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307 So Cute And Patient!

 The situation was intense as the incoming jeep was under heavy fire from the AK on the bridge!

\"Looks like this player from the Southeast Asia squad has no intention of stopping at all! He has decided to bring Vic along to the afterlife!\"

\"Exactly! The jeep is starting to smoke and it might explode at any given moment! Is Vic really not going to evade it?\"

\"It's too late! The jeep is too fast! Oh! It's coming toward him!\"

As the casters spoke hastily, the smoking jeep was less than three meters away from Liu Zilang.

\"Da da da!\"

Liu Zilang stood firmly as his AK's muzzle kept spewing out fire!


The jeep's hood started igniting and the audience in the arena gasped!

'Are they really going to perish together? How could Vic make such a mistake at this critical moment? Can't you just give in for once?'

'Or is this all about, a man should never back down no matter the situation?'

Just as everyone had this thought, they saw from the caster's perspective that Liu Zilang had laid prone on the ground and remained still when the jeep was two meters away from him.

'What the f*ck... what use does it do for you to lay prone in this situation!'

In PUBG, there was no such thing as a jeep not hitting a player even if he were to lay prone on the ground.

The audience in the arena was sending Liu Zilang off in their minds as they watched.

However, what everyone did not expect was that the sprout of fire on the jeep to ignite as soon as Liu Zilang kept firing at it after he had laid prone!


A bright light flashed and a huge explosion followed!

The jeep was set aflame and the chassis jumped as it exploded!

It then flew over Liu Zilang's head as he laid prone on the ground!

The audience let out an audible scream as all of them were utterly shocked by what they saw!

'Are you... f*cking serious?'

'How's that even realistic!'

The audience's gaze changed as they stared at a certain someone on stage.

'This man is literally toying with death... He literally ducked an oncoming vehicle that he destroyed.'

'Do you think you're shooting a video? Hollywood isn't that extreme, no?'

All platforms live streaming the tournament were swarmed with messages denoting '666' all over the screen.

This was especially true for Liu Zilang's live stream. They knew very well that Liu Zilang would never go down together with an enemy that easily. However, they did not expect Liu Zilang to dodge the oncoming jeep in such a dangerous manner.

\"66666. Vic is literally showing off!\"

\"I'm willing to lift you up rather than lift my d*ck while I'm in the loo!\"

\"I'm sorry, it's my loss. I'm ashamed of my naivety. I really thought that this match was about to end!\"

\"Vic would definitely say that he himself is the only person who's able to kill him in the game!\"

In the arena, the three casters recovered from their shock on the commentary platform.

\"Boss Su? Are all professional players... that brave?\"

\"Uhm... It's hard to say because it depends on their style. Vic, this kid... I should've thought so. He's the kind that's extremely hard to kill.\"

\"I've learned a new way of ganking people at the bridge. Who would've thought that you can avoid a vehicle in this manner? It's really worth it to cast today's tournament.\"

\"Cough cough... I think you should calm down. What Vic did earlier looks extremely easy as all you need to do is destroy the oncoming vehicle. However, I have a question for you. What happens if you destroy the vehicle a second earlier or later?\"

Ms-Joy was startled as he heard Sy's question. The viewers from the live stream and audience in the arena were shocked as well!

If the car exploded earlier, he would be crushed to death. If the car exploded a second later, he would be crush to death as well...

'It's a miracle for someone to survive that!'

The viewers from the live stream and the audience gave Liu Zilang a new title in their minds.

He was now the son of miracles!


Inside the game, Liu Zilang waited by the bridgehead for a while after he looted the crate. He only departed and ran against the blue circle when the second Safe Zone was about to spawn...

If the player in the three-wheeled motorcycle that had chosen to drive through the West Bridge realized the existence of the ultimate blue circle ambush at the East Bridge, he must have felt extremely fortunate for making such an intellectual decision.

Liu Zilang drove to the north as his motorcycle left a trail of black smoke along the way. As he was driving outside of the blue circle, there was no player who would ambush people in the area as he did. Liu Zilang would not have dared to drive a smoking motorcycle openly if that was not the case.

Fortunately, he found another motorcycle as he passed by Mylta while driving on the road.

Liu Zilang immediately got down and changed his vehicle. He felt much more relieved as he started speeding up again.

\"Hmm. The second blue circle has appeared and we can see that there are 68 players left.\"

\"That's right. In the professional scene, the player count should drop when the third blue circle appears. You can say that this match's pace is faster than the average match.\"

\"Hehe. I have a strong feeling that this has to do with Vic. In this match, many players had chosen to land in Sosnovka Military Base so that they could challenge Vic. Hence, chaos ensued the moment they landed and their numbers dropped drastically.\"

\"That may be the case but there's one more thing that all of you haven't realized. The first Safe Zone wasn't that friendly to them but it doesn't seem to follow the previous trend where it kept shifting to the edge of the map and into the sea. I've got a feeling that this match's Safe Zone is shifting toward the center of the map.\"

\"Yes. The dormitory beside the school and the northeast region of Yasnaya Polyana are currently within the Safe Zone. The Safe Zone should shift toward either of these two regions.\"

As the casters were analyzing the battlefield, an airplane started roaring in the sky above the wheat field south of Yasnaya Polyana in the game.

From the caster's perspective, a player stood up in the wheat field south of Yasyana Polyana.

\"Look! It's Menhera-chan!\"

The fans were excited.

Although Misaka Mikoto had a Level One Backpack and Level One Police Vest, no one knew exactly where she had picked up her pitch-black Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

In the wheatfield, she stood up excitedly as she looked at the airplane fly by. She raised her head up and stared at the airplane in the sky. Her eyes resembled two crescent moons as she started humming a song while pressing QE to move her body left and right.

\"Airdrop, airdrop! Please drop soon! Please drop soon oh please drop soon...\"

The audience in the arena cheered as they found Misaka Mikoto extremely cute and patient when she innocently raised her head up and moved it.

'Ah I can't stand her.'

Then came a loud boom!

A bellow gunshot came from the top of a puzzle building at the outskirts of Yasyana Polyana!

The Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet Misaka Mikoto was wearing shattered as blood erupted out from her head!

She was still waving her head before she was sent flying away. She then landed on the ground with her legs crossed and turned into a crate...

At the bottom of the screen, a Kill Notification appeared.

\"Royad-Azeael killed SST-Menhera by headshot with AWM!\"