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315 Spare Me, Old Friend?

 \"Ding clank ding clank!\"

Bullets landed onto the vehicle's chassis as the sound of metal colliding reverberated strongly.

Shen Zeyan's gaze was cold. He hid behind the vehicle and looked around before he tilted his head.

A long black sniper appeared in his hands.

He opened its scope and flicked the sniper rifle!


A flash was seen coming from his M24's muzzle as a shot was fired!

An M24 could deal 99 points of damage even if it was a headshot against a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

Since the player that had been shot had exchanged fire with someone else earlier, he only used a first aid kit and did not fully restore his health.

He thought that his target was an idiot since he dared drive a sedan into the final circle. Hence, he wanted to snoop a shot or two at him. Never in his dreams would he have imagined he would encounter Shen Zeyan.

The entire housing area fell into silence after that shot.

Shen Zeyan quietly pulled the M24's lever as he crouched silently behind the small sedan at the edge of the blue circle.

It looked like he was waiting for someone.

The number of players reduced as the blue circle shrunk and there were soon only eleven players left on the battlefield.

From the caster's perspective, the Safe Zone had spawned at the edge of the housing area and covered three two-story buildings. There were three players that were in the Safe Zone at that time.

Two of them were inside a building and the third one was Shen Zeyan, who had just entered the Safe Zone in his sedan.

\"Master Ze entered the Safe Zone extremely boldly. If I'm not mistaken, he headed straight into the Safe Zone the moment it spawned.\"

\"Yes. There were gunshots and it sounded like a battle was happening in the housing area when he entered the Safe Zone. On the other hand, players outside of the circle did not manage to react in time. Master Ze caught the best time to enter the Safe Zone.\"

\"Actually, others have done similar things in tournaments where they drove a vehicle and used it as a cover at the edge of the blue circle. However, what I don't understand is why did Master Ze not destroy his own vehicle? Wouldn't it be safer that way?\"

\"Hehe. I was confused at first but after seeing that M24, my guess is that Master Ze is using that vehicle as bait and cover at the same time. He's luring players out to attack his vehicle.\"

The crowd was enlightened as the three casters explained on the commentary platform.

'I'll hit you if you hit my car.'

That was truly Shen Zeyan's playstyle.

However, no one in the housing area dared reveal themselves the moment they found out his identity and heard the M24's roar. Not to mention that they saw the Kill Notifications on their screens.

Meanwhile, in the housing area within the Safe Zone, Liu Zilang was envious as he wanted to mimic Shen Zeyan and drift into the Safe Zone as well.

He was frustrated when he looked at the jeep downstairs that was still on fire, letting out black smoke.

There was about half a minute left before the Safe Zone shifted. Liu Zilang swiftly jumped down from the balcony and went prone on the ground.

He was afraid of entering the Safe Zone under such circumstances.

However, he could not stay idle as well.

The people outside the Safe Zone would definitely start running when the countdown started ticking. It would be chaotic and someone would perish!

This was not the result Liu Zilang wanted to see.

He looked at the remaining few smoke grenades in his backpack. It would be nothing more than thrill-seeking if he were to smoke up the area. It would be a given that he would be bombarded from all sides.

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and soon sneaked to the bushes by the hill in front of him and laid prone there.

He held onto the smoke grenade and threw them toward the Safe Zone.

One had guessed it right. Liu Zilang was trying to do something.

He would throw more smoke grenades and retreat if he were caught.

However, the remaining players did not have the luxury to care about Liu Zilang crawling slowly like a caterpillar by the slope as the blue circle was about to shrink.

A player came into Liu Zilang's sight when there were fifteen seconds left on the countdown. However, he was simply throwing smoke grenades.

One of the smoke grenades had landed nearby Liu Zilang and completely engulfed Liu Zilang after the smokescreen had fully deployed.

'Thanks brother!'

Liu Zilang was extremely touched as he laid prone on the ground.

Gunshots started ringing outside and it seemed like players that had no cover were making a run toward to the Safe Zone and away from the blue circle.

Liu Zilang who was prone on the ground heard someone running toward him.

Then, a person stepped on his leg.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

'Do you know how to walk properly?'

He stared at the back of the player that was running away hastily. Liu Zilang immediately took out his revolver and shot him from behind.




It sounded similar to a stone plunging into a pond as blood started erupting from behind the enemy's back.

TKzhun, who had just stepped on Liu Zilang's leg halted like a cartoon character.

His health plunged to the very bottom before he was able to react. He planted his head into the ground as he ran.

He was speechless by the time he came to his senses. He had stepped on a demon!

\"4AM-Vic killed iFTY-TKzhun with R1895!\"

An R1895?

The crowd was shocked when they saw the Kill Notification at the bottom left corner of the screen!

'Would people still use a revolver at the end of the game?'

The crowd realized who it was when they saw his ID...

'It's this match's Revolver Emperor.

The players from the other servers had coined him as the Revolver Emperor as Liu Zilang had landed six headshots with the R1895 in the match...

Since it was the third countdown for the blue circle, it was impossible for Liu Zilang to keep camping there.

He ran away from the blue circle and miraculously evaded the most dangerous phase. He had managed to swiftly enter the Safe Zone before the blue circle arrived.

There were only four players left on the battlefield by the time the blue circle finished shrinking.

From the caster's perspective, they could clearly see that GodV and Merald, a Korean player from squad KD were in the housing area whereas Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan were in the wilderness.

As the blue circle and the Safe Zone merged into one, the next Safe Zone spawned near the housing area.

Hence, begged the question.

If Liu Zilang wished to enter the next Safe Zone, he had to take care of Shen Zeyan who was hiding behind the red-orange sedan in front of him.

Since they knew each other's location, it was impossible for him to sneak in and ambush him.

The most passive player in the situation at that time was Liu Zilang who was hiding behind a tree in the wilderness.

The blue circle behind him would catch up in the blink of an eye.

Soon, the blue circle behind him had ten seconds left before it started shrinking.

Liu Zilang who was behind the tree peeked at the orange-red sedan as he thought, 'Master Ze isn't this cruel, right?'

'Spare me, old friend?'

As he pondered, he revealed half of his body from the tree.


A figure appeared behind the car instantly alongside a thunder-like gunshot!

He had tried to quick scope at him!

Blood erupted out of Liu Zilang's head as his health plunged into the red!

He looked at his remaining health points and took a deep breath.

It had dealt ninety-nine damage in one shot!

'Is it because we're brothers that you've decided to f*ck with me?'