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328 I, Qin Shihuang, Shall Take The Last Hit!

 Inside the swimming pool.

Nvliu screamed as the intense rattling gunshots fell upon her!

The battle started instantly...

It ended instantly as well!

\"ErzaScarlet knocked out Chi66 with UMP9!\"

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he saw the Killer Notification that came out of the blue.

'You've got knocked out way too quickly!'

Inside the swimming pool, Nvliu immediately screamed at the enemies. \"Hey you two gentlemen, I've nothing on me. Please let me go.\"

The guy that knocked out Nvliu responded with a serious tone, \"Where's your friend? Be honest!\"

\"Huh? Friend? I don't have any friends!\" Nvliu acted oblivious as she wanted to cover for Liu Zilang.

The other player burst out laughing. \"You're treating us two as fools! You'd already be dead if you didn't have a teammate... I see you're not the honest type, why don't we just kill her now.\"

\"Don't don't!\" Nvliu panicked when she heard him and immediately introduced herself. \"Hey brother. I'm Nvliu, Douyu's 66.\"

\"Douyu's 66? Never heard of it,\" one man said.

\"How about Dazhou Empress?\" Nvliu emphasized as she was very desperate to stay alive.

However, what she said had invited a critical blow!

\"Dazhou Empress? If that's the case then I'm Qin Shihuang!\"

\"I, Qin Shihuang, shall take the last hit!\"


The two of them burst into laughter as they seemed to be amused by their own joke.

Then, the person who had knocked Nvliu out said, \"Call your friend over to save you now or we will do the honors instead.\"

\"Oh right! Make sure he gathers more items before he arrives.\" The other man reminded her.

The two of them were on the second floor of the swimming pool as each of them covered one staircase. They were not worried at all since they did not hear any footsteps.

However, one of them widened their eyes when they realized what happened next.

A moment ago, he did not spot anyone when he passed by the window on the second floor from the swimming pool's first floor.

However, A figure suddenly appeared just outside the window when he turned around and he was aiming at his head with the pitch-black muzzle.

'What the... h*ll?'

\"Holysh*t. There's someone here!\"

The person screamed as blood erupted out of his head and then instantly fell to the ground.

\"What? There's nobody here!\" The other player looked down the staircase as he spoke.

As he heard the gunshot and turned around, he saw his teammate that had fallen down and Liu Zilang crouching by the window frame like an assassin.

'What the f*ck... Are you joking?'

He panicked as he immediately pulled out his gun and attempted to return fire.

However, Liu Zilang's movement was so swift that he had already pulled the trigger.

Bullets whizzed across the building as the muzzle flashed!

First was his chest. Then, his shoulder and finally his head... Blood started erupting out from his body.

\"Vic123 knocked out SirDragonTwo with M16A4!\"

\"Vic123 killed ErzaScarlet by headshot with M16A4!\"

\"4 Kills!\"

Countless viewers from the live stream were shocked. They were not shocked by the double kill Liu Zilang had just delivered. This was because everyone would be able to achieve this if they ambushed them similarly as well.

The key was how Liu Zilang got up there.

It was as one had guessed!

Liu Zilang sprinted along at the edge of the main building, jumped, and landed on the window on the second floor of the swimming pool.

The viewers from the live stream were in disbelief...

'This is too f*cking cunning!'

\"GG... Master Lang's Light Body Technique is overpowered.\"

\"Reported this lying streamer. You're obviously playing Assassin's Creed.\"

\"Those from the Dazhou Assassination Department should just retreat. This man... is someone out of your league.\"

As an ultimate escort, Liu Zilang's leap of faith had silenced the conspiracy discussion in the live stream.

As he looted the crates swiftly, he instantly ran towards Nvliu and revived her. They then proceeded to loot the crates together happily.

\"Huh? These two people are dirt poor! I remember seeing one of their weapons having a 4x Scope.\" Nvliu was frustrated as she searched their crates.

\"Is that so?\" Liu Zilang took off the 4x Scope from his weapon as he spoke with a straight face and immediately explained. \"I heard that equipment may shatter and disappear when a player dies in this patch.\"

\"Is there such a setting?\" Nvliu was surprised.

Nvliu spent most of her time on console games and would occasionally play PUBG.

\"Yes.\" Liu Zilang helped her analyze the situation. \"But I think this is a bug.\"

\"Huh? That sounds possible.\" Nvliu pondered.

The fans watching the live stream was so speechless with Liu Zilang's act.

\"Holysh*t! This is way too cruel. He'd even thrown away his moral compass just to keep the 4x Scope!\"

\"Moral compass? You're trying to talk about moral compass with Vic? I'm sorry that term doesn't exist in his dictionary.\"

\"He's a liar and a leecher! My Dazhou... she's a goner!\"

\"What are you guys doing? Bring out your notes quick! This might be useful if we have a girl in our squad.\"

\"Do you know the pain of giving equipment away to a girl even if you don't want to?\"

After a series of events, the two scoured the rest of the School and walked out of it successfully.

It felt exactly like a school bully!

The first Safe Zone had already spawned and it centered around Sosnovka Military Base. Since they had glided from high above to this area, there was nobody else in the puzzle building except for the two squads that landed in the School.

Speaking of which, no one had any idea what these two squads were thinking when they had to compete with two school bullies in this area.

As the School's resources were more than enough for two players, these two had everything they needed - armor, helmets, weapons, throwables, and consumables.

The only thing they were lacking was a high magnification scope.

In this match, there was no other high magnification scope other than the 4x Scope which Liu Zilang had hidden away.

However, it was obviously not Liu Zilang's style to scour the puzzle building just for a high magnification scope.

Excluding the fact that they might not be able to find it there, they were currently very far away from the Safe Zone. If they were to be stuck at the bridge later, they would die from being outside the blue circle if they dragged on for too long.

Hence, the two of them discussed and decided to run away from the blue circle and decide from there. Nvliu looked around the School's surroundings.

\"Master Lang, there's a buggy and a three-wheeled motorcycle over there. Let's take them.\"

\"Sure no problem. Sister 66, which one do you want to drive?\" Liu Zilang asked.

Nvliu smiled and replied without any hesitation, \"I'll drive the buggy. It's my go-to car.\"

Naturally, Liu Zilang had nothing to refute.

Hence, they hopped into the vehicles and headed straight towards the Safe Zone that was south of them.

Along the journey, Liu Zilang pondered about the situation by the bridge. He decided that he would find a boat if someone was on the bridge and would simply drive over if nobody was there.

Just as he had a plan in mind, Nvliu screamed from behind. \"Ahh! I've flipped my car. Master Lang, please save me quickly.\"

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched and felt extremely frustrated as he turned around and saw the buggy that had been completely overturned.

'What happened to this is your go-to car...'

\"I'll sit in your vehicle,\" Nvliu said embarrassingly.

\"No need for that.\" Liu Zilang waved his hand. \"Sister 66 can you move to one side? I'll turn it back up.\"

\"Huh? Wouldn't that be too troublesome?\"

\"There's nothing troublesome about it... Just lending a hand.\"

Just as Liu Zilang finished speaking, he drove his three-wheeled motorcycle towards the buggy.

The moment both vehicles made contact, the three-wheeled motorcycle tilted and flew.

Both vehicles overturned.

Liu Zilang was thrown out of the three-wheeled motorcycle and was crushed underneath it. He groaned immediately and fell to the ground.

'What the f*ck...'

Liu Zilang was extremely speechless.

He let out a dry cough as he stared at Nvliu who was completely shocked by what she had just seen.

\"Sister 66... About that... Can you come and lift me up?\"