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319 A Huge Explosion!

 Two weeks had passed since Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends

Liu Zilang had yet again gotten chicken dinner just five minutes into the match...

It was more like a reverse chicken dinner! (TN: It means being the first one to die)

The viewers in the live stream and the audience in the stadium were shocked when they saw it!

\"What happened to keeping it together Vic? Is this really considered keeping it together?\"

\"Boss Su, you're really discouraging your allies. I'm impressed at how cruel you can be!\"

\"The explosive is too overpowered! He's dead with just one strike. I'm not sure if Vic is too lucky or unlucky here.\"

\"Vic's unfortunate encounter was... Why would he even bother pulling a stunt? To make it worse, he even entered the red zone.\"

\"2333, he's acting cool and he's always alone. Perhaps this is what it means to be a man.\"

The contestants were startled and did not know what to feel when they saw the Kill Notification on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Shen Zeyan remained his composure as the edge of his lips moved slightly.

Li Muqiu, Bai Shaolin, and GodV crooked their lips as they held in their laughter.

Misaka Mikoto who had just received a secret from Liu Zilang widened her eyes as she stared at the Kill Notification on her screen.

She seemed to have gained a deeper understanding of Liu Zilang's quote.

Kim Doohwan, who was pumped up to face Liu Zilang in the final match of the solo match had turned from a fierce dog to a harmless husky as his dream shattered...

The one who killed Liu Zilang was he himself.

His expression did not change at all.

He was not sad at all.


He raised his head up at forty-five degrees and looked at the stadium's ceiling. Something seemed to be gliding down from the edge of his eyes.


That was because his eyes could not contain that much sorrow...

On the commentary platform.

Ms-Joy let out a dry cough. \"About that... Let's pray for Vic who has fallen victim to the air strike. To be frank, I had a bad feeling about it when he was rushing toward the hill.\"

\"Really?\" Sy was skeptical. \"Why were you smiling earlier?\"

Ms-Joy was speechless...

\"Ahem... Let's get back into the game.\"

Su Changming spoke with a very straight face, \"Since Vic has gotten the reverse chicken dinner, you can say that all of the players have taken one huge stone off their chests. As long as they perform well, most of the contestants that are ranked at the front have a chance to snatch away the title \"Solo King\".\"

Ms-Joy and Sy were in awe when they saw Su Changming acting as if nothing had happened...

The experienced one was indeed more composed than the juniors!

However, what Su Changming said was the truth.

Liu Zilang had obtained chicken dinner with twenty-six kills in the first match and was placed second in the second match with seventeen kills.

He had accumulated so many points that it basically pressured the rest of the players. Those ranked behind had basically given up on the match...

However, his death had taken away the cloud in everyone's mind and they had become extremely motivated once again!

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy nodded slightly. \"Boss Su is right but looking at the situation right now, Vic's performance in this match is... Yeah. However, I think that he has the chance to win our title 'Solo King' today.\"

\"I agree.\"

Sy nodded as he listened. \"However, this depends on the performance of those players that managed to rank highly in the past two games. If one of them gets chicken dinner, then Vic's chances of becoming the Solo King will be no more. However, Vic's chances will be very high if the players ranked behind are able to get chicken dinner without having a high kill count.\"

\"Yes. We've spoken quite a lot. Let's enjoy the performance the contestants are about to show us,\" Su Changming said with a smile on his face.

Inside the game, there were small-scale battles happening across the map as the first blue circle shrunk.

There were as many as 94 players in the game by the time the second Safe Zone had spawned. The slow pace of the match was extremely rare in tournaments.

As the third Safe Zone appeared at the two rivers behind Rozhok, there were 89 players remaining on the field.

The fourth Safe Zone remained in the inner river. 78 players remained alive.

The three casters looked at each other on the commentary platform as they watched on.

The viewers from the live stream and the audience in the stadium took a deep breath as the situation had become incredibly intense!

Typically in a tournament, many players would die when the third Safe Zone had spawned and it was normal if half the players were wiped out.

However, since there were many players alive when the fourth Safe Zone spawned, the situation was pretty much the same as a balloon under constant compression. At some point, it would just... pop!

There would be a huge explosion!

Liu Zilang's eyes were twitching as he watched the game as an observer.

Soon, the fourth blue circle started shrinking and the fifth Safe Zone had appeared.

It was great at first. Everyone was running away from the blue circle.

However, at some point, someone ignited the fuel.

All it took was one gunshot and war spread across the land!

In an instant, gunshots reverberated the entire place regardless if it was within the Safe Zone or not.

It was bound to happen. The Safe Zone was so small that it did not have enough space to accommodate everyone peacefully.

It was bearable if one were to lay prone on the ground and hide oneself but it would be weird not to have a war when the blue circle started shrinking!

The four cameras looking on from the observer's perspective could not catch up with the situation. When it shifted to an on-going battle on one side, a kill would happen on another side.

\"It's chaos! The entire west of Rozhok has been thrown into chaos!\"

\"Oh! Brother Benz has been ambushed! He didn't have the chance to return fire.\"

\"GodV's in a bad spot as well. His current position is very disadvantageous as there are fights happening around him.\"

\"Oh my god! Guru Qiu is fighting against three players on his own! Hold up! Why is there a fourth one? Uhm... Guru Qiu has died.\"


As the casters kept switching scenes, the three casters on the commentary platform started narrating at a very fast and exciting pace.

Then, the caster's perspective was brought down underwater.


The crowd in the stadium was confused before they realized that while the sky was being bombarded on land, there were two players taking a bath at the center of the river.

One of them was the Pig Emperor Evermore from the Korean Squad KD.

The other one was, surprisingly, Misaka Mikoto.

The number of players went down to 41 from 78 by the time the blue circle finished shrinking. Almost half of the surviving players had perished.

Many players from many countries were unable to avoid the great war and perished. Misaka Mikoto and the Pig Emperor had survived without having a single hair on them injured.

Meanwhile, the fifth Safe Zone had appeared.

Misaka Mikoto and Evermore's luck seemed to have ended there as the Safe Zone had shifted toward the Plane Crash site in the west instead of the small island in the middle of the river.

They were in trouble since they were surrounded by everyone.

Everyone was fighting along the shore earlier. Although they had noticed that someone had gone into the water, they did not have the luxury to worry about them.

However, since they had to get ashore to run away from the blue circle... Hehe.

'I'm sorry for your loss.'