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314 All The Encounters In This Lifetime…

 \"My prey has been stolen?\"

GodV was confused and everything became clear the moment he saw Liu Zilang's ID.

He recalled the horror Liu Zilang displayed with his AWM in the previous match and he was extremely irked that he had gotten one again in the current match.

He did not notice the Kill Notification at the bottom left corner of his screen earlier. He would have known that Liu Zilang had gotten the AWM from Kim Doohwan with his deliberate plan...

'Dongfeng Express. We Live to deliver!'

Since he knew that the enemy was one of his own. GodV had a reason to back off since he knew the enemy possessed an AWM.

Liu Zilang did not head toward GodV after he had stolen his kill.

His situation could only be described with one sentence - he is behind his vehicle against his own will.

Although he had entered the Safe Zone, the destroyed jeep was sliding down a hill toward a two-story building. Liu Zilang had no choice but to follow it from behind.

What else could he do... He felt helpless in the situation too!

Soon came a thud!

The jeep crashed into the wall of the two-story building before moving back a little bit.

'It finally came to a halt.'

Liu Zilang looked around cautiously and heard footsteps coming from the building inside.

'There's someone here?'

'That can't be right... Why didn't he attack me earlier?'

Meanwhile, Aluka was startled as well when he heard a thud come from the building's main entrance the moment he entered the building from behind!

'What's going on?'

From the caster's perspective, the audience in the stadium could clearly see that they had encountered each other again in the same housing area after being separated for the entire match.

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy could not hold in her laughter. \"Tsk tsk! Looks like the players in 4AM are destined to meet each other. What do you say Sy?\"

Sy at the side nodded. \"Hmmm... I don't have much to say about King Ka. As for Vic, although he seems to be quite... ahem in these two matches, his skills are definitely topnotch. He's an allrounder just like Big Brother A+, who possesses great fighting prowess in long-range and short-range battle. It's really hard to judge who's going to come out on top here.\"

Su Changming who was sitting on the commentary platform added, \"I've taken note of King Ka in the past. As a manager of Se7en, I was very tempted to recruit him. Unfortunately, King Ka had signed a contract with GodV back then. However, he really stands out when it comes to fighting in close quarters. Hence, I think Aluka will win here.\"

\"About that... Boss Su I think you're being mean here,\" Sy butted in out of the blue.

\"Huh? What's the matter?\" Su Changming was confused.

Ms-Joy laughed as she said, \"Everyone knows that Vic was once part of Se7en as well. It's only natural that you're being biased here but if you side with King Ka this much... You're overdoing it!\"

Su Changming was speechless...

Inside the game.

Liu Zilang was startled and immediately pulled out a frag grenade the moment he heard footsteps coming from inside the building.

As he looked inside the building through the window and wondering which window he should pick to throw his frag grenade into, he heard quick footsteps coming from the balcony above him!

\"Tap tap tap!\"

He had yet to see his enemy but he was aware of his presence!

The enemy's gun rattled from above.

Then, Aluka fell down from the sky as his fully-loaded M4 spat out fire from its muzzle!

A drop shot?

Liu Zilang was shocked and immediately took cover from the other side of the jeep.

Unfortunately, Liu Zilang took a shot to his head and two shots to his shoulder, causing to most of his health points to be lost when Aluka fell down from above.

What was more horrifying was that Aluka kept firing at him after he had landed on the ground.

Liu Zilang sprung into action as he anxiously moved to the front of the jeep.

His health was incredibly low and it was impossible for him to fight against someone who played like ZHANQISUSUSU!

Liu Zilang quickly thought of a plan as he decided to take out his AWM and returned fire the moment his enemy had run out of ammo.

However, Liu Zilang seemed to have neglected the gun on Aluka's back...

After Aluka had finished a clip of ammo, he did not reload his weapon.

Instead, he took out an identical weapon from his back and continued pursuing Liu Zilang.

'What the f*ck... two M4s?'

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching when he saw it and wondered what sort of beast was he...

'Are you scared that no one knows you're a berserker?'

He cursed in his mind but he did not dare to take the risk. Hence, he crouched down and ran away.

Then, an idea popped into Liu Zilang's head as he held tightly onto his frag grenade!

'That's it!'

He immediately pressed R to pull its pin but did not throw it. Instead, he continued running around the car and counted to three with the grenade held tightly in his hand.

Liu Zilang had yet to throw the frag grenade and took out his Groza instead!

At that instant, the frag grenade in his hand looked as if it had slipped out of his hand and dropped naturally onto the ground.

The entire process was completely discreet.

Meanwhile, Aluka almost burst out laughing when he saw that his enemy was bold enough to pull out his weapon even though he had just been shot in the head.

'Why's he... trying to fight back?'

'I guess I'll give you a chance then.'

Aluka put away his weapon and chased after him. As a professional player, he knew extremely well how much health his opponent had after taking a bullet or two from him.

His confidence would become much more resolved if he were able to catch up to his enemy before the latter was able to draw his weapon!

Liu Zilang who had been running away stopped out of the blue as he crouched down behind the vehicle and stared at him.


'Why did he stop running?'

Aluka was confused and instantly had a bad feeling about it...

Then, all he could hear was a loud boom!

A bright light flashed underneath Aluka's feet. Dust and dirt were sent flying everywhere as black smoke filled the entire area.

He was blasted high up into the sky and instantly turned into a crate the moment he fell to the ground.

A Kill Notification appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed 4AM-Aluka with Frag Grenade!\"

'He's Aluka?'

Liu Zilang was startled and felt completely speechless when he saw Aluka's ID!

Aluka widened his eyes and was so angry that he almost vomited blood out from his mouth!

'Why's he the one who killed me again?'

'Is this my punishment for killing the clan leader of the Optimistic Clan [1]in the previous game?'

'Wait a minute... what's with that frag grenade?'

'I didn't even see him throw it at all!'

'How did I step on it... A bug?'

Aluka was incredibly confused as he pondered on.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang walked toward Aluka's crate slowly. He seemed to have realized Aluka's confusion in Heaven as he sighed softly.

\"Mr. Aluka, all of our encounters in this lifetime are encounters after long separation...\"

It was unfortunate that Aluka was unable to hear him out or he might have held Liu Zilang down and beat him up.

Liu Zilang healed himself and occupied a building after he helped GodV to clean up the area. He then jumped from the balcony's rail guard to the top of the door frame and headed straight to the rooftop. Then, he took out his AWM and started aiming.

However, the Safe Zone spawned before he had the opportunity to open fire.

'Destiny circle... Destiny circle...'

Liu Zilang muttered silently twice as he looked at the minimap. His eyes twitched as the Safe Zone had spawned on the other end of the previous Safe Zone.

Then, a car could be heard revving inside the Safe Zone.

'Who dares drive into the Safe Zone at such a time?'

From the caster's perspective, an orange-red sedan was heading straight toward the Safe Zone.

He made a perfect drift as he stopped sideways at the edge of the blue circle.

The crowd cheered excitedly as they saw his ID!

He was Master Ze!


[1] the clan leader of the Optimistic Clan refers to GodV. He had been teased for it as after throwing a tournament in 2015. Since his Baidu Forum's ID is \"Rubbing Head Optimistically\" in Chinese, people have been teasing him ever since.