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327 Master Lang The Foot Massage Expert!

 Bang bang bang!


Liu Zilang had jumped through the skylight the moment the gunshot rang behind him.

However, he still took two shots in the butt and his health had chipped off again.

\"GG! I think he's going to die before he's able to show his skill. What an exciting moment!\"

\"You'll drop a med kit at most if you die. Stop the pointless struggle and accept your fate, Vic!\"

\"Douyu's \"One Carry One? This match is probably going to be my Dazhou Empress carrying Vic to his chicken dinner!\"

\"Poor 66 for your teammate has already gone offline. Where's my Dazhou God of War JJ?\"

The viewers from the live stream started arranging his funeral when they saw the scene...

In the game, two enemies immediately rushed over when they saw Liu Zilang jumping through the skylight.

\"After him brother!\"

\"Don't worry. He's definitely dead!\"

The two of them jumped through the skylight together one after the other.

They were flabbergasted when they landed.

This was because they did not land in the lecture hall after they had jumped through the skylight. Instead, they cramped together and were stuck in the skylight.

They could not get down nor get up!

'What the... hell is going on?'


\"F*ck. Why are you so fat? We're stuck now!\"

\"F*ck you! Why didn't you say I was fat last night then?\"


As the two were blaming each other, they noticed something was wrong.

\"Hey hey! It's my fault okay. Stop hitting me!\" One man said furiously. \"Why are you still hitting me? I'm going to hit you back!\"

\"Stop stop. I didn't hit you at all...\" The other one said confusingly.

Thud thud!

The punching sound then rang in their ears again.

Both of them were shocked and were at a loss for words when they looked down.

There was someone underneath the skylight and they were stuck while standing on his shoulder.

\"Hehehe... Technician69 at your service.\" Liu Zilang smiled at them creepily.

He raised up his fist and started giving them \"foot massages\"...

'F*cking h*ll... are you serious!'

The player without a weapon who was stuck at the skylight regained his senses and wanted to punch back as he watched his health dropping steadily.

However, since the two of them were stuck at the skylight, he could not even crouch down and obviously could not even punch back at all.

He scolded out loud after a few attempts. \"What is this broken game! Why can't I use my legs!\"

\"Calm down! Let me try!\" His friend beside him took his pistol out and tried his best to aim below him accurately.

He fired a few rounds and realized that he could not even aim at where Liu Zilang was standing.

The two of them felt extremely helpless!

After a while, two Killer Notifications appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen.

\"Vic123 killed PunchYourChestWithMyLittleFists with punch!\"

\"Vic123 killed BeGood With punch!\"

\"2 Kills!\"

A double kill... with just his fist?

Nvliu who was still running towards the School was shocked when she saw the Killer Notifications!

\"You you you... Did they not have any weapons?\" Nvliu was in disbelief.

\"One of them had a pistol,\" Liu Zilang replied honestly. \"The other didn't.\"

\"Wow! That's amazing!\" Nvliu was very surprised as she asked with a smile on her face, \"Are you a martial artist?\"

\"I only know a little bit.\" Liu Zilang acted humble. \"Sister 66, why don't you just call me Master Lang from now on.\"

Nvliu was speechless...

The viewers from the live stream who had seen everything could not stand it anymore when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

\"Pfft! How shameless!\"

\"GG! Master Lang? It sorts of fits you!\"

\"Hahaha. I bet those two wouldn't dare to jump through this skylight anymore. Vic is amazing!\"

\"Unfair! We've all undergone education for nine years. How dare you go for extra classes secretly!\"

\"Oh right! Didn't Vic say that he's Technician69? Can I know what a technician is in general?\"

\"Ahem... this depends on what kind of technician you are. It's hard to tell what kind Vic is.\"

Liu Zilang was annoyed as he saw what was happening in his live stream. This bunch did not seem to know what to focus on.

Liu Zilang immediately looted the only item, the pistol, in the two crates, as he recalled that there was another squad in the School. He listened for footsteps carefully as he headed into the lecture hall to scout for more items.

Although Nvliu was speechless earlier, she felt that Master Lang was very easy to call out. Hence, when she reached the school, she asked, \"Master Lang, is there anyone else in the School?\"

\"I've left two of them for you to handle,\" Liu Zilang said as he picked up an M16.

\"Ah... How nice of you.\" Nvliu laughed wryly. \"I think... There's no need for that, right?\"

\"Hahaha, 66 is panicking! What happened to being adept in both the sword and the pen my dear Dazhou Empress?\"

\"It's good enough that the Empress has appeared on the battlefield. You greedy bunch wants my Empress to stain her hands?\"

Liu Zilang was stunned and regained his senses as he looked at the bullet screens from his live stream.

Nvliu did say that she was second to none in the pen and sword and Liu Zilang thought she meant it.

It looked like that was simply not the case...

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough. \"No problem. Sister 66 why don't you scour the swimming pool. There's nobody there and let me handle these small fries.\"

Nvliu was extremely touched upon hearing Liu Zilang's words. 'Look at him... He knows how to behave in the right moment!'

'My Royal Dazhou is lacking people of your ski... talent!'

Liu Zilang did not know that the Empress had set her eyes on her just by saying that to her.

Meanwhile, he was adventuring inside the School's main building.

As Liu Zilang landed earlier, he vaguely spotted a two-man squad that landed at the west of the main building. They should be, theoretically speaking, situated near the indoor basketball court.

However, just as he came from the floor below, the entire area was extremely quiet and he could not hear a single movement.


Liu Zilang took a deep breath and was extremely frustrated as he feared that he had encountered campers!

Liu Zilang felt that he would be able to prepare himself if he could hear some footsteps if the hot-tempered enemies were waiting for him.

He was scared of them lying prone on the ground or crouching at the corner of the wall the moment he enters the room.

He would die a pointless death!

Liu Zilang pondered on the first floor as he decided to change his clearing-the-area strategy to surveying from higher ground.

He then walked up the stairs swiftly and headed straight towards the rooftop on the west of the main building.

Just as he reached the rooftop, he heard Nvliu screaming!

\"Ah! Master Lang! Why are there people here in the swimming pool?\"


Liu Zilang was shocked as well and immediately said, \"Hold on Sister 66, I'm coming!\"

The viewers in the live stream started panicking.

\"2333. Will my Dazhou Empress be sacrificed to Heaven so early in the game?\"

\"It's murder! This is definitely a murder! Vic that *sshole said that there was no one in the swimming pool.\"

\"Is there anyone from Dazhou Assassination Department here in the live stream? Please make an arrangement to Master Lang.\"