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317 This Chicken, My Treat!

 From the caster's God's perspective, the eerie blue radiation slowly spread from all directions and gradually caught up with the border of the safe zone.

Before long, the next safe zone... or perhaps it would be more accurate to say safe point, was refreshed.

\"Oh! The last point brushes the open space outside the houses!\"

\"That's right. The three players left are GodV, Merald, and Vic. This circle is actually more favorable to Vic who has just come from outside the safe zone.\"

\"Well, I feel in cases like these where only a small safe zone is left, the distance doesn't really mean much. Since what's surrounding the Playzone is open land, anyone who goes there will get shot by the people around the houses. That'll actually be quite painful.\"

\"Yes, but the final circle lasts longer. It'll take around three minutes and fifteen seconds before the blue comes in, so there are still many variables before that.\"

With that being said, since it was the final circle, the three players were only one step away from getting chicken dinner. Hence, while they did not have the certainty of killing an enemy, they would not reveal their flaws to their opponents.

As a result, there was only one choice left for the three players.

That was right!

It was to throw grenades.

As a former LPL[1] contestant who played as a mid laner, Vic played the Bomberman[2] quite well. Hiding in the building, he held a few frag grenades and threw them around indiscriminately.

South Korea KD Squad's Merald was not to be outdone, and he also blindly threw a few frag grenades.

Liu Zilang, who was just running from the blue circle to get to the safe zone, was lying in a corner outside the houses. He originally wanted to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, letting the two players at the houses duke it out.

However, he never expected to hear 'clatter' beside him. It scared him so much he quickly got up to escape.


A flash of fire and a heat wave from behind.

Fortunately, that frag grenade had not been cooked, it gave him some time to escape. Otherwise, Liu Zilang who had just got into the safe zone would have been handed over at that instant.

'Isn't it just throwing frags?

'Who wouldn't know how to do that!'

Liu Zilang was so angry that he threw all the remaining frag grenades in his backpack toward the housing area on the spot.

Moreover, he threw the grenades 'as generously as rain', making sure that both buildings in the housing area had their share.

For a time, the field rumbled incessantly as if it was a man-made red zone.

The audience watching the game was also shocked!

When this professional player threw frag grenades, he targeted specific areas!

However, the only thing that made others uncomfortable was that the man-made red zone was not very powerful.

Even after half a day of bombing, nobody died.

Three minutes was not short, but it was not long either.

In the blink of an eye, the countdown to the blue circle was only fifteen seconds away.

\"The final outcome will soon be decided! Just who will be eating chicken dinner tonight?\"

\"Huh? Why did GodV in the building enter the blue circle? He came out again... Did he make a mistake? Wasting time now to heal up definitely isn't a good idea.

\"Wait! It seems like he hasn't made a mistake. GodV is... He's deliberately trying to lower his health!\"

\"Oh! I get it. First-aid kits can only be used when one's health is less than three quarters. GodV is reducing his health now so he can start the healing timer icon in advance before eating the blue line.\"

\"Yeah, the last blue circle is too painful! If his health drops below three quarters after healing while inside the blue circle, the timer for using a first-aid kit won't make it at all!\"

While explaining and analyzing the tactical thinking of GodV, the caster's camera switched to outside the building.

In the game, Liu Zilang was seen using his Groza to pin the second floor of the building Merald was in, beating him back a few times when he wanted to come out.

Seeing that the blue circle was about to come close, Merald threw caution to the wind.

His heart sank when he opened the door!

Suddenly, with a 'clink', something shattered at the door.


A layer of flames suddenly rose from the ground by the door!

Merald, who was just about to step out of the door, could not help but glance to the side. He immediately felt unwell!

\"F*ck... using a Molotov cocktail to seal the path. That's basically cremating him immediately after death!\"

\"Oh GG! That's too cruel... Scary, scary!\"

Merald gnashed his teeth as the blue circle closed in behind him.

Raising his head was a risk, and lowering his head was also a risk.

Thus, he closed his eyes and... decided to lower his head.

'A Ssi! I'd rather get killed by the blue circle than give you my head!'

Although that was what he said, his strong desire to survive made him use a first-aid kit when the blue circle hit him. However, it was clearly too late!

\"KD-Merald has died outside the Playzone!\"

Liu Zilang, who was camping outside, saw the Kill Notification in surprise and felt his teeth ache.

'These people really are so godd*mn strong-willed!


'Isn't there still one more left?

Liu Zilang looked at the other two-story building and wondered if that one was prepared to commit suicide via the blue circle as well.

As GodV did not have that many reasons to kill others in the final circle, Liu Zilang did not know that the person in the building was GodV.

The last blue circle spread very quickly, and filled up the entire map in an instant.

Liu Zilang reacted when the blue circle hit him. Since it was too late to run, he replenished his health on the spot.

However, Liu Zilang's heart sank as soon as he was halfway in replenishing his health.

He realized that the timer for using a first-aid kit could not be f*cking compared to the rate that the blue circle was diminishing his health!

'Oh no!'

Liu Zilang's heart froze.

However, he still had one last hope. The blue circle should have hit the person in the building earlier than he did... so he should die faster, right?

However, reality waved its *ss in his face. The game-over screen jumped up, and there was no falling notification on the screen either.

Rank: #2!

Kills: 17 players!

Better luck next time!

At the same time, GodV, who was sitting not far from Liu Zilang, wiped fine beads of sweat from his forehead and looked at the computer screen in front of him that read 'Winner winner chicken dinner!'.

He could not help but smile. Hide fame and name deeply...

The audience was stunned, but immediately gave a loud cheer!

A voice at the commentary platform also rose.

\"Alright! The second round of chicken dinner goes to 4AM GodV! Let's congratulate 4AM and GodV!\"

\"Congratulations, 4AM! Congratulations, GodV!\"

\"Hehe, come to think of it, GodV's chicken dinner this time was Vic's treat. If he hadn't killed that Korean player, GodV could have only held out a while longer in that building. The final blue circle was really too painful. The one who can occupy a safe place will be able to eat chicken dinner.\"

\"That's right, but judging from the last '4AM's internal strife', it really hasn't been long since Vic started this game. He's still inexperienced when it comes to the final circle. GodV sure gave him a lesson on that.\"

\"Yeah, but this time, GodV only killed five players. This kill count is considered normal but Vic killed as much as 17 players! I'm afraid the ranking for the second round... is still quite unclear.\"

\"Oh! The statistical data for the second round is out!\"

Hearing Sy's words, the audience perked up and looked intently at the big screen behind the stage.


[1] Tencent League of Legends Pro League

[2] Referring to Ziggs, a LoL champion