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313 Escorting The Target To Its Destination!

 The match had entered its \"semifinal\" circle and there were twenty-four players left on the battlefield. Liu Zilang was the last one to come out from Yasyana Polyana as he drove his jeep from the north. In order to avoid people ambushing him at the edge of the blue circle, he took a detour and successfully entered the Safe Zone from the dormitory.

However, the audience in the stadium was shocked as they saw something through the big screen.

In the previous match, all of the 4AM players had died in their ally's hands. However, they were all miraculously alive in this match and they were the only ones with a full squad.

They were spread out. Liu Zilang was located at the dormitory, GodV was in the housing area east of Rozhok, Aluka was underneath the bridge north of Rozhok and Cpt found a toilet by the road and was crouching inside it.

\"Hehe, it looks like 4AM has learned their lesson and they've pulled some distance away from themselves.\"

\"That's right. It's safer that way as they can avoid friendly fire as much as possible. If 4AM is able to enter the final circle without losing a single player, 4AM will get the chicken dinner regardless of who gets the chicken dinner.\"

\"Oh! The caster is currently showing the dashboard. Here, we can see that Vic is currently ranked at number one. He has killed as much as 11 players since he left Sosnovka Military Base. It's a number that's very rare in a tournament.\"

\"That's right. However, as the victor of Sosnovka Military Base, the kill count is reasonable. Let's look at players ranked number two and three. Among players that are still alive, Master Ze is currently placed in number two whereas GodV is ranked number three. Their kill counts are seven and five kills respectively.\"

The reason Sy emphasized on players that were still alive was because there were quite a few dead players who had high kill counts as well. For example, Bao Shaolin had seven kills and Kim Doohwan had nine kills...

Nothing much could be said about Li Muqiu as he was not playing his usual \"Killing God\" playstyle in the match. He flattened tires and moved ships to land the moment he left Sosnovka Military Base. After that, he cruised along the sea to Lipovka, landed and then ran all the way to Yasyana Polyana. He did not encounter a single soul throughout his journey.

He stayed in Yasyana Polyana until it was no longer within the Safe Zone and encountered Liu Zilang unexpectedly when he wanted to steal a kill before running away from the blue circle.

Li Muqiu was very tempted to raise his head up and say...

'Oh dear lord, why me!'


Time passed. The next Safe Zone had spawned as the silence on the battlefield shattered.

'Holysh*t! You've got to be kidding me!\" Liu Zilang was shocked the moment he saw the Safe Zone.

This was because the Safe Zone had shifted to where he had come from. This meant that he had to run all the way back to where he previously was.

Liu Zilang's route while running against the blue circle looked like a sinusoidal wave that moved up and down...

However, Liu Zilang was not too worried since he had a vehicle. After all, one must never enter the Safe Zone too early nor too late.

He would become a live target for enemies behind him who were not running away from the blue circle if he were to enter the Safe Zone too early. On the other hand, he would become a live target for enemies within the Safe Zone if he were too late. Hence, he had to grasp his timing right if he did not wish to become anyone's target.

However, one could never outwit God's will.

Liu Zilang observed the situation from the housing area. There were still twenty seconds left before the blue circle started shrinking and there was no movement at all.

\"Huh? There's nobody there. Why's Vic not running into the Safe Zone yet?\"

\"Hahaha, he's probably thinking that there's someone else nearby. He's probably going to fight against nothing again.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang realized that something was wrong and he was most likely being too cautious.

He felt embarrassed as this thought crossed his mind...

Recovering from his shame, he immediately drove his jeep into the Safe Zone.

However, the moment he started going downhill, densely-packed bullets headed toward him from the housing area on his left.

It sounded like there was more than one player over there.

Liu Zilang immediately shifted to the fourth seat and got out of the jeep from behind as soon as he heard the gunshots.

Since he did not know how many weapons his enemies possessed, he did not dare test his enemies' marksmanship.

The moment the enemies in the housing area saw Liu Zilang come out of the jeep, they immediately bombarded his jeep without mercy.

\"Ding clank ding clank clank ding!\"

Bullets rained heavily on the vehicle. Sparks engulfed the entire jeep as it clinked endlessly.

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he hid behind the jeep and moved along with it.

\"Bloody h*ll... can't you all just fight among yourselves in the housing area?\" Liu Zilang was furious. \"Are you trying to destroy my jeep? I'll let you know that it's impossible!\"

He immediately raised up his Groza and fired at the jeep in front of him.

The jeep caught fire as it exploded and bounced up!

\"Only I am allowed to destroy my own vehicle!\"

Liu Zilang raised his eyebrow as his gaze was filled with satisfaction.

He thought that his jeep would stop moving and act as cover when he destroyed it. However, the jeep seemed to have turned into a sinister battle car after it jumped up and continued sliding down the hill. It was covered in flames and black smoke was fuming out of it...


'Wait for me!'

Liu Zilang started running so that he could catch up to it even though he was ready to fight back as he raised up his AWM. It was as if he had forgotten to pull the handbrake when he got down the car earlier...

'This is f*cking annoying.'

The viewers from the live stream and the audience in the stadium burst into laughter as they watched.

\"Puhaha... I think I just saw Vic trying to aim while standing still earlier.\"

\"Oh my god! I'm afraid this car has evolved and gained a conscious mind. It's starting to drive on its own.\"

\"Why's it still moving? Why do I have a feeling that Vic will be led to the gutter.\"

\"I'm guessing that the jeep is trying to say that it's escorting its target to the destination!\"

In the housing area, GodV was speechless as he watched the man move behind the jeep sneakily.

However, a gunshot that he heard next door revealed something to him.

As an entry-fragger, it was only natural that he was not afraid of ganking the enemy.

Hence, GodV decided to let Liu Zilang off the hook as he immediately sneaked toward a two-story building from behind.

He stood downstairs as he threw three frag grenades into the building.

\"Clank! Clank! Clank!\"

The contestant from Singapore was startled the moment he heard the frag grenades.

'Has my ally betrayed me?'

However, he immediately understood the situation the moment he heard the frag grenades clanking!

'F*ck you!'

He cursed deep inside his heart as he rushed forward to the balcony and jumped down from the first floor.

All he heard was a loud bang the moment he landed!

His hands were still on the ground and his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet shattered before he had the chance to stand up.

\"4AM-Vic killed 5Peaks-HipsterD by headshot with AWM!\"

The three casters were shocked as they stared at each other in the eyes.

'Why did 4AM... start cooperating out of the blue?'