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303 The Revolver Emperor And The Dual-Sniper!

 The tires on one side of the jeep were in perfect condition but the other side was completely punctured.

Liu Zilang was extremely frustrated upon realizing it.

He did not hear anything that could possibly relate to the tires being flattened.

'Perhaps some b*stard punched the tires until they were flattened?'

'What a f*cking *sshole!'

Liu Zilang was in the dark that an even more ruthless incident had happened at the bridgehead of the East Bridge.

A player had driven a buggy into the sea and hopped into a boat. He cruised along the shore and soon drove all of the boats onto land.

He then drove his boat southeast and then north as he headed toward Stabler that was within the Safe Zone...

The viewers from the live stream and the audience in the stadium were speechless.

\"GG! Has Guru Qiu decided to do whatever he wishes? This is my first time seeing Guru Qiu do such a thing.\"

\"This is what it means to be an ally! He has driven all the boats up to land, fully knowing that Vic is still in Sosnovka Military Base. He's training his ally's will to survive and his fighting spirit! Wooo, I'm so touched!\"

After Liu Zilang noticed the jeep did not have functioning tires, he ran along the road and soon discovered another orange-yellow sedan.

Liu Zilang was happy and immediately rushed forward.

However, when he approached nearer, the edge of his eye started twitching as it was \"touched\".

The puncturing-tire method was similar to that of a jeep. The wheels at the other end were flattened, making it look like it was in perfect condition from his end.

There could only be one reason for someone to do so.

That was to give the players in the Sosnovka Military Base hope and throw them into despair when they approached nearer... Players with such intentions were extremely annoying!

Naturally, the main purpose of the objective was to delay other people's time.

Imagine when a person walked around the entire Sosnovka Military Base feeling hope and despair alternatingly. It would break his motivation and give him much less time to run against the blue circle...

Liu Zilang sensed a familiar vibe when he saw the second vehicle in such condition. Hence, he stopped walking around the Sosnovka Military Base and gave up on his pointless search. Instead, he turned around and headed straight toward the East Bridge.

'Hmm... If I can't find a car along the way, I'll just drive a boat then.'

Liu Zilang had thought of the most 'practical' plan.

If he knew about the boats by the beach, he would realize how naive his 'practical' plan was...

However, he heard a motorcycle revving before he had the chance to reflect on his naivety.

He saw a motorcycle coming toward him on the grassy plains at the Sosnovka Military Base's Shelter!

The three casters on the commentary platform were shocked.

\"Oh! I almost forgot that there's a vehicle spawn point inside the Sosnovka Military Base. Looks like Guru Qiu had forgotten about this.\"

\"That's right. Vehicles usually spawn near the Shelter and ramp inside Sosnovka Military Base. However, I don't think he's forgotten about it. He probably found it too risky to get the vehicles inside and decided to ignore it.\"

\"What we're looking at is Rookie of KiZ, from a Southeast Asian squad driving out of Sosnovka Military Base with a motorcycle. He seems to be a thoughtful person as the first place he thought of searching for a vehicle was the nearby Shelter.\"

\"Indeed, but Vic is hiding behind a tree at the moment and it looks like he's trying to snatch the vehicle...\"

As the casters commented along, the audience in the stadium were glued to the game.

The motorcycle was the fastest vehicle in PUBG. It could reach up to a maximum of 140 yards per hour and it possessed extreme flexibility as well.

In order to kill the driver when the motorcycle was moving at such a high speed, it would depend on a person's marksmanship and for the most part, fate.

Everything would go to waste if it was not meant to be.

What Liu Zilang did next shocked the viewers from the live stream and stadium.

As the motorcycle left the Sosnovka Military Base, Liu Zilang who was at the hill north of Sosnovka Military Base did not take out his AK. Instead, he took out his suppressed revolver once more.

'Firing at a motorcycle with a revolver?'

'Is he... f*cking serious?'

The audience in the stadium was in disbelief when they saw it.

Perhaps fate would really arrive and he would be able to successfully steal the motorcycle if he used the AK.

Now that he had taken out a revolver, fate could no longer help him... Everything would depend on God's will!

Inside the game, it was only natural that Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the tree did not realize that his actions had caused a huge uproar among the audience.

The instant the motorcycle had left Sosnovka Military Base, he then aimed and fired at it.


The revolver's bullet whizzed toward the motorcycle but it grazed pass Rookie's shoulder.

As expected, he missed.

Rookie could feel that he was under attack while he was driving the motorcycle despite the sound of the revolver's fire being very soft.

All he could hear was his motorcycle revving.

Perhaps he thought that those players inside Sosnovka Military Base who did not have a vehicle were trying to kill him. Hence, he turned around and headed straight toward the hill that was northward.

As he changed his directions, he was coincidentally heading straight toward the tree Liu Zilang was hiding behind.

The viewers from the live stream and audiences in the stadium widened their eyes.

'He's not even a delivery guy...'

'Why is he heading straight toward him?'

Liu Zilang then raised up his revolver and started shooting behind the tree.

Since Rookie was paying attention behind him, he did not even realize Liu Zilang was hiding behind the tree in front of him.



Two clouds of blood erupted on Rookie's body and more than half of his health was chipped off.

He was shocked and started to panic!

'Who's it?'

\"Who's aiming at me?'

He then started driving his motorcycle in a zigzagged manner while he drove directly toward Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the tree.

Then, Liu Zilang stopped firing at him.

The motorcycle was traveling at high speeds and their distance was getting shorter and shorter!

When the motorcycle drove past the tree and their shoulders brushed against each other's, Liu Zilang raised up his revolver again and fired the last bullet inside the gun's chamber!


The bullet left the chamber as soon as he pulled the trigger.

Although the motorcycle was moving at a very high speed, its precision was at its highest as well at such a distance.

Since Liu Zilang had fired so many shots beforehand, he had familiarized himself with the gun...

Hence, this very shot was so accurate that it landed on Rookie's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

It dealt 45 damage and instantly killed him as he had less than forty health points left.

Rookie was thrown off the motorcycle as the motorcycle started sliding down the hill.

\"4AM-Vic killed KIZ-Rookie by headshot with R1895!\"

\"8 Kills!\"

It was another headshot!

The audience in the stadium was getting excited.

'This isn't the PUBG I always play... Since when was a revolver that amazing?'

Meanwhile, the players across the map were shocked!

Liu Zilang had killed four players with an R1895 thus far and many players had realized that Liu Zilang was using a revolver after recovering from their shock.

'Are you... f*cking serious?'

They were prepared to face this legend when they found out his true identity.

However, it was difficult for them to accept that he was landing headshots left and right with a revolver!

Kim Doohwan who had landed at the upper region of Georgopol was impacted by this the most.

He gritted his teeth after being in a daze for a brief moment when he was heading to an airdrop.

He threw away the M4 in his backpack and equipped a black-green AWM and a 98K from the airdrop.

The Dual-sniper had finally appeared in the tournament!