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325 Boiling Lolis With Milk And The Negative Influence Of A Scholar!

 Liu Zilang kept the cutlery away after they were done eating.

As he had the skills, it was very easy and convenient for him to clean up everything.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaotong had gone to the bathroom to fill up the water as she wanted to shower.

Misaka Mikoto seemed to have realized her mistake as she ran back to her room and took out two bottles of milk-like containers before heading to Zhang Xiaotong's room discreetly.

The two ladies soon walked out of their room and headed toward the bathroom.

Zhang Xiaotong's face was very red and seemed rather embarrassed.

\"Are you guys showering together?\"

Liu Zilang casually asked as he was about to enter his room.

\"Yes yes!\" Misaka Mikoto replied excitedly.

Zhang Xiaotong's face became even redder as she immediately turned around and headed straight into her room.

However, Misaka Mikoto held onto her hand tightly and stopped her.

Although she was a few years older than Zhang Xiaotong, she acted like a spoiled child as she tried to convince Zhang Xiaotong, \"Come one! Let's bath together Xiaotong-chan!\"

Zhang Xiaotong gave in to Misaka Mikoto's persistence as she nodded with her red face.

Liu Zilang then realized the two bottles of milk in Misaka Mikoto's hands as he could not hold in his laughter. \"Is that local milk from Japan? Huh? Why are there only two bottles of them? Don't you know how to treat your Shifu better.\"

Misaka Mikoto was startled and started laughing uncontrollably upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

Zhang Xiaotong raised her head up and gave him a weird look.

After some explanation, Liu Zilang finally understood that the milk was not meant to be drunk. It was meant to be used for bathing.

At that instant, the entire atmosphere became extremely awkward as Liu Zilang coughed.

\"Shifu knows that it's used for bathing. Are women the only ones allowed to take care of their bodies? Can't Shifu take care of his body?

\"Are men, not allowed to treat themselves better?\"

He shook his head and sighed as he calmly turned around and went straight to his room before locking the door.

Liu Zilang cringed instantly afterward.

'What the h*ll... That's embarrassing.

'That idiotic disciple!

'Why does bathing have to be so complicated for her?'

However, Liu Zilang had unconsciously imagined Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto bathing together inside the bathtub filled with white milk as the entire place was filled with hot air...

'What's this called... boiling lolis with milk?'

He shook his head as he erased those lewd images from his head. Liu Zilang then switched on his computer as he prepared for his live stream.

Before he went live, he went to the forums and was welcomed with news of PUBG Asia's Qualifier that had happened earlier that day.

\"Shocking News! The Black Masked Captain Appears In Today's Tournament. His Real Identity Is...\"

\"The Legend Lives And The Legend Is Still Young! Your Best Friend Victor Has Returned!\"

\"The Return Of The Gifted! Will He Rise Above Glory Or Fall To Despair Once More. Hupu eSports Invites You To Witness It Together!\"

\"The Best Blade Comes From Years Of Grinding! The Black Masked Captain Shows Off His Chicken Dinner With 26 Kills! His Hardships For The Past Six Months Revealed!\"

Liu Zilang cringed and closed the forums the moment he saw the last one. \"Hardships\"... They made it sound like he had gone deep into a tiger's cave to train himself.

He opened his channel and started his live stream.

His fans who had subscribed to his live stream received a notification from their App which stated, 'The streamer you've subscribed to, Vic123 has started his live stream. The room title is \"You Guys Haven't Seen Me For The Entire Afternoon. Do You Miss Me?\"'

Liu Zilang's subscriber count had surpassed one million after the tournament that afternoon. Since his identity had been exposed, Douyu's super admin, SharkChilli, had placed his livesteam on the front page of Douyu shortly after he went online.

It seemed that Douyu had been observing him as well.

It did not stop there. Liu Zilang was soon flooded with a lot of private messages from his fans. There was a system notification among them as well.

Liu Zilang opened it and realized that it was the manager in charge of Douyu's PUBG Section. He asked if Liu Zilang was interested in doing his live stream in another Section.

Although it was the same platform, it was clear that there was hidden internal competition among Douyu's Sections. Since Liu Zilang's live stream revolved around PUBG, it was a given that they would extend the invitation.

Since Liu Zilang had signed a contract with the Attractive Section and he never liked anything troublesome, it was a given that he would ignore it.

Naturally, it was more important to emphasize that his live stream was more suited in the Attractive Section ever since he had revealed his face...

Not long after Liu Zilang had started his streaming, his view count rose up to seven hundred thousand.

The bullet screen had skyrocketed as well.

\"GG! The superstar has begun his live stream. Those who aren't fans of him please stand behind.\"

\"I'm new and I want to know if this is the black masked captain, Victor's live stream?\"

\"Get lost! There's no black masked Victor here. There's only Vic, the chicken king in the Attractive Section!\"

\"Amazing performance in the tournament this afternoon! However, I don't really understand the reverse chicken dinner stunt. Can Vic come out and explain it to me?\"

\"Explain? There's no such thing. My Vic doesn't need to explain his actions to anyone.\"

\"Those who understood it will get it instantly. It's the same principle as getting struck by lightning in the middle of rain.\"

\"Hey the guy in front of me, I smell a story. Mind sharing it with us?\"


Liu Zilang was speechless as he had yet to switch on his game and these people were picking up the pace.

Then, his phone started ringing.

It was the manager of the Attractive Section.

He picked up the phone and was informed that Douyu had a \"One Carry One\" event for PUBG that night. He was asked if he was interested in participating in it.

As he had still had a tournament to play the next day, Liu Zilang did not have the motivation to gain more points. Hence, he accepted it after some brief pondering.

However, the Attraction Section's manager created suspense for him when Liu Zilang asked who his partner would be.

All the manager said was that he would find out when he joined the YY.

He would know when he received an invitation from YY.

After a while, he received a YY invitation and was pulled into an encrypted channel.

\"Hello how are you. Hehe, are you Vic?\" A voice of an opposite gender came.

Liu Zilang was startled. 'She's a girl?'

'That can't be right... she sounds more like an older lady.'

Liu Zilang responded skeptically, \"Hello I'm Vic. You are...\"

\"Wow. Did Douyu not tell you who I am?\" The opponent joked. \"It's a bit low for me to introduce myself to you. You can call me 66.\"

\"Nice to meet you Sister 66,\" Liu Zilang replied politely as he read the intel from the bullet screen.

\"GG! Isn't that the Nvliu from the Console Section?\"

\"Nvliu? Do you mean that unattached thirty-year-old Dazhou Empress?\"

\"Brother above me. I think you're done living in my world revolving Dazhou. Throw him out and execute him!\"

\"I remember now. I think it's Douyu's \"One Carry One\" event tonight. I didn't expect Vic to match up with 66.\"

\"Interesting... I wonder if Lord Zhuang and Dazhou's God of War YJJ will participate.\"

Liu Zilang could not understand a single sentence in the bullet screen even though the bullet screen was very riled up at the moment. He did not know those nicknames such as \"unattached thirty-year-old\" or \"Dazhou Empress\"...

He could not hold in his curiosity as he Baidu searched her. He was so shocked that his eyes widened...

'She's a f*cking super scholar!'