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326 The Dazhou Empress Six Zetian!

 Title Translator's Note: A wordplay from the character Wu Zetian as Wu in Chinese can mean five as well. Wu Zetian, alternatively named Wu Zhao, Wu Hou, during the later Tang dynasty as Tian Hou, in English as Empress Consort Wu or by the deprecated term \"Empress Wu\", was a Chinese sovereign who ruled unofficially as empress consort and officially as Regent and empress dowager and officially as empress regnant during the brief Zhou dynasty, which interrupted the Tang dynasty. Wu was the sole officially recognized empress regnant of China in more than two millennia.

\"Best Scholar in the Province.\"

\"An undergraduate from Shuimu University.\"

\"Postgraduate student from Yanshan University.\"

\"An exchange student in Taiwan...\"

Liu Zilang was shocked as these words flashed across his eyes. This woman was literally the backbone of the streaming industry!

They greeted and started talking to each other as they got to know each other better.

When she came online, Liu Zilang added her into his squad.

\"So are you still studying in Jianghai University?\" Nvliu was shocked as she laughed. \"You're advancing both your skill and studies at the same time. That's amazing!\"

Liu Zilang was embarrassed. \"I'm nowhere near your level Sister 66.\"

\"Haiya. Stop being humble.\" Nvliu smiled. \"Our talents are slightly different. I'm not as talented as you in eSports. How about this, since you're in your first year of university, I'll call you junior...\"

\"Oh right, how old are you?\" Nvliu was curious.

\"My age?\" Liu Zilang questioned back casually.

\"Yes... Huh?\" Nvliu was startled as she said shockingly, \"Wow... Junior you're so sudden that I couldn't keep up with you.\"

\"There's no such thing, I'm just trying to confirm it.\" Liu Zilang immediately replied, \"I'm eighteen this year.\"

\"Aiya! What a coincidence...\"

\"Sister 66 is eighteen as well?\"

\"Not bad kiddo. You're great in inferencing.\"


The two of them smiled as they spoke, and the game threw them into the Spawn Area.

Nvliu seemed to have recalled something as she asked him, \"Oh right, I heard that Douyu's \"One Carry One\" event tonight has a reward. They will gift us super fireworks if we're able to get a chicken dinner.\"

\"Chicken dinner?\" Liu Zilang rubbed his chin. \"That requirement is too low. Sister 66 you should be pretty skilled, right?\"

\"Of course,\" Nvliu said happily. \"As the Dazhou Empress, I'm naturally above everyone else when it comes to pens and swords.\"

\"Dazhou Empress... How bold!\"

Liu Zilang was shocked. \"Since we're playing duo-mode together, why don't you give me an official title?\"

The viewers from the live stream spammed the bullet screen when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

\"GG! Vic is literally flirting with the Empress. If this was during the ancient era, it would be a proposal!\"

\"66, please don't be blinded by this b*stard or else Dazhou's foundation will crumble!\"

\"You should make him a general manager of Eastern Depot's Central Government. What do you guys think?\"

\"I'm fine with it. Perfectly fine!\"

Nvliu pondered for a moment. \"Since Dazhou God of War was given to Paopao, how about... I give you the title Dazhou Royal Armed Guard.\"

\"Royal Armed Guard? Doesn't sound aggressive at all...\" Liu Zilang thought. \"It's got to be at least General, no?\"

\"Wow! Junior you're trying to become a General without proving your worth,\" Nvliu said furiously.

\"Alright alright alright. Sister 66 just you watch, I'll show you what I'm capable of,\" Liu Zilang smiled as he spoke.

The two of them talked as the countdown in the Spawn Area ended and everyone boarded the airplane.

After they had boarded, Liu Zilang opened the map to look at the flight route as he heard a strange superimposed female voice.

\"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hua Xia's Chicken Dinner Airline. I'm your chief steward, Li Yunlong!

\"Kindly place your table upright...\"

Liu Zilang felt something was weird when he heard the voice.

Nvliu on the other hand was laughing uncontrollably. \"Wow! Since when was this voice pack in trend? Looks like we've encountered Brother Yunlong of the Independent Squad again.\"

\"Li Yunlong? Oh! It's that spaghetti guy...\" Liu Zilang laughed as he recalled of Zhang Xiaotong.

The plane had flown out of the horizon by the time he looked at the flight route. \"Sister 66, you can decide where we land.\"

\"What's there to decide. Since we're both scholars, we're definitely landing in School,\" Nvliu said domineeringly.

The School was a spot where one was guaranteed a weapon. No one would believe it if one were to land at the School and not obtain a weapon.

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips started twitching vaguely when he heard Nvliu's words.

This was because the flight route started from the bottom right of the map and ended at the top left of the map. In between, it would pass by the south of Primorsk, Georgopol, and the Ruins. They would need to glide in the sky for quite a while if they were to land in School.

Since he had told Nvliu to pick a spot to land, he had no reason to regret his decision. He had no choice but to glide over toward School when they were above the south of Primorsk.

When they were there, the sky was clouded by parachutes. This made Liu Zilang believe that the School was a good choice.

Then came the long glide toward their destination.

In the sky, Liu Zilang held onto W to move forward. Since he had been playing for a long time, he could control his descending speed and direction at a very precise level.

However, they realized there were two squads gliding toward the School alongside them.

'Hehe, looks like this landing won't be that boring.'

Players like Liu Zilang found it extremely boring if all he did was scour for items the moment he landed.

As Liu Zilang was pondering how to cooperate with Nvliu to deal with the two squads the moment they landed, he turned around and was speechless to see that Nvliu was running toward the School from the dragon inn.

'Sister 66... Why did you land there?\"

\"Ahem... About that...\" Nvliu was embarrassed but she remained calm and explained, \"I got caught in strong turbulence earlier and had no choice but to land prematurely.\"

'Strong turbulence? A premature landing?

'Hmmm... A logical reason and practically impossible to refute!'

Liu Zilang's expression was gloomy as he rated Nvliu's parachuting skills in his mind.

Since it had happened, he had no choice but to glide toward the School on his own.

Liu Zilang would often land on the rooftop of the main building at the eastern part of the School. That was because he would be able to jump down to the lecture hall from the sky if he could not find a weapon on the rooftop.

One could say that he would be able to make an offensive or defensive move there.

He did his usual thing in this match.

However, he heard two parachutes fall down the moment he landed.

It seemed that someone had landed beside him.

Liu Zilang took a deep breath as he immediately surveyed his surroundings.

There was a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, a Level Two Police Vest, rifle attachments, a med kit, and so on...

Of all the things present, there was not a single weapon at all!

'Whatever. I should snatch it first and move on from there.'

He moved swiftly and picked up the med kit before putting it inside his backpack.

However, just as he was about to pick up the Level Two Military Vest, someone punched him furiously on his butt.

He groaned as his health dropped.

'A brawl match?

'Who's scared of who!'

Liu Zilang turned around and treated his enemy's head as a punching bag.

Unfortunately, the enemy was much more agile as he turned around and ran away after touching his butt.

'What the h*ll!'

Liu Zilang crooked his lips.

As he was about to chase after the enemy, the latter's ally had found a pistol somewhere as he ran toward them while reloading the pistol.

Perhaps he could win against an armed pistol with his fist but Liu Zilang did not want to risk it. It would be too embarrassing for him to turn into a crate while carrying Nvliu.

Hence, he decided to play safe and immediately ran toward the skylight.

The two enemies on the rooftop followed up quickly as they wanted to kill Liu Zilang to avoid any uncertainty from biting them back!