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306 Dont Leave After Recess Even If You Dare!

 Inside the big electronic screen on the stage, the casters were replaying the scene in slow motion.

Bullets were pouring down hard from the bridgehead as the motorcycle zigzagged, got up to the rail guards and started spinning chaotically mid-air.

\"Holysh*t! That's the cobra's lightning-speed movement!\"

\"Wait a minute! That wall climb... Neo-Tridagger! It's you!\"

\"Did you guys not notice that the spin at the end was the main factor? If I guess correctly, that's a Tornado Charge, right?\"

The motorcycle ultimately landed.

Liu Zilang took the opportunity to switch to the backseat while Bao Shaobin was reloading his weapon!

He turned around and pulled out his revolver, fired and ultimately killed his enemy.

The entire stunt was smooth and swift. It was an extremely fast-paced and exciting battle!

Although they had seen it, they were still in disbelief when it was replayed.

'He's playing a totally different f*cking game from us!'

He managed to move to the backseat of a moving motorcycle, aimed with his revolver and killed a player. Is he really human?

'A beast, perhaps?'

\"66666, he just made a fool out of his enemy. What a showoff!\"

\"Sorry for disturbing. Can I know if this is the best revolver user, McCree's live stream?\"

\"Quit your bullsh*t! Based on this match alone, Vic's definitely the best at using a revolver!\"

\"Why do I have a strong feeling that there'll be a lot of players using the revolver after this match!\"

\"Are you f*cking serious? I'll attack my ally without any warning if I catch my ally using a revolver!\"


Inside the game, Bao Shaobin recovered from his shock after he had stared at the Kill Notification for a long time.

He then gritted his teeth as he stared at Liu Zilang who was heading back for him with his motorcycle...

'What a shameless man!'

Bai Shaobin's face turned pale as fumes came out of his head when he realized that the enemy had taken him out with just a revolver.

'Why can't you kill me in a normal way and save me some humiliation?'

However, Liu Zilang did not leave the crate after he had finished looting it.

Bao Shaobin suddenly had a bad feeling about it!

'Are you serious... I'm sorry boss!'

'Save me some face!'

Bai Shaobin let out a sigh of relief as Liu Zilang put away his weapon and crouched beside his crate instead of writing something on the ground.


'This guy is finally behaving like a human...'

Bao Shaobin nodded as he thought that he needed to gather the few of them out for a meal after the match to... give him a back massage... ahem.


In the match, another battle was happening elsewhere and the caster had shifted the camera there.

Since Bao Shaobin died at the bridgehead, his death cam was still hovering around the area.

Bao Shaobin gradually realized that something was amiss!

From his perspective, Liu Zilang was still circling around his crate even though the blue circle was approaching him.

Bao Shaobin moved closer to his monitor unconsciously and was shocked by what he saw.

He was so furious that he almost vomited blood!

He saw that Liu Zilang had picked up 5.56mm Ammo from his crate and formed two alphabets around his crate.

'S' and 'B' were written on the left and right respectively.

'I was a fool!'

'A real fool!'

'Does this b*stard still have a trace of humanity within him?'

As Liu Zilang finished arranging the ammo, he took out his revolver and fired twice. \"Piu piu.\"

He seemed to know that Bao Shaobin was still watching so he invited him to admire his art...

Bao Shaobin's face turned black the moment he saw it.

'You used to run away extremely quickly back in the days!'

'I want to see where you can hide this time!'

Inside the game, Liu Zilang had not realized that he was in deep trouble.

He stood quietly by the bridgehead as if he was waiting for something.

As the casters saw GodV successfully take out Se7en's sniper at Yasnaya Polyana, they immediately shifted their camera over.

The casters had shifted their camera over back to Liu Zilang as they realized that Liu Zilang was still at the bridgehead and seemed to have the intention of camping outside the blue circle.

They soon discovered his art beside Bao Shaobin's crate at the bridgehead...

'What the h*ll?'

Su Changming's lips twitched on the commentary platform. In order to prevent any miscommunication and disrupt the rhythm of the game, he immediately tried to explain the situation.

\"Please don't be mistaken, everybody. This is just a small prank between Vic and Nighthawk. I'm sure everyone knows that Bao Shaobin is Nighthawk's real name, yes? SB is actually Shaobin's signature.\"

Su Changming did not forget to emphasize, \"It's definitely what it looks like!\"

Ms-Joy and Sy who were about to speak were speechless.

'He's basically revealing the truth with bad lies!'

Boss Su was as 'honest' as the rumor had him be!

Ms-Joy let out a dry cough. \"Cough cough... Boss Su's right. This is indeed a friendship prank between Vic and Nighthawk from the past. These two alphabets... are supposed to symbolize how much he misses the deceased...\"

The audience in the arena and the viewers from the live stream were speechless upon hearing Ms-Joy's words.

'How much he missed... the deceased?'

'If he really had that thought, why did he not chase after him in the arena?'

Then through the big screen, the casters moved their camera to the other end of the bridge.

The two players looked high and low over the hill and finally found vehicles along the road northward of Sosnovka Military Base.

They were a three-wheeled motorcycle and a jeep.

The one with the three-wheeled motorcycle had probably considered it since the blue circle had started shrinking. The boat was not as fast as a jeep, and he did not bother trying to find a boat by the beach. Instead, he entered the Safe Zone through the West Bridge.

On the other hand, the player in the jeep had dreamed of cruising in the sea. However, he was in Liu Zilang's shoes earlier as he was shocked by the time he reached the beach.

'F*cking hell... are you serious!'

Since the bridgehead had been engulfed by the blue circle, he thought that only those who were mentally ill would actually ambush people at that point.

He gritted his teeth as he drove across the bridge.

Liu Zilang reacted swiftly as he heard the jeep's engine.

'Someone's here!'

He waited for the jeep to come closer on the bridge before immediately raising up his AK and firing at it!

\"Da da da\"

The one driving the jeep was shocked to see that there was still someone camping by the bridgehead even though it was outside of the blue circle!

'Are you... f*cking serious!'

\"Thud thud!\"

He took three bullets to his body and lost half his health.

It was too late for him to stop his vehicle and return fire. Hence, his switch flipped as he decided to step onto the pedal and rush toward him!

'I'll f*cking crush you to death for camping by the bridgehead!'

The audience in the arena gasped as they saw the situation!

What made the audience even more astonished was that after Liu Zilang had reloaded his AK, he kept holding up his weapon and fired at the jeep despite it being right in front of him in the blink of an eye.

He had no intention of evading at all!

'What the h*ll... Has he gone insane?'