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310 The Tacit Understanding Between The Dynamic Duo!

 Liu Zilang felt something was wrong after putting in some thought.

Since the enemy was a sniper, he could have just attacked him from a distance and it was unlikely for him to rush and attack him... After all, he was wielding two sniper rifles.

'That means the player below me is somebody else!'

The caster quickly shifted their camera toward the building with the airdrop as they realized that there was a battle going on in Yasyana Polyana after the Safe Zone had appeared.

\"Oh! There are two people below Vic. My guess is that they heard the footstep inside the building when they were running away from the blue circle and decided to get a kill along the way!\"

\"That's right. These two players are Se7en's Guru Qiu and the Ping Emperor SexyPIG's ally, Yureka. They're at the main and rear entrance respectively and they seemed to have heard each other's footsteps as well.\"

\"Since Vic isn't moving on the floor above, I'm guessing these two have taken each other as Vic!\"

'Hmm, that's very likely. Wait! Kim Doohwan seems to be on the move. Is he giving up on sniping Vic?\"

With the appearance of the latest Safe Zone, actions were brewing within the city as the situation became more and more complex.

The three casters analyzed the battlefield intensively.

Inside the game, Kim Doohwan had gone downstairs and hopped into the jeep he had parked nearby.

However, he did not drive the vehicle away as he headed to the outskirts of Yasyana Polyana and started camping there.

There was around one and a half minute left before the blue circle started shrinking. Kim Doohwan's strategy was without a doubt to wait for Liu Zilang to appear. He camped alongside the road that Liu Zilang, who no longer had a vehicle, would use to run against the blue circle from Yasyana Polyana.

From a certain point of view, it was a restless and relentless strategy!

Back in the building.

Liu Zilang regained his senses as he heard footsteps coming from the back and front of the building.

He thought, 'Can I just walk away while the two of you fight to your death here?'

However, this question was unnecessary as he knew of the result without even asking the question...

The crucial point was that both of the enemies had entered from the rear and front respectively. Hence, he had zero chance of discreetly jumping off the building and escaping without getting spotted...

'D*mn, I'm really in a pinch!'

Liu Zilang looked at the timer that was counting down before the blue circle started shrinking. Although it may not have been lethal at that time, he would not be able to last without a vehicle if he were to travel for a long distance.

If the situation were to drag on and he was the victor coming out from the building, the next blue circle may have spawned by the time he started running...

Liu Zilang sprung into action immediately as he headed to the balcony across the window that he had entered through the building earlier.

The two players downstairs were startled as they heard movement from above. They immediately realized that there were three players in the building and acted much more cautiously than before.

It was a battle of brawns and brains.

Liu Zilang did not dare jump down as he knew that there was someone at the entrance of the building.

If he were to jump down, he would die before he could move.

He knew he had to find a way to create a path.

An idea popped in Liu Zilang's head as he immediately took out a frag grenade.

He stood by the balcony as he threw a frag grenade toward the staircase.

Yureka was at the entrance downstairs when he heard the pin being pulled before a thud came after.

Something had rolled downstairs.

He immediately retreated to the entrance and hid behind the door frame.

There was a loud bang after a few seconds!

The staircase flashed as dust was unsettled from the ground. The huge shockwave had shattered all the windows within the vicinity.

Yureka let out a sigh of relief as he was glad that he had reacted quickly enough.

However, what he was unaware of was that the moment the frag grenade exploded, Liu Zilang had taken out a second frag grenade and pulled its pin.

'Three, two, one...'

Liu Zilang counted down in his mind before running swiftly toward the edge of the balcony.

\"Someone's going to jump down!\" Yureka heard the footsteps from below and assessed the situation in the blink of an eye.

As a professional, determining the enemy's location by sound was the most basic skill.

Hence, he immediately walked forward, raised up his weapon and then looked outside.

He was right as a black figure was falling from above!

Yureka was ecstatic!

If everything went accordingly, he would be able to kill Liu Zilang before the latter landed!

However, he realized that the black figure in the middle of the air had thrown something into the building before he opened fire.

'A Ssi... It's a frag grenade!'

Yureka was horrified and did not know what to do!

'Fight or flight?'

'Should I run outside or go back into hiding?'

These two questions kept floating about in his head.

Yureka soon found an answer!


'Run outside!'

Yureka immediately acted on his thoughts as he ran toward the door.

However, his vision turned black in an instant as the bright daylight outside the door disappeared.

When Liu Zilang landed, he immediately ran toward the door and closed it...

Yureka had slammed himself into the door.

He panicked as he tried to open the door.

However,a familiar explosion came from behind and the wooden door was shattered into pieces!

The frag grenade exploded and blasted Yureka out of the house.

Similar to a young swallow, he flew straight into Liu Zilang's arms.

According to television dramas, it was supposed to be romantic when one died in someone else's arms.

However, Yureka who had instantly turned into a crate was on the verge of vomiting blood out of his mouth...

He was beyond speechless...

Liu Zilang who was outside of the entrance gave him the cold shoulder as he pushed away his body. As he was about to see what was inside the crate, he saw someone appear from the corner of his vision.

It was Li Muqiu. He came the moment he heard movement at the front.

They stared at each other as one of them was in the house while the other was outside of the house. As they started moving sideways to find cover, they fired at each other with everything they had.

In a close combat battle, one not only had to depend on luck but also their movements and footwork as well.

Hence, the two of them kept dodging around as they took cover. Whenever they revealed themselves, they would act like they had a stroke as they kept spazzing about. It was as if they were frantically wishing each other lunar new year! (TN: During Lunar New Year, the Chinese would greet their friends or relatives by bowing down with their hands grasp together)

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

After an intense exchange of bullets, the wall and door were a mess as there were countless bullet holes on them!

Both of them took quite a few bullets as well as half of their health points had been chipped off.

Logically, this was when both of them would stop firing at each other and heal up.

However, it was as if they were jinxing each other.

Both of them came out of cover at the same time and gave each other a shock!


'What the f*ck!'

Liu Zilang instantly laid prone on the ground as he used his legendary 'greeting marksmanship'!

Li Muqiu's reaction was quick as well as he laid prone on the ground the moment Liu Zilang did it too!

In that instant inside that narrow space, bullets were exchanged intensively!

Except for those shots they had missed while they were lying prone in the middle of the air, they had injured each other to the point where their health points had plunged to the red!

Both of them were extremely anxious as they held onto their left mouse button tightly!

'Come on!'

'Let's kill each other!'

Then, the sound of clicking filled up the area...

Since bullet shells would never jam inside the game, there could only be one explanation for this...

They had run out of ammo!

They reacted swiftly as they laid prone on the ground and stared at each other.

A breeze blew outside of the building as the entire atmosphere became awkward.