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316 The God-like Shot!

 Liu Zilang immediately retreated behind the tree and used a first aid kit after taking a hit. His mouth started pouting up.

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter when they saw this.

\"Woah! Master Ze is pretty strict!\"

\"Emmmm... Are these two really from the same squad in the past? Why do I feel that the murderous aura is incredibly intense!\"

\"They're brothers on the surface! Vic's going to die if Master Ze keeps ganking him.\"

\"Perhaps Master Ze didn't know that he was his 'comrade' and mistook him for someone else...\"

\"Vic, take out the spaghetti quickly and serve it to Master Ze.\"

\"Comrade? So what if he's his comrade. This is a one-man solo match. All I want to see is comrades killing each other!\"


Liu Zilang healed himself back up with a first aid kit before peaking at that sedan from behind the tree.

It was obvious that the enemy was wary of his AWM since he did not dare reveal his head. He did not even give Liu Zilang the opportunity to fire back when he instant-sniped incredibly quickly.

Liu Zilang refused to believe that Master Ze did not know it was him!

Liu Zilang mumbled as he complained. He was extremely frustrated when the blue circle behind him started shrinking.

The fists that had never been released were the most powerful ones.

Liu Zilang would still be fine if Shen Zeyan were to openly challenge him to a snipe off. However, it was obvious that he did not want Liu Zilang to outrun the blue circle since he kept hiding behind the sedan to avoid Liu Zilang's sight.

Suddenly, rapid gunshots came from the housing area.

Liu Zilang was startled when he heard them but he revealed a blissful expression afterward!

'That's what you call a comrade!'

Liu Zilang shed a tear of happiness as he felt the support coming from his comrade. 'Farewell bro... Wait no, buckle up brother!'

Merald of the Korean squad KD in the housing area had decided to come up with a simple strategy. He decided to oppress Shen Zeyan with his SCAR-L equipped with a 4x Scope.

\"Ding clank ding clank!\"

The orange-red sedan rattled as countless sparks appeared around it.

Normally, Shen Zeyan would not hesitate to come out from the vehicle and fire his M24 at the housing area.

However, he was cautious of the AWM since he had offended Liu Zilang.

Hence, he had no choice but to slowly crawl away from the car to escape its exploding radius. He would then find an opportunity to deal with him.

Behind the tree.

Liu Zilang drank two cans of energy drinks and ran toward the housing area as fast as he could.

He ran for a few steps before turning around and looking toward where Shen Zeyan was.

He saw that the orange-red sedan that was being used as a cover had started smoking and was on the verge of destruction.

An idea flashed across Liu Zilang's mind as he ran.

He immediately went prone on the ground as the AWM behind his back appeared in his hands.

The orange-red sedan beside him could no longer hold on and exploded the instant he laid prone on the ground!

It caught fire and a shockwave caused the car to bounce upward.

The moment all four tires of the car left the ground, Liu Zilang opened the 8x Scope on his AWM and saw Shen Zeyan lying prone on the ground across the vehicle.

He aimed and pulled the trigger without hesitation!


The suppressed AWM roared as a magnum bullet flew out of its muzzle!

The bullet covered the distance between them instantly, whizzed under the vehicle and then landed precisely on the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet Shen Zeyan had on his head!


Blood could be seen erupting out from his head.

Shen Zeyan who was prone behind the vehicle could not react and was taken aback by Liu Zilang's attack!

\"4AM-Vic killed IG-Wolves by headshot with AWM!\"

The audience in the stadium, including the three casters on the commentary platform, were flabbergasted when they saw the Kill Notification.

'What just happened?'

Since Merald from squad KD was fighting against Shen Zeyan, the casters were focusing on the two of them.

Not to mention, Liu Zilang was sneaking his way at one side, and he was naturally taken as a bypasser in that situation.

However, no one thought that Liu Zilang, the bypasser would have butted in and killed someone...

\"Uhh... The car should've been obstructing Vic's line of sight from where he is at the moment. It should've been impossible for him to hit Master Ze, right?\"

\"Yes. Exactly! I'm extremely curious about what just happened as well. Oh! The caster is replaying the scene again. Let's have a look.\"

The audience in the stadium was glued to the screen as they listened to the casters.

They were extremely curious about what had happened as well.

The instant they showed the highlight in slow motion, the crowd went silent. They were so shocked that they did not know what to say...

'Are you saying that his bullet went through his car... from below?'

'What kind of wild idea is that? The opportunity, the precision. When did he... Holysh*t!'

'This is f*cking ridiculous!'

Although they witnessed it with their very eyes, they were in disbelief.

\"That shot... I'm sorry for interrupting!\"

\"I really don't know what to say other than it's amazing.\"

\"Is this the true strength of the black masked captain from the past? This is f*cking ridiculous!\"

\"What an eye-opener... I really want to see what this man can do in a pure FPS game such as CSGO!\"

\"As a long-time fan of the black masked captain, I advise you to not bother. You'll question your very existence if you do!\"

\"+1 to the comment above. Those top FPS players are all f*cking beasts!\"

After sniping Shen Zeyan with one shot, Liu Zilang went prone on the ground for a brief moment before he swiftly got up and ran into the Safe Zone.

However, that shot lingered deep inside him.

All he could feel was an idea pop up in his mind and it was as if his body was struck by lightning. His body had started acting on its own.

That feeling...

It had been a long time since he had experienced it.

Shen Zeyan frowned slightly and was confused as to how he was shot in the head.

He stared at his corpse behind the burning car. He tried to recall the incident and his expression changed instantly!

'So that's it...'

Shen Zeyan shook his head and sighed softly as he smiled.

'That guy... is still the same as before.'

Truthfully, the players that were dead and were observing via the observer's perspective had a complicated expression on their faces when they witnessed it...

Li Muqiu recalled Su Changming's words back when Liu Zilang first joined them, and he felt very emotional.

'In an FPS game, one can really make a living by being talented...'

As for Kim Doohwan, he who had been run over twice in two matches clenched his fists tightly as dissatisfaction grew intensely in him.