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329 Calm Down, Everything Was Within The Plan!

 The entire atmosphere became awkward after Liu Zilang spoke. Meanwhile, the viewers in the live stream burst out laughing.

\"I heard that you're trying to land a hand... Did you put yourself into the same situation as well?\"

\"Haha. Vic you smart*ss. Now that all of your vehicles overturned, what are you going to do about it?\"

\"I feel like all three-wheeled motorcycle driven by Vic will always flip over. Is this a part of the setting?\"

\"Vic is probably going to say that there is no three-wheeled motorcycle that he couldn't flip!\"

Inside the game, as Liu Zilang was revived, he immediately crouched down and used a first aid kit.

'Brother, I weep for you.'

Nvliu looked at the Safe Zone on the map and asked hopelessly, \"Master Lang, what do you think we should do now?\"

\"Calm down, everything is still within the plan,\" Liu Zilang said calmly.

He then took out a Frag Grenade.

Nvliu was indeed a scholar. Although she had never seen the stunt before, she was quick to realize. \"Oh... You're trying to turn the vehicle over with the blast right?\"

Liu Zilang did not reply her as he cooked the Frag Grenade in his hand for a few seconds before throwing it at the buggy.

He decided to let the truth speak instead.



A bright light flashed as thick smoke was spreading!

Dust elevated around the buggy and grass was blasted in all directions... However, that was not an important detail.

What was important was that the buggy was heading straight towards Nvliu the moment it was blasted.


Nvliu could not react in time and was knocked out by the buggy.

Nvliu who was kneeling on the ground was speechless as she asked confusingly, \"Master Lang... Is this within your calculation as well?\"

Liu Zilang was speechless.

The viewers in the live stream were stunned for a while before bursting into laughter.

\"What an amazing way to kill someone with a vehicle! Amazing!\"

\"JOJO, is this within your plan as well?\"

\"Those who are with Dazhou Assassination Department, move out. We won't retreat this time around!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang immediately ran over and revived Nvliu and apologized profusely.

However, what made him even more frustrated was that the buggy was still completely turned over and did not flip back as expected!

'What the... Do I really have to use my final resort?'

\"Master Lang, why don't I give it a try?\" Nvliu requested as she used a first aid kit.

Liu Zilang coughed as he said embarrassingly, \"I've run out of Frag Grenades. Sister 66, do you have any?\"

Nvliu looked in her backpack and asked after pondering for some time, \"Is Molotov Cocktail okay?\"

Liu Zilang was completely speechless as his eyes twitched.

'Molotov Cocktail?'

'Sister, do you really think it would flip over if you decide to barbeque it?'

\"Looks like I really have to use my last resort... sigh,\" Liu Zilang said with a deep tone.

\"You still have a last resort?\"

Nvliu felt that this junior of hers was quite mysterious all of a sudden.

'He's really crafty... No, he's really creative.'

However, she was flabbergasted by the next instance.

Liu Zilang ran straight towards the flipped three-wheeled motorcycle!

'What the h*ll... Is he going to forcefully ram it over?'

Nvliu was completely flabbergasted when she realized it!

As Liu Zilang approached the motorcycle, he immediately stood up and collided into it.

A faint thud could be heard reverberating in the air!

Naturally, nothing happened. The overturned three-wheeled motorcycle did not budge at all!

Nvliu asked uncertainly, \"Um... Master Lang? Is there such a mechanic in the game?\"

Liu Zilang pondered for a moment and responded seriously. \"This is a sandbox game and anything is possible since it uses the most realistic physics engine. Sister 66, come help me out.\"

\"Is this real?\"

Nvliu was in disbelief but she went over regardless.

The viewers from the live stream watched these two run towards the car, banging on it...

\"GG. Why do I feel like I'm watching two idiots trying to move a mountain!\"

\"Vic this idiot is up to something again. If they manage to flip the vehicle over, I'll sh*t while doing a handstand!\"

\"Brothers, you should get prepared then. I recall seeing someone push a jeep with this method.\"

The guy who mentioned about passing stools earlier stuttered when he saw the bullet screen.

'Are you serious?'

'It must be a lie!'

However, what happened next made him sigh in relief.

In the game, the two of them kept trying for a long time but the flipped three-wheeled motorcycle did not budge at all.

Gradually, Liu Zilang started panicking...

'This can't be right!'

'This isn't how it's supposed to be!'

'Something's lacking... there's definitely something lacking.'

As he pondered, he heard a motorcycle revving over the hill north of them!

\"Sister 66, someone's coming!\"

Liu Zilang shouted as he immediately called Nvliu who was already in the habit of banging the vehicle.

He then determined their locations by ear and stared at the north of the hill where they came from.

Liu Zilang was shocked!

This was because he could vaguely hear that the vehicle was heading towards them.

Then, a three-wheeled motorcycle appeared behind the hill as it revved!

The two players in the three-wheeled motorcycle were shocked when they saw Liu Zilang and Nvliu standing by the hill!


\"Someone's here! Turn around!\"

They made a sharp turn out of the blue and headed towards their left!

The player on the third seat raised his weapon and fired at them!

Liu Zilang was about to return fire but his eyes twitched when he watched on!

The three-wheeled motorcycle had rammed into Liu Zilang's three-wheeled motorcycle that had flipped over in the bush and the entire vehicle flew up along with the passengers.

\"What the f*ck! There's an ambush here!\"

The two were shocked!


The three-wheeled motorcycle flipped.

The two players in the motorcycle were ejected out as their legs crossed with each other.

Then, the motorcycle slid from behind and rammed into them.

They died on the spot...

What was worth noting was that Liu Zilang's motorcycle was turned over by this impact.

The viewers from the live stream were stunned as they watched the miraculous scene!

\"What the f*ck... That just happened!\"

\"Are these two actors invited by Vic? Their acting is way too realistic.\"

\"I'm super impressed with their acting skills. They should have an additional chicken for dinner tonight!\"

\"Speaking of which, the brother who wanted to pass stools, it's showtime!\"

\"What the f*ck! You're forcing the situation. It wasn't Vic that turned the vehicle over.\"

\"You didn't say who's going to ram it over. Stop pushing it away and get it going! Everyone needs to eat their meal after this.\"

\"GG... brother at the front, you seem to be very into it...\"

In the game, Liu Zilang and Nvliu were dazed for a moment before regaining their senses.

\"Master Lang, is this within your plan as well?\" Nvliu teased.

Liu Zilang was quiet for a moment before nodding his head. \"Yes. Everything is according to God's will and some people require a little assistance.\"