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318 That Glorious Feeling!

 The second match's ranking and each player's individual points were shown to the public on the big screen.

\"Winner: 4AM-GodV, Points: 575;\"

\"Second Place: 4AM-Vic, Points: 620;\"

\"Third Place: KD-Merald, Points: 420;\"

\"Fourth Place: IG-Wolves, Points: 435;\"


The crowd gasped as they discussed among themselves the moment they saw the ranking and points.

Ms-Joy was shocked on the commentary platform as well.

\"Woah! Six hundred and twenty points! Although Vic placed second, his score has exceeded GodV by forty-five points. This is unbelievable!\"

\"That's right. This only happened due to the influence of the tournament's policies.\" Su Changming nodded as he explained, \"In order to encourage players to fight each other. Our solo match this time doesn't have a ceiling for killing points and the score of 10 points per kill from the previous tournaments have been adjusted to 15 points instead.\"

\"Yes. Since the difference in base points aren't that far apart between the winner and the runner up, it's the reason why he has overtaken first place in terms of points.\"

\"Hehe. I'm not sure all of you have noticed but Master Ze has more points than the second runner up even though he's placed fourth. Tsk tsk... Looks like Se7en's old-timers aren't showing any mercy to their juniors!\"

\"Hehe. did you consider our Guru Qiu's feelings before saying that?\"

\"Uhm... perhaps... maybe...\"

The crowd burst into laughter upon hearing his words.

Li Muqiu who was sitting in his seat stared furiously at Liu Zilang who was sitting not far away from him as he recalled the unfortunate destruction of his \"great sea-cruising strategy\" in the second match.


The staff started moving around and informed everyone to get ready after the thirty-minute break had ended.

The third match... It was also the last match of the solo match tournament.

Liu Zilang who was chatting happily with GodV sat back down as he prepared for the next round.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto who was sitting opposite of him rested her chin on her hands. She looked rather down.

Liu Zilang was startled as he looked up unknowingly.

He thought, 'Is my idiotic disciple hurt?'

He became flustered when he recalled running over her in the wheatfield in the first match. Perhaps she would be placed further up in the ranking board if it had not been for that...

However, it should not have had that much significance.

He called her out as he pondered.

Misaka Mikoto was daydreaming when she heard Liu Zilang's voice. She turned around confusingly and looked at him. Her eyes were then filled with excitement.


She took off her headphones as she looked around cautiously. She then perked up and whispered, \"Shifu, are you telling me a secret?\"


Liu Zilang crooked his lips when he heard her, and he recalled that this idiotic disciple kept asking him the same thing two years ago as well.

'This girl really has eighth-grade syndrome!'

He had never jumped down a cliff before, why would he have any secrets?

However, in order to maintain his image as a master, Liu Zilang adjusted his throat and started speaking.

\"An outstanding player needs to have a feel of the situation. However, he mustn't always trust his instinct as having too much faith in them would bring him extreme joy and sadness...\"

'A feel of the situation?'

Misaka Mikoto blinked... It seemed that she had a vague grasp of his words.

Liu Zilang let out a sigh of relief when he saw Misaka Mikoto's expression.

It was the effect he was trying to achieve.

If his words could be understood instantly, it basically meant that his words were bullsh*t.

However, if his words were totally incomprehensible, it would be useless as well.

Hence, the best ones were the ones that were somewhere in between.

'Sigh! I hope she can get a touch of herself soon... Wait, why does it sound so wrong?'

Meanwhile, the staff made the final announcement as the contestants put on their headphones and waited quietly for the match to begin.

The camera then shifted to the commentary platform.

\"Alright! We're live at Asia's Qualifier and the third match of our solo-queue competition will begin very soon. It's also our last match for the day.\"

\"That's right. Judging from the previous two matches, the squads from Hua Xia are performing outstandingly, and players from Hua Xia have taken up seven spots in the top ten. However, there are only two players from Hua Xia in the top five and the remaining three are contestants from Korea.\"

\"Yes. No one has to worry about that because Vic who's currently occupying the number one spot is extremely terrifying. You can say that he's far beyond every contestant and he has a very high chance of getting our title \"Solo King Killing God\" from our solo match today!\"

\"It all depends on their performance in this final match. I wonder if any black horse will appear? Let's find out together tonight!\"

\"Keep it together Vic!\"

\"Contestants from Hua Xia need to try harder as well!\"

\"Buckle up!\"


As the casters spoke, the stadium was filled with the buzzing of an airplane.

The third match had begun!


The match's flight route began from Lipovka on the right, and it passed through between Prison and Shelter.

The flight route leaned toward the bottom of the map and its final destination was the bottom region of Primorsk.

The flight route was rather disadvantageous when it came to the resources it would pass by.

From the caster's perspective, the players were more spread out compared to the previous game.

Only four players landed in Sosnovka MIlitary Base and only one player landed in the school. What could be expected from this was that the pace of the match would be slower than the previous match.

When the airplane was about to reach its final destination, the caster shifted its view to a player.

\"Oh! We can see that the winner of the previous match, GodV is playing safe in this match. He has found a car and is headed toward Stabler. Hehe, this sort of reminds me of the Pig Emperor Evermore in the first match.\"

\"That's right. I'd recommend Vic to play like this in this match as he has accumulated quite a lot of points at the moment. As long as he can get a good placement and obtain base points, there's a high chance that he'll be awarded with our title, Solo King Killing God, today!\"

\"Looks like the caster has shifted his camera to Menhera-chan again. Heh, this contestant is quite unlucky today as she has died unreasonably in the previous matches. She has chosen to land on the Prison's mansion. We hope she can perform in this match.\"


As the casters were talking, the contestants landed and started flourishing themselves.

There had yet to be any deaths on the battlefield.

Soon after, the first Safe Zone spawned.

Compared to the previous two matches, the Safe Zone was certainly slightly better as it was at the center of the map with the School as its epicenter.

Then, the casters suddenly shifted their view toward Liu Zilang.

Inside the game through the big screen.

Liu Zilang had landed in Shelter and had just finished scouring the area. He was driving a motorcycle as he headed toward the edge of the first Safe Zone.

Soon after, Liu Zilang and his motorcycle arrived at the housing area by the slope that was west of Shelter.

The crowd's eyes were brimming with light as they saw the slope!

It was the iconic slope that often appeared in many vehicle-stunt montages. It was rumored that the branch of PUBG's Gongshu Driving Academy had its fake garage on the slope!

As expected!

Liu Zilang immediately changed his directions and headed toward the slope the moment he saw it.

He completely neglected the Red Zone right in front of the map.

Liu Zilang pushed his motorcycle to its limits as he headed straight toward the slope and flew into the sky!

It was a glorious feeling!

The three casters were shocked.

\"Woah! Vic is beginning his performance!\"

\"He did a three-sixty front flip! I think he can slot in another front flip at that height!\"

\"Oh! Vic is really going for another one! It's going to be a seven-twenty front flip. It's extremely...\"

Just as the caster finished speaking, there was a loud explosion!

Inside the big screen, A bright light flashed out of the blue in front of Liu Zilang when his motorcycle was still in the middle of the air.

Then, the two of them moved as one as they crash down into the ground!

\"4AM-Vic was killed in Redzone!\"

The audience in the stadium went silent when they saw this Kill Notification.

The viewers from the live stream and audience in the stadium vaguely recalled Su Changming's words at the beginning of the match.

\"Keep it together Vic!\"

'Keep it together?'