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321 Shifu Opens The Path Part 2

 If it were the first or second circle, the two would have fought till the end of the match.

However since they were at the end of the game, the pace was naturally much slower as they had to be wary of their surroundings as well.

He hid behind the tree and observed his surroundings for a long time before he revealed himself.

He was either trying to bait the enemy out while he aimed beforehand or trying to predict when the enemy would reveal himself.

Both of them were trying to read each other's minds and none of them had the upper hand.

Although Kim Doohwan had encountered a few unfortunate events in the tournament, his reaction speed and awareness were without a doubt second to none among all snipers. He truly lived up to his title, one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods.

Although Shen Zeyan was very strong himself, it would be unrealistic for him to settle the match in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, in the final stage of the game.

However, when their snipe off had reached a stalemate, the casters shifted theur view to somewhere not far away behind Kim Doohwan.

It was Menhera-chan!

Misaka Mikoto was crawling like a caterpillar as she headed toward the slope in front of her where the gunshots originated.

Just as she was about to reach the top of the hill, she stopped and took out a Frag Grenade.

She pulled the pin and then counted to three in her mind!

'Fire in the hole!'

Misaka Mikoto who was lying prone on the ground threw the frag grenade. She did not bother looking where she was aiming at as she threw the grenade toward the location the sound originated from!


Kim Doohwan was shocked the moment he heard the clank behind him!

He reacted as he moved to the side the moment the frag grenade landed on the ground!

Misaka Mikoto's aim with the Frag Grenade was inaccurate. However, it was good enough to scare him.

The Frag Grenade exploded the instance it landed!

Among the viscous smoke and bright flash, Kim Doohwan was blasted out from the tree!

What happened next was similar to something that had been rehearsed countless times.

The moment Kim Doohwan flew out from behind the tree, The sound of a 98K came from the wreckage of the Plane Crash!


The sound of ammo piercing through a vest was heard!

\"IG-Wolves killed Royad-Azeael with Kar98K!\"

Kim Doohwan instantly turned into a crate the moment he fell down.

'This... I...'

Kim Doohwan's expression turned pale as his mouth shivered. He was at a loss for words.

\"66666, Master Ze's follow up is amazing!\"

\"Oh my God! Master Ze and Menhera-chan's cooperation is flawless!\"

Inside the game, Misaka Mikoto who was lying prone on the slope pouted the moment she saw the Kill Notification.

However, she felt much better the moment she saw the ID shown in the Kill Notification.

'So it's Shifu's amazingly cool teammate from the past!'

Then, the casters spoke their minds.

Time passed and the number of surviving players on the upper right corner decreased. There were only four players remaining by the time the second last blue circle started shrinking.

\"The next Safe Zone is within the empty field. There's no cover around the area and it looks like this is where the victor will be decided!\"

\"That's right. We can see that Big Brother A+ is stopping Master Ze from running against the blue circle with his AK. The AK's firepower at such a short distance is simply too overwhelming and Master Ze is being pressed behind the tree. Oh no! The blue circle behind him is approaching.\"

\"Oh! Menhera and Thailand's powerhouse, Tanx have encountered one another and they've raised their weapons at the same time! What do you think... Oh my God! Menhera has survived with a thread of health left!\"

\"Look over here quickly! Master Ze has thrown a smoke grenade! He has thrown all of the smoke grenades inside his backpack and no one's able to see each other this way. However, it's his only option since it's impossible for him to rush into the Safe Zone when Big Brother is eyeing him with an AK.\"

In the blink of an eye, the entire Safe Zone was filled with a smokescreen.

Misaka Mikoto who had just killed a person outside of the Safe Zone felt something inside her.

'Is this the feeling?'

She did not have the luxury of healing herself despite the fact that she was on the verge of death because the blue circle was behind her back.

Misaka Mikoto gritted her teeth and raced against the blue circle as she rushed into the smokescreen. She did this with the mindset that she would die.

Then, she recalled Liu Zilang a words.


'I can't die like this!

'If it were Shifu, he would...'

Hence, Misaka Mikoto immediately pulled out a Frag Grenade and turned into a suicide soldier!

Inside the Safe Zone, A+ and Shen Zeyan were moving anxiously and blindly in the smokescreen.

Then, they suddenly heard footsteps coming from a certain direction!

'Someone's here!'

The two professional players reacted swiftly and fired in that direction.

Misaka Mikoto who had rushed into the scene had pulled the grenade's pin. She originally planned on finding someone to take along with her but she instantly right-clicked and the Frag Grenade had rolled forward. She was shocked by the bullets that passed by her the moment she entered the smokescreen.


There was a loud explosion as dirt was elevated off the ground!

A bright light flashed within the smokescreen as it sent out a powerful shockwave!




This Frag Grenade had miraculously landed at the center of the three and it had blasted all of them away, turning them into crates simultaneously.

In the competitor's seat, Liu Zilang stared at the match with his mouth wide open as he did not know when his idiotic disciple had become so violent!

Then, the big screen froze!


\"Rank: Number 1!\"

\"Kill: 4!\"

\"Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!\"

It was not just the crowd that was shocked, even Misaka Mikoto was shocked by what was on the screen as well!

'I... I... won the chicken dinner?'

\"That can't be right! Didn't Menhera-chan get blasted to death as well? Why did she get the chicken dinner?\"

\"It took my Big Brother a great deal to enter the final Safe Zone. What the h*ll is wrong with the system!\"

\"Master Ze's girl fanbase strongly objects this result! This is shady! Something shady is going on here!\"

The crowd was shocked as they fell into discussions among themselves.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming said very calmly, \"The caster has started replaying the final scene. Let's have a look at what happened in slow motion.\"

The crowd in the stadium became quiet after they had finished watching it.

It was without a doubt that the three of them had ultimately turned into crates. However, since A+ and Shen Zeyan were closer to the Frag Grenade than Misaka Mikoto, their healths depleted faster than Misaka Mikoto's.

'What else can be said...'

'This is obviously bullsh*t!'

Liu Zilang was incredibly impressed. As the saying goes, as lucky as an idiot, this idiotic disciple of his was extremely lucky...

As the three solo matches had ended, the contestants started cleaning up their own gear.

The solo match was the only thing that was held on the first day. The duo-mode and squad mode, on the other hand, would be held after two days.

In comparison to players in the solo match that had to rely on their own ability and luck, players playing in duo-mode or squad-mode not only had to have exceptional individual abilities but they had to focus on tactical strategy and cooperation as well. This would bring the game to a whole new level of competition.

Hence, many players and experts believed that squad-mode was the only mode that should be used in the competitive scene for PUBG. Hence, the results for those modes were valued more by the audience and clubs.

Meanwhile, the staff working behind the scenes were calculating the overall result of the three matches.

Soon, the entire stadium dimmed.

The only place that was lighted was the four big screens hanging above the stage.

The viewers from the live stream and the audience in the stadium focused their attention onto it.