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331 That Arrow Had Returned

 While the two of them were in a dilemma, another car could be heard from the distance.

Soon, two jeeps entered their sight.

\"Sister 66, let's not fire at them for now.\" Liu Zilang reminded.

Nvliu put down her weapon unwillingly as she was about to open fire when she heard Liu Zilang's words.

Nvliu was different from other female players as she had a clear understanding of everyone's pros and cons. Hence, she trusted his decision as a professional player of this game.

Then, she realized that Liu Zilang had run back into the petrol station.

'Umm... What's going on?'

'Did he chicken out?'

As Nvliu was figuring out what was going on, Liu Zilang returned with the 98K no longer on his back. What replaced it was an exaggeratingly quaint crossbow!

The bullet screens exploded in the live stream when it was shown.

\"Are you serious? Vic this idiot is doing something again?\"

\"Hanzo at your service. Marked by the dragon!\"

\"Anyone else here still remembers Vic's shot against Nighthawk in Sosnovka Military Base! Buckle up for wave 2 for those who remember!\"

\"2333. Will that arrow return?\"


He pulled the string tightly and loaded the arrow.

Liu Zilang's lips curled up when the two jeeps stopped in the middle of the road as they were ambushed.

The people in the two jeeps seemed to be a squad but they were much more experienced than the previous squad.

The moment they saw players at the bridgehead the two jeeps turned into a cover and they took cover behind them...

Their backs were completely open for Liu Zilang and Nvliu.

Meanwhile at Douyu TV.

XXD and Qian Dajia were two streamers that did not know they were queueing for Duos due to Douyu's \"One Carry One\" event.

\"Brother Jia, it seems that there was an intense war earlier here.\" XXD looked at the two crates on the ground as he pondered.

Qian Dajia nodded as he found his analysis logical. \"Yes. it seems extremely intense as well.\"

\"Hehe. Looks like we've met enemies that are worthy of a challenge!\" XXD looked at the fortified bridgehead through the jeep as he licked his lips.

If they knew of the reason for their deaths, they would not have felt that way...

Meanwhile, a player peeked out and looked at XXD from the fortified bridgehead before he went into hiding again.

XXD was sharp as he noticed this and immediately warned. \"Be careful Brother Jia. I saw someone by the bridgehead.\"

\"Hehe, I think they're bored of living since they're daring enough to open a toll here,\" Qian Dajia said arrogantly.


Just as he finished speaking, he heard a shockwave piercing through the air.

An arrow had instantly pierced through his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and entered into the back of his head!

\"Vic123 knocked out QianDaJia441 by headshot with Crossbow!\"

XXD and Qian Dajia were shocked when they saw the Killer Notification.

'That ID looks extremely familiar...'

'That's right!'

'Isn't he the sniper from GodV's squad? The legendary FPS player of the past, the dark masked captain who is currently known as the Chicken King Vic in Douyu's Attractive Section?'

\"I can't believe we're in the same game as Vic. What a coincidence!\" XXD said as he looked around cautiously.

Other than being as strong as an AWM when it came to a headshot, its most notable benefit was that it was extremely quiet!

It was simply impossible for them to hear the faint sound of string-pulling at such a distance and this was the reason why XXD could not determine their location.

\"Don't move Brother Jia. I'll throw a smoke grenade and cover you.\" XXD hesitated for a moment before deciding to revive him.

He heard a whoosh the moment he crouched down and threw the smoke grenade!

The familiar sound of an arrow piercing through the air cried once again!

XXD felt something flying over his head as his head shivered from the cool air.

What he did not realize was that he had basically waved at the grim reaper the moment he crouched down.

At the petrol station, the second arrow Liu Zilang had shot out flew over XXD's head when the latter crouched down.

\"Holysh*t! He evaded that... eh! They look like XXD and Brother Jia.\"

\"Are you serious. How unfortunate for them. However, it would be interesting to see XXD and Brother Jia die by Vic's Crossbow.\"

The viewers from the live stream felt unfortunate as they watched from Liu Zilang's perspective... However, a Killer Notification appeared on Liu Zilang's screen.

\"Vic123 knocked out UnderstandingHumanAttires by headshot with Crossbow!\"

'What the... h*ll?'

It was not just the viewers from the live stream that were shocked by it. Liu Zilang was shocked as well!

'Has he activated a hidden skill?'

'Something along the line of when the arrow had released from the Crossbow...'

'It would pick a lucky player to kill?'

Meanwhile, at the fortified bridgehead.

UnderstandingHumanAttires were startled as he had taken Liu Zilang's arrow to the head. He was just about to peek out and ambush the player behind the jeep that had an opening.

He did not expect to see something heading towards him with his 4x Scope the moment the player behind the jeep crouched down.

'A Crossbow?'

'Who's this guy ambushing others in the dark.'


UnderstandingHumanAttire's ally, MasterFlight immediately came over and revived him as he said, \"Looks like there's more than a squad here at the bridgehead. Let's stay vigilant brother.\"

UnderstandingHumanAttires, who had just taken a hit for XXD was extremely frustrated.

In the petrol station at the fork.

Nvliu was extremely frustrated as she was about to raise her weapon and open fire when the enemy had hidden in the smokescreen. As she turned around and was about to ask Liu Zilang a question, she found out that he was longer beside her.

Then, she heard a vehicle revving behind the outer wall of the petrol station.

Liu Zilang had driven the motorcycle over and switched to the third seat before speaking to Nvliu, \"Sister 66, you drive.\"

Nvliu was getting nervous as she was tasked with such an important role. \"Huh? I... I've failed five times from the second paper.\"

'No wonder you could overturn a buggy!' Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he complained in his mind.

However, what came out from his mouth was, \"There's no time to explain, get on quickly.\"

Nvliu did not hesitate and hopped onto the three-wheeled motorcycle upon hearing his words.

\"Charge!\" Liu Zilang gave a simple order

Nvliu stepped on the pedal as they headed straight towards the smokescreen without restraint.

Behind the jeep inside the smokescreen.

There were three more seconds before XXD had successfully revived Qian Dajia.

Qian Dajia reacted immediately when they heard the motorcycle revving outside of the smokescreen. \"Forget about me and attack them!\"

\"No! Brother Jia! I won't give up on you even if we die!\" XXD stood up and the channeling was canceled.

He was shocked. \"Ahh! Why did I stand up!\"

Qian Dajia was speechless when he heard XXD's words!

\"How dare you rush in with a motorcycle. Looks like the enemy is an idiot!\" XXD immediately pulled out his weapon and rushed out of the smokescreen and screamed. \"Let me handle this Brother Jia!\"