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330 Spraining The Ankle After Getting Out Of The Vehicle!

 They encountered two players unprepared out of the blue who had just injured themselves and died on the spot...

Liu Zilang and Nvliu recovered from the shock as they immediately ran towards the two crates.

Seeing that Nvliu was a step faster to loot the crate than him, Liu Zilang immediately reminded her. \"Sister 66, we are the cause of this tragedy. They had helped us no matter how you look at it. I think we have the responsibility to let them move on peacefully.\"

\"Huh? How do you make them move on peacefully?\" Nvliu stopped as she asked.

\"You have a Molotov Cocktail, right? How about... you cremate them while I light up the incense.\"

Liu Zilang spoke as he pulled out a smoke grenade.

Nvliu's eyes twitched upon hearing her words as she thought that he was a professional player for a reason since he was being very articulate with the game.

Meanwhile, the two players that had turned into crates were blaming each other. One was accused of not knowing where to go while the other was blamed for bad driving!

They had yet to exit the game and was scolding each other from above as something bright flashed below.

There was fire at first and then the smoke came...

'What the h*ll... is going on?'

\"I think it's not because we're dumb but the enemy is simply too cunning. Look at them, they even made looting crates so complicated!\"

\"Hold up brother! Why does this look so familiar!\"

\"I think I've seen it before... Holyf*ck! Are these two b*tches holding a funeral for us?\"


The two were scolding furiously as they realized what was going on!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang had quietly moved closer to the crates while the flames were burning.

He was the first one to walk up when the fire extinguished.


'Smells good!'

Nvliu at the side grumbled out of the blue. \"Hey! Why do you think these two are so poor?\"

Liu Zilang who had just picked up a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and 8x Scope explained the moment he heard her complain. \"They probably spent most of their time helping others in PUBG and didn't have the time to find items for themselves. Their sportsmanship is simply touching!\"

\"Really...\" Nvliu was very skeptical of his words and soon realized something was amiss. \"Hey, Master Lang, where did you get your Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet?\"

\"I've been wearing it ever since I came out of the School.\"

Liu Zilang's tone sounded rather oblivious.

Nvliu was startled as she recalled for a while before shaking her head. \"Really? I didn't really study much so you better not cheat me.\"

The viewers from the live stream were speechless when they heard her words.

'If you didn't study much... then no one here would dare to say that they studied a lot at all.\"

At the same time, they were impressed with Liu Zilang's blasphemy. The speed of his hand was simply too quick!

\"GG! Vic's looting speed is extremely quick!\"

\"I heard that all men love to fondle a cat. Judging from Vic's hand speed, I'm a little bit worried of 98K.\"

\"What the f*ck! No wonder 98K is still so thin after so long. It must have been fondled my Vic all the time!\"

\"I protest! We of the cat-loving society strongly protest!\"

\"People at the top are going off topic! Aren't we supposed to be angry at Vic for lying to our Dazhou Empress?\"

Liu Zilang opened the bullet screen and realized that the community was extremely angry at him and were complaining that his actions were inhumane.

He opened his backpack and immediately said, \"Sister 66, I've just picked up a 4x Scope! I'll give it to you.\"

\"Ah... That's nice of you, but why don't you use it for now.\" Nvliu waved her hand.

Liu Zilang looked at the 8x Scope that was laying still in his backpack. \"It's fine, I'm okay with it. Really! You should use it first. Ladies first!\"

He spoke as he placed the 4x Scope on the ground.

Nvliu had no choice but to pick it up and did not forget to praise him as well. \"Not bad eh Master Lang. I didn't know you're such a gentleman. You must be... quite popular among the women in school.\"

\"Not really.\" Liu Zilang looked rather shy as he continued, \"Back when I was still a junior in high school, a group of girls would often pack breakfast for me. I didn't know which one to pick and it was quite annoying back then.\"

Nvliu was speechless...

She now had a better understanding of Liu Zilang. He was the classic type that would boast if one praised him and would have s*x with someone at the staircase!

The viewers in the live stream clearly knew that Liu Zilang still had a 8x Scope in his backpack and had agreed that his shamelessness had reached a new low.

As they finished looting the crates, the two hopped into the three-wheeled motorcycle that had been pushed over, before the blue circle caught up to them.

Although the first Safe Zone centered around Sosnovka Military Base, it was technically favored towards the left of the island.

It was a given that the shortest route was through the West Bridge. However, the situation at the bridge was unknown and they had to see it for themselves before they could decide how to cross the bridge. They had no choice but to head down to the sea if the bridge was heavily guarded.

The two drove the three-wheeled motorcycle towards the West Bridge and did not encounter any other player along the way.

As they reached the West bridgehead's petrol station at the fork, Liu Zilang parked the vehicle beside it.

\"Aren't we going to get closer?\" Nvliu asked.

The West Bridge was nothing like the East Bridge, as there was quite a distance between the petrol station and the bridgehead. It was quite far away if they stopped their vehicle at the petrol station.

Liu Zilang explained as he heard her question. \"Our vehicle will be wrecked if we get any closer.\"

Just as he finished speaking, a vehicle had appeared on the road from the east.

Although the two of them heard it, they could not attack it immediately as the outer walls of the petrol station had blocked their view and line of fire.

\"Good timing. I'll let him pave the road for us.\" Liu Zilang thought.

Then, the defense from the bridgehead came as gunshots rattled intensely!

Clank clank clank!

By the time Liu Zilang had walked across the outer wall, the sedan that was ambushed out of the blue was already smoking as sparks engulfed the entire vehicle.

It seemed that the squad in the sedan was shocked. It drifted on the side and hoped to use the horizontal car as a cover to return fire.

However, they were going too fast and they did not manage to slow down in time.

The two players in the car kneeled on the ground and turned into crates the moment they got out of the car.

It was not just Liu Zilang and Nvliu who were shocked with that stunt, the attackers at the bridgehead were startled as well.

\"Nice brother. That drift is a full mark. You can be proud of that!\"

\"It's obviously an ultimate counter kill stunt, but these two sprained their ankle the moment they got out of the car. How embarrassing!\"

In the game, the two crates laid peacefully on the ground just beside the sedan by the road.

The two players started making their move by the bridgehead.

'To loot or not to loot, that is the question!'