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309 Highly Advanced Driver!

 The casters had managed to capture the scene where the motorcycle went straight up the wall and soared into the sky.

The audience in the stadium had their jaws dropped. 'Is that even possible?'

If it had happened by chance, one could only say that Liu Zilang was lucky that he did not crash straight into the wall.

However, if it was done on purpose, everyone would be shocked by Liu Zilang's god-like motorcycle-handling technique as he literally soared and rode up against the wall!

Ezqelusia stared at the flying motorcycle on the rooftop. After he recovered from his shock, he panicked as he switched his weapon to the Groza and started reloading it.

Liu Zilang immediately pressed F the moment he came up and was separated from his vehicle. He then landed on the rooftop of the building.

Seeing how his enemy was anxiously reloading his weapon, Liu Zilang, who planned to pull out his AK and fire at him had another plan.

He immediately took out his revolver, raised his arm and then aimed at Ezqelusia.

'What the h*ll?'

Ezqelusia was startled the moment he saw the gun as he found it rather familiar.

The audience in the stadium became silent as they started looking at each other.

'This troublemaker... is up to no good again...'

They were right.

Liu Zilang did not fire immediately when he took out his revolver. Instead, he waited.

It seemed like he was trying to aim at him but it also looked like he was waiting for Ezqelusia to finish reloading so that they could fight fair and square.

The distressed Ezqelusia immediately raised up his weapon the moment he finished reloading his weapon!

Then, all they could hear were two faint gunshots!

On the big screen, Liu Zilang's revolver jolted twice in his hand.

Ezqelusia's weapon released out a bright flash right after two clouds of blood erupted on his head.

Then came a thud as his body became soft and fell down to the ground.


A Groza bullet landed on Liu Zilang's body as blood was drawn.

However, his health did not decrease at all and it was obvious that it was ineffective.

\"Too bad I've dirtied my shirt,\" Liu Zilang muttered

Ezqelusiuia might have become extremely angry if he were to hear that...

Then, a Kill Notification immediately appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed MITH-Ezqelusia by headshot with R1895!\"

Ezqelusia laid on the ground as his eyes were wide open the moment he saw the Kill Notification.

He was extremely surprised!

He finally understood that extremely familiar sensation... He was the legend of the past.

The man that had been killing people left and right with a revolver throughout the match.

Meanwhile, on top of the rooftop of a nearby building.

Kim Doohwan put away his AWM and was about to head downstairs as he saw the next Safe Zone had spawned at the dormitory southwest from his position.

Kim Doohwan was shocked as he coincidentally glanced at the big screen.

'It's him!'

Everything clicked in Kim Doohwan's mind as he recalled the sound of the motorcycle as it came from the wheatfield.

He let off an extremely dangerous gaze with his narrow and long eyes!

He looked at the origin of the gunshots as he ran down the flight stairs as quickly as he could. Picking a new spot, he then camped silently and waited for Liu Zilang.

The casters reacted swiftly toward the fast-changing battlefield.

\"Cough cough... Vic's driving capability... I guess no one else would think of such a thing. I thought that he would only drive around the building. I never expected him to drive straight up to the rooftop.\"

\"Sigh... You really can't be unimpressed by his stunts. However, there's something I don't understand. Why do I always feel anxious whenever I try to land a vehicle on a flat surface or drive across a hill but when it comes to him... He's always doing amazing stunts. Are we really playing the same version of the game?\"

\"Hmmm... I've heard that Vic's driving license was personally issued by the Headmaster Sun of Gongshu Driving Academy.[1] Hence it's not surprising that he's skilled in such stunts.\"

'Gongshu Driving Academy?'

The viewers from the live stream and audience in the stadium were startled before they burst into laughter upon hearing Sy's claim.

\"GG. The driver's license issued personally by Headmaster Sun sure is something!\"

\"May I know more about this Gongshu Driving Academy? It seems to bring permanent benefit!\"

\"Is Headmaster Sun the legendary stunt driver who gained enlightenment after crashing countless cars and merging his advanced driving techniques. Are those the key reasons for his chicken dinners?\"

\"Holysh*t, so he started from high above! No wonder my motorcycle couldn't fly...\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang put away his revolver and walked toward the crate and airdrop.

Liu Zilang pondered for a brief moment as he looked at the Groza and the suppressor that was still inside the airdrop. He then decided to throw away the AK in his hand.

Although the Groza and AK were rifles that used 7.62mm ammo, the Groza was much better than AK in terms of firing speed and recoil.

Since his bag was filled with 7.62mm ammo, why would he not switch his weapon when he did not need to worry about running out of ammo?

Liu Zilang ransacked the player's crate after he switched his guns and took some energy drinks and throwables. He then headed toward the airdrop and picked up adrenaline syringes that the enemy did not have the opportunity to pick up. He then placed them into his backpack.

Looking at the location of the Safe Zone, Liu Zilang jumped down from the building.

The motorcycle was stranded even though he managed to pull off a stunt to get the motorcycle up the rooftop. While Liu Zilang was able to drive it all the way up there, he was not confident that he could bring it down safely.

Since he had lost his vehicle, he had no choice but to change his strategy as the Safe Zone had shifted toward the south.

'As for vengeance for my idiotic disciple... Hmm... I guess that day has yet to arrive.'

Just as Liu Zilang was about to leave, someone made it hard for him to leave the area.

As he jumped down to the balcony on the first floor, a bright light flashed through the window of a building northwest from him.

A bellow gunshot filled up his ears!


The glass behind Liu Zilang shattered into pieces!

As he landed and supported himself with both of his hands, the window opposite him flashed once more as a clear and crisp gunshot rang out again!

Liu Zilang groaned as blood erupted out from his chest and half of his health points dropped. He reacted swiftly and headed straight into the building from the balcony.

\"AWM? 98K? Is this guy using two sniper rifles?\"

Liu Zilang was shocked as he immediately healed himself the moment he entered the building. As he recalled the two gunshots, he immediately realized what was going on.

Since the guy had an AWM and was in Yasyana Polyana, he was most likely Kim Doohwan, the one that had landed a headshot on his idiotic disciple.

The edge of Liu Zilang's eyebrow twitched.


'I haven't even bothered looking for you yet and you've decided to greet me on your own accord.'

'I'm definitely going to kill you now!'

Once he was done healing himself, he camped by the window as he looked at the window located northwest from him that was flashing earlier.

The person was no longer there but Liu Zilang's instinct told him that no matter if the enemy was hiding underneath the window or had changed his location, his eyes were definitely glued to his location!

There was a very high chance that he would be ambushed if he were to reveal himself.

As he pondered on, rapid footsteps could be heard coming from below the building.

Liu Zilang was startled!

'What the h*ll...'

'Did he reach this place in such a short period of time?'


[1] A Chinese meme. Headmaster Sun, also known as Sun Yifeng, is a PUBG streamer known for his crazy vehicle-related stunts in PUBG. As to why it is Gongshu is simply because he lives in that area.