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312 The Mindblowing Battle!

 Inside the blue radioactive region, a white smokescreen appeared. What came next was a smoke grenade that was thrown out from the smokescreen.


The smoke grenade formed an arc in the sky as it bounced off the jeep.

However, it did not go too far away. It landed just beside the jeep and started hissing.

The smokescreen expanded and it quickly blocked Kim Doohwan's vision as he hid behind the jeep.

Kim Doohwan squinted his narrow and long pair of eyes as he raised the 98K in his hand.

A bright light flashed within the smoke screen out of the blue.

\"Da da da!\"

A round of gunshots sounded as Liu Zilang fired at the jeep's back with his Groza!

At the same time, he dashed toward the jeep.

Kim Doohwan's who was behind the jeep listened to his footsteps. He took the opportunity to raise up his weapon, flick his body and then move back to his original position.


He moved his waist abruptly and quick scoped...

Perhaps a better term would be \"instantly fired\"!

Liu Zilang who was near the jeep pressed F and hopped into the car the instant Kim Doohwan fired.

He then switched to the fourth seat in the car and appeared on the other side of the jeep as the Groza in his hand spewed out fire!


Although Kim Doohwan had moved to the side in an attempt to evade the incoming attack, he still suffered two shots.

As Liu Zilang caught up to Kim Doohwan, the latter took out his P18C and turned around to fire at Liu Zilang using the P18C's automatic mode. He then turned back and ran away again.

\"Thud thud thud thud!\"

Liu Zilang who was in the smokescreen was not able to dodge in time as blood erupted from his body. He was shocked and immediately retreated.

'What the f*ck... Isn't he using two sniper rifles?'

Fortunately, the P18C and its 9mm bullets dealt less than ten damage per shot on average against a Level Three Military Vest. It was not life-threatening.

However, due to the rapid fire rate of the P18C, a third of Liu Zilang's health was chipped off instantly.

Then, Liu Zilang heard the enemy that was one vehicle away from him switch his weapon. At that instant, he knew what the enemy's game plan was.

Firstly, he used his 98K to lower down his enemy's guard. After that, he would use his P18C to casually chip off the enemy's health points. Ultimately, he would pull out his AWM and aim for the kill!

The AWM was the strongest sniper rifle in PUBG. Hence, it was able to deal close to sixty points of damage even after piercing through a Level Three Military Vest!

\"Are you serious? Is Vic going to die here?\"

\"GG! If he were to die now... It would be the perfect wallpaper!\"

Liu Zilang had a third of his health points left and he was without a doubt within Kim Doohwan's killing range.

On the other hand, in order for him to deal the finishing blow, he had to land a headshot with his 98K. It would be impossible for him to do with his Groza or revolver.

However... there was simply too little room for him to make a mistake with his 98K. He would die on the spot if he was careless.

Furthermore, Liu Zilang's health was decreasing steadily as they were outside the blue circle. He would not be able to restore his health with energy drinks if things were to continue on. He still had slightly more than a third of his health points a moment ago but he now had less than that in the blink of an eye.

Then, Liu Zilang had decided!

Inside the smokescreen, he raised up his Groza and fired relentlessly at Kim Doohwan so that the latter had no chance to peek.

Kim Doohwan's who was hiding behind the jeep knew very well that Liu Zilang relied on footsteps and his senses to predict his location.

Hence, he immediately moved to the side to create some distance to evade his enemy's intense firepower. He then used his AWM like a sharp sword and charged in from the side.

Kim Doohwan knew that he only had one shot.

And that one shot was more than enough to finish it.

Hence, he had to make sure that he would not make any mistakes!

'Get closer!'


Kim Doohwan pulled the trigger the moment he saw a human figure!

'I hit him!'

There was a clank as a spark appeared!

Kim Doohwan was shocked as he heard the metallic sound reverberate around his surroundings!

'How's it possible?'

'How's it possible that I hit the jeep in that direction?'

Then, Kim Doohwan seemed to have realized something as he started getting anxious...

If it was not the jeep, then there could only be one other thing.

Among all defensive weapons in PUBG, there was only one weapon that could dull the AWM's prowess... That item was without a doubt the Pan.

However, it was clear that the enemy was firing at him. Why did he decide to use the Pan instead?

What Kim Doohwan did not know was that Liu Zilang's Groza had run out of ammo in the midst of the intense exchange of gunfire. His health was low and he could not find time to heal himself.

Liu Zilang was the type of person who would never give up no matter the situation. Hence he decided to pull a \"Lang Guevara\".

He decided to steal the car and leave the battle.

Liu Zilang did not expect Kim Doohwan's who had created distance between him and the car to come closer again.

Naturally, Liu Zilang did not expect the enemy to fire at the Pan on his butt when he was about to hop into the car...

Liu Zilang was extremely horrified the moment he got into the car. He initially planned to flee the moment he had successfully stolen the car. However, he did not want the enemy to think that he was Peppa Pig if he did not fight back.

Hence, Liu Zilang started reversing the jeep.

Inside the game, the vehicle did not have any reverse proximity sensor at all.

Hence inside the smokescreen, the first thing Kim Doohwan thought of was that Liu Zilang was trying to flee the moment he heard the car igniting.

'How dare you!'

His expression changed as he cursed inside.

He immediately took out his P18C!

Kim Doohwan did not manage to fire his P18C in time as he raised it up.

The jeep in the smokescreen filled up his field of vision. His eyes widened to the point where his eyes had almost fallen out of his eye sockets!

'A Ssiba!'

Before Kim Doohwan was able to move his feet, the jeep wrecked him and sent him flying...


Kim Doohwan crossed his legs as he fell in the wheat field. He was holding onto his P18C tightly. He stared at the sky as if he looked he was on the verge of death... This reminded everyone of Misaka Mikoto when she was shot in the head in that exact wheatfield earlier.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang looked behind the jeep and let out a sigh of relief.

All his grudges had been cleared by one vehicle.

'My idiotic disciple, may you rest in peace...'

The crowd was completely quiet. They watched the two fight with their brawns and brains to the point they had run out of wits...

\"Emmmm... This is the second time contestant Kim has been run over to death, right?\"

\"Yes! To be more precise... This is the second time he's been run over by his own car.\"

\"Perhaps you can be even more precise... This is the second time he's been run over by his own car in reverse...'

\"2333 that's heart-wrenching guys. When will I be as good as you guys?\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang who was in the car mourned for Misaka Mikoto while he used a first aid kit. After that, he got down swiftly and headed toward Kim Doohwan's crate.


Liu Zilang sneered as he crouched down and unequipped the suppressor on his 98k. He then equipped it on the AWM that he picked up.

\"Tsk tsk... how conservative of you. You still have fifteen bullets left.\"

Liu Zilang sighed as he said, \"Rest in peace brother. I'll give you a five-star rating.\"