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305 The Beast From Sosnovka Military Base VS The Bridge-camping Monster!

 \"Vroom vroom room!\"

A motorcycle was revving on the bridge!

Bai Shaobin was fast asleep as he laid prone on the grass beside the bridgehead's rail guard. He woke up and his eyes started shining brightly when he heard someone finally approach him!

'F*cking finally... Someone's coming!'

Bao Shaobin had been gravely injured by Li Muqiu in the previous match and both of them had ultimately died together...

He learned his lesson. He decided to do something rare by landing at the farm west of Mylta and headed into the wilderness.

However, heading into the wilderness did not mean that he was afraid.

Bao Shaobin had never understood what it felt like to be afraid!

After he scoured through the farm, he had killed three players who had the same idea as him at the petrol station near the bridgehead.

In addition to the two players he took out on the farm, Bao Shaobin had five kills in his hands before the first blue circle started shrinking. This had placed him first in the leaderboard in terms of kills.

However in this match, he waited strenuously at the bridgehead as the eager victor of Sosnovka Military Base did not appear before him.

'Oh, that's right!'

However, he did see a player across the sea driving boats up the shore...

Bao Shaobin not only did not condemn him of his immoral and twisted behavior, he almost stood up and gave him a round of applause!

He wanted to praise him with two words - beautifully done!

This was because his likelihood of ambushing someone at the bridgehead would increase dramatically if there were no boats around.

Naturally, if he knew that the person who had been moving the boats by the beach were Li Muqiu, he would not have applaused him for his sadistic actions. There would be a high chance that he would immediately fire at him...

The caster's perspective had moved to the East Bridge.

Would the beast of Sosnovka Military Base escape from the grasp of the Bridge-camping monster?

This was on everyone's mind in the match.

\"Oh! It looks like Vic has no intention of stopping midway. He's ready to dash through the bridge!\"

\"Right. Nighthawk has chosen a great spot to camp by the bridge. It's very hard to spot him under normal circumstances and he's extremely patient as well. He's waiting for Vic to get closer with his motorcycle!\"

\"That's because there's a lot of cover on the bridge. If he doesn't manage to kill Vic in one shot, Vic would take the opportunity to stop, take cover and return fire. The situation would reach a stalemate if that were to happen.\"

\"Yes. Hence, Nighthawk is luring his opponent closer so that the latter won't have the chance to stop and force his way through if he doesn't manage to kill him.\"

The motorcycle went across the sea through the bridge as the casters commented.

A trail of dust was left behind the motorcycle.

It was getting closer!

Bao Shaobin at the bridgehead revealed his sharp gaze as he immediately stood up and raised his weapon.

\"Da da da!\"

His muzzle flashed endlessly as bullets poured down like a thunderstorm!

\"Clank clank clank clank!\"

The densely-packed bullets clashed onto the metallic motorcycle and sparks started forming everywhere.

Liu Zilang who was on the motorcycle groaned as two clouds of blood erupted on his body!

Fortunately, he had a Level Three Military Vest on him and the two shots landed on his shoulder and leg. Since he was not hit in his vital organs, his health did not drop much.

Naturally, this was only temporary.

A clip of some ten bullets was fired from the bridgehead. If he were to keep firing, the only way for Liu Zilang to come out safely was to have Pans covering every part of his body.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to stop and fight back.

In the dead or alive situation, Liu Zilang attempted to evade the enemy's attack by changing directions, and he headed straight toward the rail guards on his left!

Liu Zilang wanted to test if the motorcycle would go through the rail guard at such a high speed to avoid the enemy's attack.

However, the reality was different from his expectations.

From the caster's perspective, the motorcycle moved in a zigzagged manner along the bridge before heading straight toward the rail guard on the left, climbing up it.

However, the motorcycle did not fly out of the bridge. Instead, it went up into the sky as it moved inward to the bridge.

The motorcycle immediately lost balance in the air as it started tumbling about chaotically!

The viewers from the live stream and audience from the stadium were shocked!

'What... just happened?'

There was nothing to doubt about Bai Shaobin's aim from the bridgehead since he was one of the best players around.

When the motorcycle started moving about, he pulled his muzzle along as his Scar-L was locked directly onto the small motorcycle.

However in that instant, Bai Shaobin's pupils shrunk!

The crowd gasped!

From the big screen through the caster's perspective, Liu Zilang's motorcycle that was spinning chaotically was heading straight toward Bai Shaobin who was at the bridgehead!

It was something he simply could not head on!

He would not be able to come out unharmed from the crash of the motorcycle even if he managed to kill Liu Zilang.

Among the sparks, Bai Shaobin instantly made the decision to put away his weapon and moved to the side to evade the oncoming motorcycle.

He then heard a boom!

The motorcycle landed on the bridgehead and Bai Shaobin had rubbed his shoulder against the grim reaper.

Miraculously, the motorcycle did not crash.

Liu Zilang managed to regain control of the motorcycle after he swirled about uncontrollably as he drove straight toward the bulletin board without looking back.

'Still trying to run away from me?'

Bai Shaobin's eye twitched as he watched.

He immediately took out his weapon's magazine and reloaded it as he noticed that he was running low on ammo.

Since he was able open up his inventory quickly, he was confident that he would be able to reload his weapon and kill his target before he disappeared!

However, something totally unexpected happened!

Liu Zilang moved to the second seat on the motorcycle, turned around and then raised up the revolver in his hand!

One must clarify that players were not able to use two-handed weapons such as rifles or sniper rifles while they were in the second position of the motorcycle. However, single-handed weapons such as the UMP and Uzi submachine guns could be used.

The viewers from the live stream and the audience widened their eyes as they watched!

Bao Shaobin, who was busy reloading his rifle, was shocked as well when he saw the revolver!

It instantly reminded him of the Kill Notifications that kept appearing since the beginning of the match. Quite a number of them were headshots from a revolver!

'Could it be... that this man is...'

A familiar gunshot rang!





A chain of soft and subtle gunshots similar to a spring breeze was heard...

\"Thud! Thud! Thud!\"

Bao Shaobin who was still reloading his weapon did not manage to dodge in time. Blood erupted out from his body as his face was planted into the ground in disbelief.

\"4AM-Vic killed Tyloo-Nighthawk by headshot with R1895!\"

Liu Zilang immediately switched back to the driver's seat to control the motorcycle before it fell down.

He then turned around and drove the motorcycle toward Bao Shaobin's crate.

He silenced its engine.

The entire stadium was thrown into complete silence!