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311 The Melee Magician Kim Doohwan!

 Logically speaking, one should reload the moment they had run out of ammo.

However, both of them knew that it was not the time to reload their weapons.

This was because reloading was much slower than switching weapons.

From the caster's perspective, the two of them switched weapons simultaneously after staring at each other for some time.

However, what happened next shocked Li Muqiu!

As he was in the midst of pulling out his big boy, a suppressed SKS, from his back, Liu Zilang had raised up his right hand and aimed at him with his revolver.

'What the f*ck... are you serious!'

'I'll bid you goodbye with this shot.'

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips curled up.


A faint gunshot rang!

The suppressed revolver spewed out gently as a bullet was fired!

Blood erupted out of Li Muqiu's head. As his health was extremely low, his body jolted and fell to the ground before turning into a crate...

Liu Zilang's health was in the red as well and he was in an alarmingly dangerous situation!

The viewers from the live stream were shocked as they witnessed his double kill. They did not expect Liu Zilang to come out victorious in such a manner...

\"Tsk... this Vic is really horrible! That frag grenade was... I'm sure the Pig Emperor's ally is so mad that he's fainted by now.\"

'That gank was too funny. Those two are really old friends. They really are rivals of equal footing since they're able to fight each other until they run of bullets.\"

\"Tsk tsk... Vic's still the more cunning one! Do you guys think that he had been waiting for this moment since he kept holding onto that revolver? Poor Guru Qiu.\"

\"The kid above doesn't know what he's talking about. What do you mean by cunning? This is the definition of solving the circumstance with strategies! Streamers that are like Vic who are handsome, have a lot of female fans, have good lives, and are very good in games are very hard to find nowadays. Woo!\"

\"GG. Since when did we have this kind of ass-licking fan in his stream?\"

\"Uhm... Brother, your words can't be sincere right... Just let us know if you've any difficulties. We'll report to the police in your stead if someone's threatening you.\"

\"Don't panic my brother. Blink twice if you're being held hostage and threatened in front of your computer right now. We'll help you.\"

\"What do you mean by threatened? I'm sure he's just someone hired by Vic. Hey brother what's the group number? Let's earn money together!\"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang laid prone on the ground as he healed himself with a first aid kit. After that, he took out two energy drinks from the crate and consumed them as well.

He felt sorry as he realized he was Li Muqiu.

However, Liu Zilang muttered as he looked at the items in the crate, \"Where did this fellow land... How's he so fat without killing a single player?\"

If he knew that Li Muqiu had chosen Sosnovka Military Base as his starting point, flattened countless tires along the way, and drove all the boats up to land... His sympathy for Li Muqiu would have instantly vanished.

He may have been so furious that he would fire a few shots at Li Muqiu's corpse...

However, Liu Zilang remained in the dark about that incident. He swiftly rushed toward the Safe Zone after fully restoring his health as he realized the blue circle had started shrinking.

He was beyond bliss as soon as he walked out of the walls south of Yasyana Polyana.

This was because Liu Zilang spotted a jeep parked nearby the wheatfield.

To be able to receive a pillow while falling asleep.

'What a complete coincidence!'

Then, a figure appeared behind the jeep out of the blue.


A bellow gunshot resembling a thunderstrike clapped!

Liu Zilang reacted instantly the moment he noticed someone and immediately tilted his head.

Unfortunately, the enemy seemed to have predicted his movements. Instead of aiming at his head, he landed a shot on Liu Zilang's body.


It pierced through his vest.

Blood erupted out from Liu Zilang's body as his health plunged!

Shocked at the turn of events, Liu Zilang immediately retreated behind a wall. As he recalled the gunshot of the AWM, he was extremely frustrated as he realized that the enemy was probably Kim Doohwan...

'You're bearing a lot of grudges here!'

Since there were two crates at the entrance of the building, Liu Zilang headed back there after using a first aid kit as he changed into another Level Three Military Vest.

Although its endurance was not at its maximum, it was still much better than his vest which was in the red.

As he returned to the walls south of Yasyana Polyana, Liu Zilang camped behind them and realized that the jeep was still there. It seemed that the enemy had no plans to leave the place at all.

'What the h*ll...' Liu Zilang's eye twitched as he thought.

He was thinking of flattening his tires but he resisted this evil thought.

It was not because Liu Zilang had a lot of integrity.

The reason he did not want to flatten the tires was because there was a high chance that the enemy was paying attention toward his direction. The jeep was there just to bait him out.

The other reason was that the blue circle was approaching them. If the two of them were to stay inside the blue circle for too long, it would be unfortunate if he was unable to get out of the circle in time even if he emerged victoriously...

These were the reason why Liu Zilang resisted this urge.

The three casters spoke hastily as they analyzed the situation.

\"We can see that most of the players loitering around Yasyana Polyana have run away from the blue circle. The only ones left behind are Azeael and Vic.\"

\"Vic seems to be in a pinch. Contestant Kim has the ultimate sniper rifle AWM and Vic is in no condition to exchange fire with him. Since contestant Kim is blocking Vic's path from running away from the blue circle, you can say that Kim Doohwan has total control of the situation!\"

\"That's right. The situation is similar to the previous match where Vic was preventing Azeael from moving forward with an AWM in Geogorpol. The only difference is that their roles have been reversed.\"

\"In this situation... I guess Vic has no choice but to wait it out. Since he has two more crates behind him that still have some consumables inside, Azeael is definitely no match against Liu Zilang when it comes to spamming consumables.\"

\"Yes. If both of their health points are not full, Azeael would lose his advantage by possessing an AWM since both of them could kill one another with just one shot. Hence, the only advantage he has would be his location.\"

However, Liu Zilang did not seem to play by the script.

He wasted some time behind the wall before running back to the entrance of the building as he started throwing items away to clear up some space.

The audience in the stadium thought that he was picking up some healing consumables. However, he picked up seven to eight smoke grenades instead.

'Is he trying to smoke his way through?'

Their guesses were soon put to the test.

Through the caster's perspective, all they saw was Liu Zilang throwing out smoke grenades from behind the wall.

Soon, a 'trestle path' made of smoke was built across the wheat field south of Yasyana Polyana.

Liu Zilang took this opportunity and dashed out.

He used the smokescreen in the wheatfield as cover. However, he did not use it as a detour. Instead, he was heading straight toward Kim Doohwan's jeep.

Kim Doohwan was slightly startled but his lips started curling up as soon as he saw Liu Zilang come out from the smokescreen.

The title \"One of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods\" was rather generalized as the three of them had their own strengths.

Shen Zeyan excelled at long-distance sniping as what he sought for was the excitement of killing a machine-gunner from eight hundred miles away!

On the other hand, Bao Shaobin would be at his peak when he fought against snipers at mid-range. Hence he would often pick up the SKS and MK as his weapons.

As for Kim Doohwan, his fans in Twitch often referred to his 98K as 98 Shotgun. He was one of those rare PUBG players that could perform outstandingly with a sniper rifle at close range!

Hence, Kim Doohwan was extremely calm when he saw Liu Zilang rushing toward him.

The way he stared at Liu Zilang made him look like a hunter watching its prey that was falling into his trap.