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322 Shifu Opens The Path Part 3

 Stadium Jianghai.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming spoke with a smile on his face.

\"Alright. We've countered the points and today in our solo match, the one who ranks at the top and wins the title Solo King Killing God is...\"

Su Changming paused for a moment just to increase the suspense.

This made countless excited viewers in the stadium want to hit him for it!

At a certain residential apartment in Jianghai.

A little girl clenched her tiny fist tightly and anxiously as she sat in front of her computer. She unconsciously moved her head forward as she had her eyes glued onto the screen.

Jiang Yumeng at the side screamed out of the blue, \"Hey! Xiaotong you're blocking my view. I can't see anything!\"

\"Oh oh! Sorry.\"

Zhang Xiaotong retracted her head embarrassingly.

She was extremely frustrated when she looked at Su Changming's \"nice guy\" expression.

Then, he spoke from within the computer, \"The one who wins the title Solo King Killing God today is Vic, Squad 4AM's sniper from Hua Xia!\"


The two girls, Zhang Xiaotong and Jiang Yumeng gasped in shock simultaneously as they hugged each other excitedly.

As Su Changming announced the result live in the stadium, the four big screens at the center of the stadium showed the overall rankings of the match.

\"1st: 4AM-Vic, Individual Points 1510;\"

\"2nd: IG-Wolves, Individual Points 1485;\"

\"3rd: 4AM-GodV, Individual Points 1480;\"

\"4th: Royad-Azeael, Individual Points 1365;\"

\"5th: Tyloo-Nighthawk, Individual Points 1345;\"


The crowd in the stadium was quiet for a moment before they exploded in cheers and claps when they saw Liu Zilang at the very top of the ranking board!

It was worth celebrating as long as it was a player from their own country that won the world tournament.

The viewers in the live stream were extremely excited as well as the bullet screen was covered like a tsunami. However, there was something they were more astonished about!

\"Holysh*t... are you serious! He managed to palce first even after the reversed chicken dinner?\"

\"Hehe. I think you've forgotten how many kills Vic had in the first match. Brother, do you recall the twenty-six kills?\"

\"Emmm, Vic did have a very high kill count in the first match. I remember him blasting five people to death at the very end...\"

\"I'm impressed! If Vic had performed well in the last match, he might have just left Master Ze in the dust!\"

\"I think you've forgotten that if Master Ze were to get chicken dinner in the last match, Vic's number one spot wouldn't have been his.\"

When the viewers from the live stream recalled the suicidal soldier that appeared in the smokescreen of the final match, they could not help but sigh. It was fated...

Based on the results, Misaka Mikoto did win the chicken dinner in the last match.

However, she was ranked in the thirties and fifties in the first and second match respectively. Furthermore, she had only killed four players in the last match as well.

Hence, she was only placed seventeen overall among the one hundred players.


At the center of the stage where the contestants were seated.

Liu Zilang kept his keyboard, stood up and smiled at GodV, Aluka, and Cpt as he high-fived them.

Although the Solo King Killing God was an individual title, the squad carried some pride as well since Liu Zilang was a member of 4AM.

To top it off, it only took Liu Zilang two matches to obtain the highest kill score.

The title Solo King Killing God lived up to its name and was not in anyway depreciated at all.

If it were the Pig Emperor Evermore who had won the Solo King Killing God title with such a performance throughout the three matches, a portion of the contestants might have talked behind his back...

The staff informed the three players to get on stage to receive their awards. When Liu Zilang walked past the contestants, those that he was familiar or unfamiliar with greeted him on their own accord.

The majority of them were extremely impressed with the performance of the FPS legend of the past that had converted to PUBG in the tournament's solo match!

Naturally, people like Li Muqiu gave him white eyes... As for Bao Shaolin, Liu Zilang avoided making eye contact with him as he did not have the courage to look at him.

However, when Liu Zilang walked past the Korean Squad, he could feel someone staring at him intently...

He turned his head around and it was no other than Kim Doohwan.

Kim Doohwan's expression was extremely gloomy when he stared at Liu Zilang who was walking on the stage.

However, Liu Zilang smiled back and even raised up his fist and said, \"Hwaiting!\"[1]


Kim Doohwan was so angry that his eyes kept twitching and he was on the verge of cursing out loud.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down as he gritted his teeth. \"I'll let you have your glory for the next two days. I'll show you what I'm capable of in duo-mode!\"

Shen Zeyan who was also walking on the stage glanced toward Liu Zilang as the latter made the gesture.

He asked casually, \"Someone you know?\"

\"In a sense... yes.\"

Liu Zilang awkwardly put away his fist as he responded.

\"Oh.\" Shen Zeyan nodded and did not speak further.

Although he had participated in the Asia Tournament in the past, it was obvious that he had forgotten about Kim Doohwan.

If Kim Doohwan were to find out that his presence was that small, his blood pressure might have skyrocketed through the roof!

At the center of the stage where the pirzes were being awarded.

As the three of them stood firmly, an honored guest went up the stage and gave them the three gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively.

The Pan, however, was the reward for the squad-mode category.

It was something Liu Zilang and his squad had yet to get their hands on.

The three of them then looked at the camera as they prepared for their interviews after receiving their awards.

Since the event was held in Jianghai, they had saved the trouble of interpreting between contestants and the reporter.

As for those countries in Asia that wanted to interview them for their own people to see, they had to deal with the language barriers on their own.

Liu Zilang, GodV, and Shen Zeyan were people who had faced countless interviews and tournaments at the international level. Hence, they would not feel shy when they're faced with a camera.

There was nothing much to be said about Liu Zilang and GodV during the interview. When they were asked about their perspectives for the upcoming tournament two days later, they were extremely humble and sold themselves lower.

On the other hand, Shen Zeyan was as cold as ever during his interview...

Female reporter: \"How well do you think your performance was today?\"

Shen Zeyan: \"Good.\"

Female reporter: \"Uhm. Alright. Then which player do you think is the most frightening among all players here?\"

Shen Zeyan: \"Good.\"

Female reporter: \"Uhm... Let's change the topic. Are you confident in the upcoming duo-mode category and squad-mode category?\"

Shen Zeyan: \"Unsure.\"

The female reporter was speechless...

As the interview progressed, the female reporter with a script in her hands started losing her cool as she almost broke down.

'You're not even f*cking following the script!'

After the frustrating interview, the three of them on stage bowed down to thank the crowd as the stadium was filled with cheers and applause!

By the time the three of them went back to their respective squads, most of the contestants had already finished packing their gears.

A few contestants might meet up with the fans to give them autographs or take pictures with them later.

As Liu Zilang finished packing his stuff, he carried it on his back.

Just as he was about to bid farewell if GodV and the rest, he turned around to realize that Misaka Mikoto had appeared beside him out of the blue.

She was staring at him pitifully with her big googly eyes.

\"Shifu... I...\"

She bit her lips as she mustered up the courage. \"Can I go home with you?\"


Liu Zilang's brain dropped out of his head as he thought he had misheard it.


[1] This is how Koreans pronounce \"fighting\". In this context, it means keep it up!