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302 The God of Aiming!

 The revolver definitely had much better stats than other handguns but the downside to it was that it had higher recoil and a much louder gunshot.

However, with the suppressor equipped, the gun had a whole new form.

From the observer's free-view camera, Liu Zilang who was prone behind cover on the rooftop switched to a crouching stance.

He used his right hand to wield the brown-colored revolver, its muzzle looked slightly longer than the average handgun.

At that time, Kendesu from the first building had healed himself back up to full health with a Medkit. Feeling unsatisfied by the result of the duel, he quickly peeked over at the rooftop of the second building with his third-person view.

Suddenly, he leaned to the side, flicked up his gun and then fired before crouching back down again!


Seeing this scene, the live audience started to cheer loudly. Even the casters in the commentary booth had a shocked look on their faces!

In all fairness, the no-scope was one of the most difficult skills to pull off for a sniper. It required too much familiarity and precision with the weapon, there was barely anyone who could pull it off whenever they wanted.

However, soon, the audience members' cheering stopped.

The whole atmosphere became immeasurably awkward...

This was because everyone noticed that the Singaporean sniper Hero who was holding down the angle on top of the second building...

Had not moved a single inch.

However, after the Japanese sniper Kendesu's shot, Hero's health was still perfectly full!

Obviously, Kendesu's shot had whiffed over to somewhere no one knew...

Seeing this, the audience members wanted to do a spit take.

However, an even more cringe-inducing scene presented itself.

As if he got addicted to the thrill of that no-scope, the Japanese sniper Kendesu continued to fire like that one shot after the other.

From the looks of it, he definitely had the familiarity down.

However, his precision could only be described by two words... Horrendously bad.

Even after shooting three or four more shots, none of the bullets managed to graze his target!

\"I'm sorry for interrupting you... But please stop showing off!\"

\"I can't take it anymore! Can someone please make this f*cker stop? This is a f*cking disgrace to no-scoping!\"

At this point, even the second building's Singaporean sniper Hero looked like he was at his limit.

'Is this guy f*cking looking down on me?'

Calming himself down, he scoped-in his 4x Kar98k and aimed right at the window of the first building.

At this point, that person had just finished reloading. Once again he was starting to flick around like a filthy drug addict.





As the silhouette kept flashing into his line-of-sight, the gunshots kept blaring out from the window. It was plain noise pollution at this point!

Hero grit his teeth as he got the hang of the rhythm. As soon as his target peeked out next, he pulled his trigger.


A pre-fire snipe!

A muzzle flash sparked from the pitch black muzzle of the gun as a sniper bullet flew straight toward his target!

The next moment, it was almost as if it was scripted.

As soon as the head of the player at the window could be seen, his Level-three helmet instantly shattered.

That person had the jolt of his life.

Thinking that it was a close call, he instantly crouched back down.

Out of the blue, at that same time, a single bullet silently pierced through his brains!


As blood splattered on the walls, that player went limp as he fell onto the wall beside the window, his strength slowly fading away.

\"4AM-Vic killed BDG-Kendesu by headshot with R1895!\"

Earlier, the Kar98k's gunshot was too loud, and Liu Zilang's 'Piu' sound had been overshadowed completely by that single shot.

In reality, even without the Kar98k gunshot, it was difficult enough to hear the sound of a suppressed revolver at that distance.

However, the two players in-game could care less about that. The moment they saw this headshot kill, both the players on the second building rooftop and behind the first building window were wide-eyed.

'An R1895?

'What the f*ck kind of gun is that?

'Wait... When did this game add a new sniper?'

To be fair to these two players, they could not be blamed for not knowing about the gun. In reality, the usage rate of the gun in PUBG was abnormally low, causing a lot of members to forget its name.

Furthermore, since the two were having a sniper duel when one of them got headshot, they would no doubt instinctively think that... The new challenger was also using a sniper!

At this point, the player on the second-floor rooftop was stunned...

Immediately, whilst still looking at the first building, he felt as if there was a person on his right just barely in his vision!

With a huge jolt, he looked over to his right.

Then, what greeted him was a person standing on top of the third building's rooftop looking like someone straight out of a Western Cowboy film.

The guy was holding a single revolver, staring down at him.

'What the flying f*ck is this sh*t?'

Just as this thought flashed in his head, two soft sounds entered his ears.

\"Piu~ Piu~\"

The next moment, he was met with two 7.62mm bullets in his face!



In the blink of an eye, blood spurted out from his helmet twice as he dropped to the ground with a shocked look still on his face!

A 2-hit combo!

A new kill notification appeared in the killfeed!

\"4AM-Vic killed 5Peaks-Hero by headshot with R1895!\"

\"6 Kills!\"

Seeing this sight, the audience went wild, some nearly dislocated their jaws from shock!

In a game like this, even if it was the M4 with the lowest recoil rate in the game, it was near impossible to pull off two continuous perfect headshots at one go.

It was even harder for the R1895 which had the worst recoil rate amongst all other handguns. Each bullet would cause the gun to experience high-levels of recoil. Hell, it did not even have any sights attached...

'How the hell do you get aim control like this?'

In reality, when the three casters in the commentary booth revealed Liu Zilang's past, there was quite a portion of the audience who merely brushed it off.

After all, even if the FPS genre was interconnected, every game had its own mechanics.

It was impossible to guarantee that if a player was a God in one game, they would remain a God in another.

A lot of the times, having natural-born talent and a solid foundation for FPS games only meant that the player would get a hang of the game faster than other players.

In reality, there were plenty of professional FPS players in the West who failed miserably when they tried out PUBG.

However, Liu Zilang's monstrous double shot combo had mercilessly shattered the preconceived perceptions everyone had in the past.

It was as if he was telling everyone, \"A real God will never fall down from the heavens!\"

After killing two people with three shots, Liu Zilang remembered that the two had Kar98k's. He instantly hopped over to loot their crates.

Just as he reached the second building's rooftop, a person suddenly ran out of the K building. He was heading away from the Military Base.

'Leaving so early?'

Liu Zilang smiled cheekily.

Holding out his revolver, he ADS'd down and started taking potshots at his prey!




The gunshots sounded so soft, so elegant...

However, when the observer cut over to his first-person perspective, the live audience could clearly see that with every single shot, the revolver in Liu Zilang's hand vibrated violently.

This was especially evident whenever he was rapid-firing. It felt like he was grabbing onto an energetic fish with his hands. The whole gun looked like it was trying to flop around.

\"What the sh*t... How do you even aim with that?'

What came next left everyone speechless.

Liu Zilang had perfectly tracked the guy who was frantically running. After a few shots to the back, before the player could get behind cover, he had died to Liu Zilang's potshots on the spot!

\"7 Kills!\"

From start to finish, that person had not figured out where the shots came from...

He is literally a f*cking McCree using his ult to clear the field!

Seeing this scene, the audience members and the livestream viewers became wide-eyed.

'Is he even playing the same game?'

However, as Liu Zilang saw that he had sufficiently cleared out the Military Base, he ran around to find a Jeep to get into the safe zone.

When he hopped into the vehicle, this time it was his turn to turn wide-eyed...