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304 Definition Of Cruelty?

 The impact of a sniper was not as big as one expected to the average players in a tournament.

Indeed it was able to kill a player with one hit!

However, the sniper himself might die if he were so miss a shot.

With that being said, there was an exception for players like Kim Doohwan, Shen Zeyan, and Bai Shaobin who were coined as Asia's Top Sniper Gods. They were just too creative with their sniper rifles.

Hence, no one laughed when they saw Kim Doohwan wielding two sniper rifles.

Although it was unfortunate that Kim Doohwan was miserably crushed to death by his own vehicle in the previous match, no one dared to look down on him because of it.


Kim Doohwan ran all the way from the upper city of Georgopol to Severny to loot the airdrop.

A car was revving nearby just as he picked up the two sniper rifles.

It seemed that he was not the only one who had noticed the airdrop.

Kim Doohwan squinted with his long, narrow eyes as he hid behind the airdrop. He raised his black-green AWM up as he aimed at an incoming orange-yellow sedan.

The player was startled as he saw a jeep parked nearby the airdrop and came to the conclusion that someone had reached the airdrop before him.

Although he did not spot anyone, he immediately turned around and attempted to leave the vicinity.

As he was doing so, there was a loud boom!

The bellow gunshot reverberated and whizzed directly toward him!

He, who was in the driver seat, was shot and blood erupted out from his body the moment he turned his car around!

An AWM was able to deal close to sixty health points when it hit a player's body which was equipped with a Level Three Military Vest.

Since that player only had a Level Two Police Vest on him, his health points plunged down to its critical level the moment blood erupted out of his body.

He was so startled that he stepped on the pedal and attempted to run away as quickly as possible.

After firing his first shot with the AWM, Kim Doohwan took out the 98K on his back without any hesitation!


The 98K produced a much more crispy sound as compared to the first bellow gunshot.

As a sniper rifle, the damage it dealt was without a doubt very high!

Blood erupted from the back of his body as the player attempted to increase his speed!

Then, his entire body sagged down in the driver's seat.

The car that had been speeding up slowly came to a halt.

The two shots from Kim Doohwan was as smooth as butter. His actions of changing weapons and firing them were as smooth as water flowing in a river.

Meanwhile, a vehicle coming from Yasnaya Polyana immediately turned around and left the area without giving a second thought when he heard the gunshots and saw the Kill Notification.

When Kim Doohwan heard a car leaving the vicinity, he looked in that direction and put up a smile on his face as he praised the enemy for his instincts.

However, in that match, he wanted to let everyone else know what was the definition of cruelty!


The three casters on the commentary platform gasped as they saw everything through God's perspective.

\"Amazing! Who would've imagined Kim Doohwan to play as a dual-sniper! His technique in terms of consecutive shots with two sniper rifles on a moving target inside a vehicle. No wonder he's Asia's Top Sniper God!\"

\"Hehe, the most horrifying thing about Azeael is that not only has he killed a player but he has also scared off a player that was heading toward the airdrop. It looks like Azeael is going to spread his nickname, the Grim Reaper, to everyone by using an AWM in this match!\"

\"In my opinion, I think playing as a dual-sniper is a way of showing confidence and issuing a challenge. I believe that Kim Doohwan is prepared for the consequences since he decided to do so in this tournament... Oh! The caster's perspective has moved to Sosnovka Military Base. We can see that there are currently three players remaining in the area and Vic is ready to race against the blue circle with the motorcycle he just snatched.\"

\"Hmm... We didn't get the opportunity to talk about Vic's amazing performance with a revolver. I've cast many online and offline tournaments, and I rarely get to see a player who makes use of a revolver to such an extent. Hehe, perhaps this is the difference between a legendary player and an average player?\"

\"I think it's best for us to not discuss the difference in strength for the time being. Now that I think about it, it's logical for Vic to switch to the revolver earlier. From the surface, we may have believed that the AK was the better choice. After all, an AK has a firing rate and high firepower. However at the same time, we've neglected one factor, and it's that it doesn't attract people's attention.\"

\"Ah... I get what you mean. If Vic were to use an AK earlier, he would be able to land a few shots at the enemy on the motorcycle. However, he would reveal his location the moment he fired as well. There'd be a high chance that Rookie would make use of the motorcycle's agility to change directions and escape from the AK's effective range. It would be a totally different scenario than him using the suppressed revolver where Rookie would head straight toward him since he didn't know where his enemy was shooting him from...\"

\"Hmmm... If what you said was true, this means that Vic's ability to adapt to the situation was incredibly outstanding!\"

\"To be able to make the best decision within the shortest amount of time, perhaps this is something we can't truly appreciate enough from the best world-class FPS player.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang ignored the few lots in Sosnovka Military Base as he headed straight toward the East Bridge with his motorcycle.

There were ten seconds left before the first blue circle started shrinking. If Liu Zilang were to enter Sosnovka Military Base to search for more enemies, it would be the least of his concern if he could not find anyone and wasted his time.

If he were to encounter an enemy with the same mindset as Thief Guevara and had his motorcycle that he parked outside stolen, it would cost him his life...

Liu Zilang rode the motorcycle along the mountains and soon approached the East Bridge.

Liu Zilang did not go straight in as he did not want anyone to ambush him. Hence, he decided to drive to the beach to have a look.

The smile on Liu Zilang's face when he killed those players in Sosnovka Military Base disappeared. To make it worse, his expression became stiff...

He clenched both of his fists and gritted his teeth. He was wondering which jerk had done such a horrible thing!

'I hope you f*cking die in the red zone!'

On the right side of the map, situated on the surface of the sea nearby Lipovka.

Li Muqiu was riding his speedboat peacefully as he looked at the deep blue sea and felt extremely happy!

He rubbed his nose as he could vaguely feel mysterious energy coming from the east...

'What could it be?'

'That's it!'

Li Muqiu gave himself a hard slap on the forehead as he muttered, \"F*ck! I forgot to destroy the vehicle inside Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"Whatever. There's a high chance that someone will gank him at the bridgehead. I'll leave the rest to them.\"

\"Haha, I'm the true victor of Sosnovka Military Base!\"

Li Muqiu felt incredibly happy as he contemplated.

The flower emblem on the Se7en jersey he was wearing looked especially beautiful in that instant...

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang realized that all the boats had been driven up to shore.

He helplessly drove the motorcycle to the bridgehead. He stared at the end of the bridge, gritted his teeth and pushed his motorcycle to its very limit.

He then dashed towards the other side!