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308 The Journey Of Dream Searching!

 The viewers from the live stream and the audience in the stadium were agitated when they saw Misaka Mikoto fall down with her legs crossed in the wheatfield.

\"Woah! What a lunatic! This Azeael is way too cruel!\"

\"23333... she was driven over in a wheatfield in the previous match and now she got hit with a headshot by an AWM in the wheatfield...\"

\"Poor Menhera-chan. She's having such a poor gaming experience!\"

\"Look! It's that four eyes in the black suit! Let's have a talk with him in the toilet when the match is over!!\"

Inside the game, at the golden wheatfield south of Yasyana Polyana.

Misaka Mikoto turned into a crate in an instant while she stared confusingly at the airplane that split the sky into two. The airplane showed no sign of dropping an airdrop.

'What happened?

'Is my prayer ineffective?

'That can't be right!

'I must've been interrupted by somebody else!'

She had been lying prone in the wheatfield for a long time without doing a single thing and she got killed by a headshot the moment she got up and started humming. To make it worse, she was killed with a Level Three Spetsnaz equipped on her head...

'Do you think you're amazing if you have an AWM?

'Do you really think you can do whatever you want if you have an AWM?'

Misaka Mikoto harrumphed twice and pouted to show her dissatisfaction...

Then, as the airplane flew over the wheat field south of Yasyana Polyana, a black dot appeared in the sky.

The airdrop was going to land in Yasyana Polyana!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang seemed to be chasing after his dreams with his motorcycle as he approached the area.

His lips crooked as he saw the Kill Notification on the bottom left corner of his screen, and he almost burst out laughing.

'A headshot from an AWM...'

'Why did that idiotic disciple decide to fight against that ferocious man.'

He raised his head as he looked across the stage to realize that Misaka Mikoto was looking at him pitifully. It looked like she had been bullied in kindergarten.

Liu Zilang put away the smile on his face as he stared at Misaka Mikoto and nodded.

It was as if he was telling her, 'Your Shifu will flatten the entire kindergarten in your place.'

However, the enemy was Azeael with an AWM in his possession.

Liu Zilang was very excited and drove toward Yasyana Polyana as fast as he could, eyeing the airdrop that was descending toward Yasyana Polyana...

\"Hehe. Menhera-chan looks miserable.\"

On the commentary platform, Sy lifted his spectacles and smiled as he spoke, \"Judging from her actions earlier, I'm guessing there's a mysterious bond between the contestant and the airplane. For example, some players love firing a shot when they see the airplane. Menhera-chan's bond is considered low profile but who would've thought that she would be spotted by someone else in Yasyana Polyana.\"

\"Exactly. Kim Doohwan, on the other hand, has picked up two sniper rifles and is currently camping on top of a puzzle building in Yasyana Polyana. He has killed seven players, including Menhera, within a short span of time. He's incredibly terrifying since he's found this spot to camp in.\"

\"Uhm... Now that the airdrop is going to land in Yasyana Polyana, we can see that there are around eight players around the area. I'm sure no one would dare head for the airdrop if it were to land on the main road of Yasyana Polyana.\"

\"I think your worry is unnecessary. The airdrop seems to be falling somewhere around puzzle buildings. Hehe, perhaps it'll land on one of the rooftops?\"

Ms-Joy and Sy were silent as soon as Su Changming finished speaking.

He turned around confusingly and his eyes widened as he looked at the big screen. He was so shocked that his jaw opened slightly.

On the big screen, the airdrop with the parachute was slowly falling toward the rooftop of one of the puzzle buildings.

However, it was not the puzzle building Azeael was on. Instead, it was the building just beside the wheat field south of Yasyana Polyana. There was a player on that building as well. He was Ezqelusia, a sniper from Thailand's squad MITH.

He raised his head up as he stared at the airdrop that was falling slowly.

Ezqelusia was shocked too as he felt that he had been blessed.

'It was sudden...'

'It was too sudden!'

However, he did not let down his guard in the situation.

He had heard the gunshot of an AWM nearby and was surprised to see from the Kill Notifications that it was Azeael, one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods. Hence, Ezqelusia was extremely cautious.

As he was staring at the airdrop that was about to land, he heard the revving of a motorcycle coming from the wheatfield!

'What's going on?'

Ezqelusia looked over the balcony and saw a motorcycle moving in the wheatfield. It was very obvious that it was coming for the airdrop.

'This is my airdrop!'

Ezqelusia became possessive as he raised up his weapon and fired relentlessly at the motorcycle in the wheatfield!

He had no intention of killing his enemy at such a distance. All he intended to do was fire a warning shot to let the enemy retreat.

Ezqelusia was relieved as his enemy did retreat.

The airdrop was about to reach and Ezqelusia was extremely fired up.

If he were to get an AWM... perhaps he had a chance to fight against Azeael. As a professional player, he had the dream of challenging Asia's Top Sniper God!

Then, the familiar sound of a motorcycle appeared again just like a fly that was approaching closer and closer...

'Still not going to leave?'

Ezqelusia was agitated!

He walked toward the edge of the balcony again, raised up his weapon and then fired at the motorcycle with his remaining ammo.


Two clouds of blood appeared on Liu Zilang's body as he drove past the south side of the building on his motorcycle!

Then, he heard a clank behind him!

Ezqelusia turned around and was greeted by the red-blue airdrop that was landing slowly on the rooftop. It gave off alluring red smoke.

The airdrop was literally sent to his doorstep!

It felt incredibly good!

He could not help but rub his hands excitedly as he hastened toward it while muttering \"AWM... AWM...\"

However, what he did not realize was that the motorcycle was approaching closer.

With that being said, with the airdrop right in front of Ezqelusia, he would be too lazy to deal with it even if he realized it.

Since he was at the rooftop of the building, the motorcycle would have to stop at the bottom of the building even if it arrived.

Unless, he was able to make his motorcycle fly up there.


Meanwhile, Liu Zilang pushed his motorcycle to its utmost limit on the wheatfield as he headed straight toward the building!

As he had passed by the building a few times, he had full understanding of the building's surroundings.

The motorcycle then moved around the walls of the building before heading straight toward the building. It collided directly at the front of an abandoned vehicle.

He soared into the sky as it headed straight toward the building's dented wall.

There was a loud thud!

The motorcycle did not bounce away from the dented wall. Instead, it unbelievably drove up along the wall!

At the very top of the building.

Ezqelusia was speechless as he stared at the items inside the airdrop!

'What the f*ck!'

He was furious as he heard the revving motorcycle appear again below him!

'You're still here...'

'I'll switch my weapon to a Groza and f*cking kill you son of a b*tch!'

At that instant, he heard a sigh!

Ezqelusia on the rooftop turned around and had his eyes widened when he stared at the motorcycle soaring in the sky. He could not believe what he saw!

'Did it... really f*cking fly up here?'