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320 Shifu Opens The Path Part 1


A bright light flashed underwater as it splashed all over the place.

The man onland was not some random person. He was the one who had survived through all the mass massacres. He was Bai Shaolin, Tyloo's squad leader!

\"You've been in the water for a long time... You should come out now,\" Bai Shaolin muttered as he threw another Frag Grenade into the river.



The two underwater were like fishes as they kept swimming away.

However, Bai Shaolin did not dare overcommit. Since the Safe Zone had moved to the north, only God knew if there were other players left running away from the blue circle.

If he were to encounter a player who handed out justice upon him, he would have died since he was holding a Frag Grenade in his hand.

This was why Bai Shaolin would hide behind cover and look around him whenever he threw a Frag Grenade.

\"Poor Menhera-chan and the Pig Emperor. They're in the water, being bombarded by Nighthawk.\"

\"Yes. Although the two Frag Grenades missed them, the blue circle is about to shrink in half a minute. Menhera-chan and the Emperor King don't have much time left.\"

\"It feels like Nighthawk is trying to suffocate them to death. Oh! He's taken out another Frag Grenade.\"

\"It's a cooked grenade and it looks like the Pig Emperor on the left is the target!\"

The audience in the stadium watched the game excitingly when they heard the casters' words.

Evermore was shocked when he saw the frag grenade's trajectory in the sky!

'A Ssiba... Do you really hate me that much!'

He paddled frantically as he headed toward shore.

However, the frag grenade exploded the moment it entered the water!


Water splashed everywhere and all Evermore could feel was a huge shockwave from behind him.

He clenched his butt as he got out of the water, heading uncontrollably toward where Bai Shaolin was!

It was the Flying Pig Face Ride!

'Hmph. I refuse to believe that I can't bomb you to death.\"

Bai Shaolin scoffed as he turned around and looked at where Misaka Mikoto was.

\"You're next.\"

At that instance, his pupils shrunk!

Evermore who was flying in the sky took out a double barrel shotgun from his back.

Bai Shaolin tried to pull out his gun, but two gunshots rang in his ears before he was able to pull up his muzzle!

It was two shots in a row!

Bai Shaolin's body turned soft as he fell to the ground on all fours.

'How... could I... die here?'

Bai Shaolin was in disbelief as the screen in front of him turned monochromic.

Evermore was left with a thread of health as he looked at the corpse that had fallen in front of him.

He was extremely ecstatic when he looked at the shotgun in his hands.


'I've succeeded!!'

Evermore who had just come back from death's door raised his head up and cleared his throat. However, he thought of something out of the blue as he immediately turned around.

His instincts were spot on!

Misaka Mikoto who had been in the water with him for the entire time had got up to the land, pulled out her weapon and aimed at him.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du!\"

No matter how great Evermore's reaction or awareness was, he was still that person who had been blasted up to shore by Bai Shaolin.

With that amount of health left, Evermore who had just escape death's grasp fell to the ground frustratingly the moment Misaka Mikoto's gun sounded!

Misaka Mikoto's eyes were brimming brightly as she had finally gotten her first kill out of the entire three matches!

'Shifu... Is this what you mean by getting a feeling of it?'

'I. Felt it!'

On the commentary platform, the three casters were shocked.

\"Unbelievable! Simple unbelievable... The one that's emerged victorious out of the three is Menhera-chan!\"

\"Ahem... If I can be honest here, fans watching this live please don't flame me! I really think that the person who would die first in this situation is Menhera-chan...\"

\"Speaking of which, Nighthawk is quite unlucky here. I feel that he was firm on killing those two. Who would've imagined that the Pig Emperor would fly up in the air and kill him with just two shots...\"

\"Ah. According to data from the cast, Nighthawk has killed eight players in this match. Who would've thought that his grave would be here after facing so many excruciating wars and challenges.\"

\"Looks like the old saying still stands - Your shoes are bound to be wet if you track by the river.\"

Inside the game, before the blue circle had started shrinking, Misaka Mikoto headed toward the Plane Crash located at the west after looting the crates.

She held her chest up high as she greeted the future with positive energy!


As the Safe Zone became smaller and smaller, the atmosphere became more intense as well.

The number of survivors in the game kept reducing and there were only seven players left when the third last Safe Zone appeared.

\"We saw that the number of players reduced slowly in the early phase of the game. However, the great reduction occurred during the middle phase of the game. Looks like the bubble theory is applicable to PUBG as well.\"

\"The Safe Zone is currently southward of the Plane Crash. This place doesn't have a lot of cover but it's filled bushes. Hence it's easier to hide in the Safe Zone.\"

\"That's right. Let's look at the condition of the surviving players. At the moment, Master Ze has the highest kill count. He has killed ten players and the next person behind him is Azeael. He has killed eight players thus far, which is two less kils compared to Master Ze. In third place is Big Brother A+ who has killed four players.\"

\"Yes. It's easier for snipers to kill others in a solo match. Hence it's completely normal for them to have higher kill counts.\"

Then, a player from Vietnam was running away from the blue circle and had exposed his location.

From the caster's perspective, Shen Zeyan and Kim Doohwan pulled their line of fire toward him simultaneously!



Two shots from 98Ks could be heard at the same time!

The player from Vietnam could not react in time as two clouds of blood erupted out of his head. He fell and started rolling about on the ground.

\"IG-Wolves killed KiZ-shoroi by headshot with Kar98K!\"

It was a headshot from instant sniping at a moving target!

The crowd in the stadium was shocked as they saw the two of them land headshots simultaneously on the same target. They were so shocked that they gasped loudly at the amazing feat!

\"I always thought that those who always landed instant snipes were merely lucky. I was wrong! I'm totally wrong!\"

\"Haha. Master Ze is better in this situation. He made Azeael waste his shot!\"

\"Poor shoroi. He's been shot in the head by two of the greatest snipers in Asia. Tsk tsk... It must've felt awful.\"

\"It looks like Azeael and Master Ze are about to have a snipe off!\"

Inside the game, Kim Doohwan whose kill had been stolen determined Master Ze's location by ear. He pulled the lever of his 98K, turned around and then immediately fired at Master Ze who had been hiding at one of the wreckages of the plane!

A shot was fired from the 98K!

He immediately hid behind the tree the moment he fired that shot.


The tree bark in front of him burst as a bullet appeared in its trunk.