!'

The moment she charged, a \"thud\" could be heard!

Since she changed to her gun, the 'nade in her hand dropped right next to Liu Zilang!

Liu Zilang, who was applying the first aid kit on his chest, could not help but wince at this. He instantly canceled the healing animation as he scurried away.

'Big Sis!'

'At least throw the bloody grenade before you charge!'


[1] Reference to the \"Hidden Ultimate Skills\" in the \"Tales Of\" series of games.

[2] Reference to a scene in a Chinese Anti-Japanese WW2 Drama, \"Fighting Against the Devils\" or , where in one scene, a female character stuffed a grenade in her privates as she met up with one of the Devils, which is a derogatory term for Japanese soldiers back during the Japanese Occupation.

[3] Chinese LoL player going by \"Death Pronouncement\" as his Chinese IGN. He was infamously known for hitting his girlfriend on stream, causing his arrest and subsequent suspension from esports.

[4] A stupidly complicated pun the IGN UnderstandingHumanAttire \"\" (shàn jiě rén yī). The original Chinese IGN itself is a pun for where is a homonym (shàn jiě rényì), with the former being \"Adept at removing human clothes\" and the latter being \"Adept at understanding the human heart, i.e. considerate\", hence the previous translator coining it as \"UnderstandingHumanAttire\". In this line, the author writes it as , which is the phrase the IGN is based on, then combo-ing it with \"\" (xīn yǒuyú) which is taken from \"\" (xīn yǒuyú ér lì bùzú) which is a saying to describe someone who wants to do something but does not have the strength to do so.)