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324 The Freshly Cooked Spaghetti

 However, it was reasonable after he thought about it.

When Liu Zilang first knew Misaka Mikoto, he was living in Se7en Recreational Club's base. His everyday lifestyle was your typical gaming addict's.

No wonder Misaka Mikoto had that impression of him.

He then stopped contacting Misaka Mikoto after he retired and disappeared from the professional scene.

No one would know for sure if they would meet again if not for the tournament. Misaka Mikoto, naturally, did not know much about Liu Zilang returning.

It did not need much explanation as well since she would know when the time came.

As Liu Zilang led her to her room, he went out so that she could settle down.

He then headed toward Zhang Xiaotong's room and knocked on her door.

\"Knock knock!\"

After a while, Zhang Xiaotong opened the door indifferently.

\"Uhh...\" Liu Zilang shook his head and asked, \"Have you eaten?\"

He felt dumb the moment those words left his mouth.

Zhang Xiaotong lowered her head as she looked to the ground. It felt like she was about to shut the door...

Liu Zilang immediately acted seriously. \"Ahem... I have something to tell you.\"

Zhang Xiaotong raised her head up and looked at Liu Zilang as his tone changed.

\"She's actually my disciple,\" Liu Zilang said calmly.

\"Disciple?\" Zhang Xiaotong was rather shocked.

Liu Zilang laughed out of the blue as he asked, \"Did you watch the tournament this afternoon?\"

Zhang Xiaotong pouted as she wanted to deny it but she nodded her head gently.

Liu Zilang let out a sigh of relief. \"Then you should know what I've been doing in the past. I knew her back then. Oh right, she's into anime as well.\"

Zhang Xiaotong's eyes lit up the moment she heard Liu Zilang's words.

Misaka Mikoto then walked out of her room as she had finished settling down. She immediately ran over to Zhang Xiaotong and bowed the moment she saw her.

\"Xiaotong-chan, I'll be in your care!\"

\"He... Hello!\"

Zhang Xiaotong who was leaning against the door frame stuttered as she looked at Liu Zilang for help.

Although she was able to talk to her fans that she did not know of through her live stream, she was a little girl who had just gotten into year three. She still lacked experience in conversing with strangers in real life.

Liu Zilang shrugged as he smiled. \"Since the housekeeping aunty is on leave today, you two talk while I cook some noodles.\"

\"Oh right Mikoto, are you okay with Ramen?\"

Misaka Mikoto smiled as her eyes turned into two crescent moons and gave a thumb of approval. \"Sugoi[1]! Shifu's noodle must be amazing!\"

Liu Zilang smiled as he walked away.

After walking two steps away, he turned around and looked at them.

Zhang Xiaotong who stood blindly by the door reacted swiftly and brought Misaka Mikoto into her room.


Liu Zilang could hear vague laughter from the room before the water in the kitchen started boiling. It was obvious that friendships between young girls are built faster.

Liu Zilang smiled and shook his head as he headed back into the kitchen.

When the noodles were done, Liu Zilang stood in the kitchen and shouted as Zhang Xiaotong's door creaked open.

The two laughed as they walked out of the room, and they seemed to be talking about anime.

Zhang Xiaotong's face was flushed red, and she looked annoyed whereas Misaka Mikoto was laughing happily.

Liu Zilang could vaguely hear the names Kirino Kosaka and Kasugano Sora... [2]

'Who are those... anime characters?'

Liu Zilang was confused as he cleaned up the table. He then noted them down and would search them up once they had finished eating.

He wanted to know more about them as he could talk to Zhang Xiaotong on similar topics in the future...

As Liu Zilang placed down the cutlery, he sat down and laughed. \"Come. Come try out this freshly cooked spaghetti.\"

Zhang Xiaotong stood still and looked at him as her lips twitched.


Misaka Mikoto, on the other hand, looked extremely surprised. \"Sugoi! Shifu!\"

Liu Zilang crooked his lips because he did not expect the idiotic disciple of his to believe him.

It was obviously tomato and egg noodle!

He held back his laughter. \"Yes. However, this spaghetti is slightly different from the ones you've encountered in the past.\"

\"Huh? What's the difference?\"

Misaka Mikoto blinked curiously.

\"Ahem.\" Liu Zilang let out a dry cough as he spoke with a serious tone, \"This spaghetti is inherited from our ancestors. Only our comrades are able to taste it...\"


Zhang Xiaotong could not hold it in any longer while she was eating and two strands of noodles came out of her nostrils.

Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto turned around and looked at her simultaneously when they heard her.

They were stunned by what they saw!

Zhang Xiaotong was shocked and immediately covered her nose with both her hands. Her face was so red that she looked like she was on the verge of crying.

She immediately stood up and ran toward the sink.

She kept muttering angrily as she walked, \"B*stard! I hope you die! Go die a hundred deaths!\"

Liu Zilang was speechless when she heard it. This girl had been cold and arrogant in the past but she had never been angry at him before.

It looked like she was angered this time.

After he thought about it, it was really embarrassing for someone her age to spit out noodles from their nose in front of a friend they had just met!

However, Liu Zilang was planning to tease his idiotic disciple. He did not expect the girl's sense of humor to be so low and for her to pay so much attention at the side...

After some time, Zhang Xiaotong came back from the sink.

Her expression was cold but her face was as red as a tomato, this gave off a rather imbalanced vibe.

Liu Zilang had placed a new set of cutlery and a bowl of noodles for Zhang Xiaotong when she went to clean herself up.

He wanted to tell her something but he did not know how to start the conversation...

Zhang Xiaotong ate slowly and in small portions after she sat down.

It looked like she was eating extremely cautiously.

In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the dining table became extremely awkward.

Misaka Mikoto glanced discreetly at Liu Zilang and then at Zhang Xiaotong at the side before speaking to the latter with a smile on her face, \"Hehe. It's fine. It happened to be very often in the past.\"

Liu Zilang was extremely relieved when he heard it.

His idiotic disciple really knew what to say at times like such...

It was very obvious that Zhang Xiaotong cared about her image in front of her new friend. She immediately put a smile on the petite face of hers and asked anxiously, \"Really?\"

\"Yes yes.\" Misaka Mikoto nodded sincerely.

She then placed a finger on her head as she recalled. \"I think it's when I was around seven... Ah, wait no, I think it's when I was six. Aiya! I can't remember...\"

Zhang Xiaotong lowered her head slowly when she heard her.

Liu Zilang at the side twitched his eyes as he lowered his head down as well.

Misaka Mikoto was the only one that was struggling blindly and did not seem to realize what she had just said...


[1] Sugoi means amazing in Japanese

[2] Kirino Kosaka is a character from the anime Oreimo whereas Kasugano Sora is a character from the game Yosuga No Sora